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 OMG, HEY!  

What are you doing here?  I haven't seen you in FOREVVVS!

First, and quite arguably more important to my actual content...the theme music:

I'm a mountain biker identifying as a Easy Rider.  

So, let's talk electric cars.  I had the opportunity to sit in on a free grassroots learning session on electric cars right before Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. just stated that all Americans can save $80 on gas if they just buy an electric car already, GAH!  This is real super easy, guys, c'mon man.  They teach this stuff in Delaware public elementary schools and Delaware Technical College. 

And, by now, we all know that to effect any radical policy changes (which Americans will never vote for), our Government goes from one crisis to another.  And, this time, (drumroll please) Putin is causing our spikes in gas...even though Russia only contributed 1-5% of our overall petrol supply.  Makes sense.

My little brother had to help me with along since I'm bad at policy maker Ivy League math and can't see how anyone can save a dime on this deal - even without running the numbers and just using my "common sense" which ain't so common these days.

$80 a week!  Joe Biden is saying I can save $348 a month if I buy a car starting at $60,000.  $60,000 is just the sticker price for those who have ever purchased a car.  That $60,000 car (and this is totally dependent on everyone plummeted credit rating over the past two years as Americans lost their homes, jobs, vacation homes), would really cost closer to $71,555.58 at a 4.5% APR over 60 months (over $7K in interest) and 7-9% sales tax + cost of the title + cost of registration and plates (and if you reside in Colorado, specifically Boulder County, you can go ahead and bend over for this one.)

Even if I could muster $1,000 down, my payments would be over $1,000 a month.  And, I haven't yet discussed chargers.  Yeah!  You'll need a charger!  They didn't tell you that?  The guys at the car dealership?

Many feel this is a JOKE being played on the poor.  Again, from policy makers who (drumroll please) are career politicians and never had a real job in their entire life - and probably have not made a car payment in a while.

Soooooo, what are they...EV's?  

One of the most ingenious things I've heard in a long while is: before you go around changing things, make sure, first, it needs to be changed.  Regardless, an EV is a car that runs on electric or battery power.  Thus, an EV fully eliminating the need for petrol or gas or fossil fuel.  This just in: Hunter Biden just invested in a lithium mine in Africa (one of the only ones on Earth...rare commodity), but nothing to see here.  He's the smartest dude Joe Biden knows.  It's so rare, lithium can run out!  There is not this unlimited supply of lithium in the world.  Go ahead and research that one.

Why are EV's being hard pushed in America?

I can't answer this question.  Well, unless I just did in my comments above.  Always follow the money.  If there is money to be had, policy will change.  In fact all the "Follow the Science" t-shirts and signs should be rebranded to say: "Follow the money!"  

One thing to know in the new Green Deal is that America is one of the LEAST emissions producing countries of the world.  As xenophobic as it is to tell the truth these days, India and China are the real problem.  And, India just recently entered their own Industrial Revolution.  So, the question is - does this really solve anything - to force American into electric cars?

Being an EDUCATED consumer.  They don't want you educated.

Let's take a FULL ON look and approach to EV's (electric vehicles).  To make an educated decision, you always need to look at all angles.  Or, not, if you're just into repeating information fed to you from the nice CIA guy on television.  Hey, whatever floats your boat.  That said, feel free to keep reading if you're into learning and expanding your understanding.  If that's not your thing, I get it.  That's fair.  Thanks for at least stopping in.

So, where were we?  Back in the first petrol-fueled car was invented.  Before then, we had horses, and so the reason the original cars had the driver side located where the passenger is now - is because drivers were used to having to hard monitor ditch situations so their car or buggy wouldn't overturn.  Later it was discovered that it's actually better to have the driver on the left hand side to watch out for other cars - especially when we started reaching higher speeds and people generally felt more comfortable driving - therefore "multi tasking" things that maybe people shouldn't multi-task as they drive.  I don't know.  Really that's another altogether.

