Monday, May 31, 2021

An Engineering Marvel + Optical Illusion + Illuminati Symbol?

Happy Memorial Day!

  Okay, I have to admit I wasn't super excited to see the Hoover Dam at first.  I was like, "Oh gee, a dam..."  I had already seen the Deepest Dam in America on a boat ride through Lake Havasu.  But, just like the Grand Canyon, the Hoover Dam is a super crazy optical illusion (which in case you haven't noticed, I dig!).  When you're actually there, you're like: "HOLY MOLY!"

Any photo you've seen or that I'm about to present does not do a teenie-tiny minute amount of justice in capturing the absolute magnitude of this engineered wonderment.  However, I'm still going to give it my best shot (hee hee puns).

When we arrived at the Hoover Dam, we were the first ones there!  I recommend this so much, because it's so Zen (Ommmmmm).  You can walk anywhere and take pictures without having to photo shop people out of the frame (a skill I've yet to learn, although I keep seeing an app for it...and it looks so naughty and tempting (leave me a comment below if you've used any of these apps and if they're "Kimmie friendly"!)

Y'all as many as 136 people died building the Hoover Dam (another source says 94, but when there is a conflict of information., I use the most shocking).  By today's standards they would have slapped masks on everyone and shut the whole thing down.  Wow, we were not afraid of death back then.  As the old adage goes: "you can't make an omelet without cracking a few eggs."  By the way, of the 136, 42 of these were pneumonia related (which a lot of people speculate to be carbon monoxide poisoning covered to avoid work related payouts.)

Anyways, on Memorial Day I find it apropos to include these fearless showmen in a salute to the people who sacrificed life and limb to bring us the magic and marvel of the Hoover Dam!  A few other interesting things about this concrete jungle:

A whole city was created for the people working on the dam!  It's called Boulder City!

The Hoover Dam wasn't just constructed for hydroelectric power.  It also prevents flooding of the Colorado River.  Also, it helps divert the river to areas otherwise dry.  I mean, it is the desert!

The dam created the America's largest reservoir.  Ooooh Ahhhhh

The Hoover Dam contains enough concrete to spread along the entire continental USA.  In fact, imagine a 4 foot wide sidewalk wrapped completely around the Earth's equator.  That's how much concreate we're talking about here!

The dam is a whopping 726 feet tall and 1244 feet wide.  At its base, it's 660 feet thick.  That's a lot of girth - longer than two football fields stretched side by side.

The name of the bridge was controversial.  No one really wanted to name the Dam after the worst President!  He wasn't even invited to the Dam's dedication!

The Dam helps power THREE states!  California, Arizona + Nevada!  Also you can walk back and forth into two states while visiting!  (see pics below of the clock towers showing Arizona and Nevada time.

Built during the Great Depression, the Hoover Dam remains one of the largest government project ever built in the USA.

And now I present some "amateur" Canon photos I took during my visit with morning light:

Darn, maybe next time. 

I'm super proud of these photos....

Oh gosh, when ya gotta go, you gotta go.
Bella has poopied on the Golden Gate Bridge, on Rodeo Drive, in the middle of a hang-gliding pathway, and on the Bridge at the Hoover Dam (among other iconic spots)...

Facial expression + cute Ewok pooping...
Sorry, not sorry.

And, now for some macabre facts, if you're interested in that sorta thing:

If you fold the $50 bill in the shape of a pentagram, you can see the Hoover Dam with 4 obelisks surrounding it.  Conspiracy theorists believe that some of sort of false flag operation will happen in the future to destroy the dam.  Additionally, the obelisks represent 11:11 (which is also an Illuminati numerology/symbol)

Some conspiracy theorists have pointed out the satanic imagery at the dam.  For instance, a lot of people believe the dam itself looks like the throne of Satan.  There are statues/monuments of fallen angels + one statue that is a visual match to Baphomet (an occult reference).  There was a logo projected onto the dam for one week back in 2015.  The logo was of a goat standing over twin towers.  Nothing to see here.

There is a theory that...(wait for it)...the Hoover Dam will be the location of a demonic invasion of Earth.  Yea, so in a nutshell, a worm hole from the planet Saturn will make it possible for demonic forces to invade Earth.  Not looking forward to this, I gotta say.  Oh, the theory points to excerpts from the Q'uran.

A serial killer worked at the Hoover Dam.  Neal Falls was suspected of slaying several women in neighboring Las Vegas.

There was a nearby hospital built in Boulder City for the workers!  Paranormal activity has been reported from the site and was even investigated by Ghost Hunters!

With the 700 foot drop, the Hoover Dam has been the site of suicides.  One lady took a taxi from Vegas to swan dive over the edge.  

Thanks for stopping in, ladies + gents.  Until next time...



Sunday, May 30, 2021

Tunnel Vision

HELLLOOOOO - ello, ello, ello, ello 

(echoes in a tunnel)

Welcome back - ack, ack, ack!

Recently I was in Canon City (near Colorado Springs) and saw this hike that takes you back in time -"Royal Gorge and Tunnel Drive" - and decided I had to do it (to burn a few calories after a fulfilling sushi patio lunch).  Nothing but blue skies, perfect constant breeze, and good company.  Mountain granite dating back 1.7 billion years (which used to be 11 miles BELOW the Earth's surface) and 3 blasted tunnels on a gravel pathway all seemed like lovely features for a perfect day hike with my travel companions (both flatlanders and partially acclimated to the altitude).  I saw ribbons of pink and white granite on this lofty trail which offers magnificent views of the canyon and the Arkansas River.

Quuuick side note: I love to post pics like this, because how in the heck does a tree 
grow up out of a rock?  Am I the only person who stands and ponders this?
Me pondering...with sunscreen spray all over my glasses. 

I'd like to consider my life journey as one of these trees, because I can flourish anywhere you stick me...and no matter what rocky turmoil life throws my way or completely craggy people I encounter, 
I will always thrive!  Bet on it!

Alrighty, back to this hike:
Mostly flat (aside from the pretty mildly aggressive incline at the beginning), the trail is doable for moms with strollers, seniors (although I used to hike with seniors who left me in the dust and believe that age is just a number if you take care of your body) and smaller or older dogs.  In fact, this day hike is great for all abilities and perfect for walkers, runners or bikers.  The trail follows an old railway bed below that is still active so expect to see a train!  Also, this trail is not crowded at all!  On the entire hike, I saw 9 other hikers, 1 runner, and 3 bikers.  The entire in-and-out trail is 3.8 miles.
This hike offers gorgeous Royal Gorge topography, wildlife (mountain sheep) and landscapes, but be aware of rock slides in the area!

Wild life siting!!  Look at this little Ewok who photo bombed me!
Y'all she's like a living breathing teddy bear and such a fun hiking partner.
A fresh little rock slide...that sign was no joke!

There are a few park benches placed along the trail (and a picnic bench) which makes this trail very family friendly (and also great for a date hike).  A little 411, the first big huge rock formation you see on the left...crawl up the right side of it to find a mini trail offering an excellent view of the Canyon and side profile of the tunnel trail!  Shhhh, it's super secret and a hidden gem!  And, you're welcome!
Sometimes pictures can be deceiving and it helps to have a reference.  See the couple in the tunnel