So, then the petrol fueled engine was eventually evolved into hybrids.  Hybrid vehicles use electric and petrol powered engines.  These are THE MOST popular for people with "range anxiety" - which a VERY fair anxiety to have in an electric car.  It means you're unsure if you can attain a certain distance on your charge, given several factors - some calculable - others not so much.  This may be where all that math comes in handy.

Proponents of electric cars LOVE em!  They love em so much they'll tell you it's just a little lifestyle change.  So, let's dive into what is meant by "Lifestyle Change" because, before investing well over $80,000 (which I'll talk more about below), you may wish to know how it will also drastically change your life while you're making the payments.  I say payments, because the average national income in American is well UNDER $80.000.

So, let's start with the cons, or what I shall refer to as "lifestyle changes":

  • Cold weather will drain the battery.  And, speaking of cold weather, EV's are generally heavier due to the battery.  Which means they should do just as well if not better on ice - not including stopping.  The heavier the vehicle, the harder it will be to stop on ice.
  • With heavier vehicles, you are also looking to replace one of the more expensive components of a vehicle - the tires.  If a vehicle sits heavy on asphalt, there will be way more tread wear.
  • Just like petrol fueled engines, stop and go travel will drastically drain the battery.
  • If you break down or run out of battery, you can't call AAA or a friend for a can of petrol.  You are looking at a tow - to the closest station.
  • And, finding the closest stations?  Well, so far, Tesla, on the forefront has the most stations.  If you don't have a Tesla or adaptor, you're looking at what I call "Charging Desserts."  Quite literally, some people have use petrol fueled trucks with trailers, to trailer their EV's through charging desserts.  Which...*confused look*
  • There is a big learning curve on these.  Such as - you won't want to toss the keys to your teenager and have them go pick up milk.  You're more likely to ride the brakes on these bad boys.  Just lightly tapping the fuel will super charge and accelerate quickly.  Best practices?  Go out to an empty parking lot and play around with your Tesla before opening it up in "stop and go" traffic.
  • If you have an emergency such as - your wife going into labor right after you rolled up on empty charge, there is no "super charge" available at this time.  And, I'll get into the different available charges below.
  • So, fast forward to the future, where we are all plugged in at the same time - and Colorado hasn't seen sun in three days.  Which is ACCURATE!  Legit, this is day three of no sunshine in Colorado.  Hmmmm, solar panels dead.  Annnnnd, so are our cars.  Yeahhhh, good times.  Lifestyle changes.  
  • Instead of a wad of keys (which can already be misplaced), you will now have an electronic key card to misplace.  It's similar to a hotel key card so good luck finding it.  I know this to be true at least for the Teslas.  Also should your car run out of battery charge, the doors will seize - meaning you're officially locked out of the car.  So, on a hot day, make sure you baby or kids aren't in the actual vehicle - else you're looking at new windows.
  • Also, should your car seize up with kids or food inside (miles away from a charger) you may wish to carry a baseball bat - in case you're at the beach and there is nothing around to break a window.
  • The price of a charge has already increased drastically since the first EV and public charging stations.  Do not bank on the supply and demand of lithium and charges not skyrocketing as petrol has.
  • The chargers are ridiculously expensive.  Your electric bill will increase.  By how much?  Drop me a comment if you own an EV and let us know what your electric bill runs.
  • With charge times, a 10-12 hour trip now gets well into 15 hours.
  • And, what about FINDING one for sale?  Nobody's even talking about our continued supply chain crisis.
A great argument for the pros I have listed is:  Think back to the first computer or first cell phone!  We've come a LONG ways.  FAIR!  That's totally fair to say - but a car and it's reliability is not equivalent to any electronics.  My opinion!  Take it or leave it.  

Okay, now for the juicy stuff.  Get it?  Juice'n up the EV?  

Available chargers:  As of now there are three classes of charges available.

Class 1 - generally these cost around $700 and take up to 4 days to fully charge your vehicle.  This may work if you live downtown, can walk or bike most everywhere, and work from home (not really using a car a whole bunch).  Howeverrrrr, not so convenient for someone who lives in a rural area.
Class 2 -  generally speaking these cost around $15,000 not including the electrician and his/her cost for installment.  These will put a full charge on your vehicle in roughly 6-8 hours.
Class 3 - these are the industrial ones you will see outside businesses and in newer apartment complexes.  These exceed most of our ability to ever afford and cost in the ball park of around $100,000.  It would be great for an HOA, but you'd have to take sign-ups for who could charge at what time and maybe carpool?  Lifestyle changes, right?

Which begs the question, how long would take to fully charge an 18-wheeler transfer truck, which is arguably one of the largest "emissions monsters" on the road.  Ya know, the ones we rely on to deliver our meat, dairy, veggies, and all other food with short shelf lives that can't sit inside a trailer while it takes a charge?

Alright, I always like to end on a positive note, so let's talk about the Pros:

Since Joe Biden shut down our pipeline making our country fuel dependent on outside sources, we have now seen a substantial increase to fuel.  That $20 you used to throw in the tank just ain't "twentying" it anymore.  People who commute long ways are seeing a huge hit in their overall .  Not to mention with a 7% COLA inflation hit, the average person is averaging a loss of one month of income.  One month of your income just POOF!  

  • So, I'll start by saying that charging the car is not free - there is a fee at the charging station.  However, my understanding is for $4-7 charge, you can get around 200 miles.  I've also heard $14 for a 300 range.  I JUST hearing that (which is the only thing our policy makers are telling the American people) I mean, "SOLD!" right?  But, keep in mind, you're paying payments on the actual car and charging station with soaring interest rates.  So, when do you actually start receiving the ROI?  I've heard in around 50 years.  Long after the battery wears out and you more than likely no longer have a rusted out shell of a car.  Let's face it, they don't make em like they used to.
  • OH, and you can virtue signal the heck out of interstate and just travel in general.  Who doesn't love a good virtue signaler!  "Hey look at me, I'm rich, bitch AND I'm seemingly saving the world!"
  • They're pretty cute.  I wouldn't be mad at it to be seen driving around one of these.  At least they're not the little Mario Bros clown carts.  I mean this one is pretty sexy!

In summation: 
There is a huge push for EV's due to transportation emissions - which according to our policy makers and elected leaders has SOARED over the last few years.  However, if you look back at the last couple of years, transportation emissions should have drastically reduced.  In 2020 alone, the entire country was shut down by the federal government by way of Dr. Fauci who told us a two week "quarantine" would initially suffice.  People worked from HOME, kids learned from HOME, people sheltered in place from HOME!  Bible studies zoomed from HOME!  Not sure what exact computer models they are looking at, but their policy is not based on reality.  

Because, let's face it, if any silver lining came from COVID, it was that transportation emission dropped monumentally.  It's like, at LEAST, give the Country THAT win.  It's almost like we're back in the Jimmy Carter era of doom and gloom.  

It doesn't go unnoticed that we are now jumping from one crisis to another...boom, boom, boom.  Again, many would argue that since politicians cannot get reelected from radical ideas, and based off the words of a famous politician who pronounced: "Never allow a good crisis to go to waste" that the government is now utilizing crises to effect policy change sans the Constitution and any checks and balances.  It's almost as if Dr. Fauci was the solid dictator since March 2020.  Where is that guy now?  I'm nervous.  Like, is he over in a new lab in Malaysia now setting up for a new bio-weapon?  Who knows.  What's important is - did Chris Rock deserve the bitch slap or no?  Oh, on that note, Pfizer funded the plummeting Oscars awards show (literally the ratings were as low as Joseph Robinette Biden's), allegedly the security team was given a heads up about an altercation with Chris Rock and told to ignore it, and (drum roll please), Pfizer is now releasing (this month) after a two year study a new treatment for alopecia.  But, nothing to see here.

Alright, then.  Ending on some more music to segway or tap dance on outta this blog piece.  Thanks for reading.  Feel free to drop me a comment below for any reason - to say hello, to add info to this topic, to correct me, to tell me how much you enjoy my existence.  All are completely welcomed.

I'll leave you with this crunchy nugget of throwback:

Hope you're ready to get your Electric Slide on!  IT'S ELECTRIC!

(boogie woogie woogie)

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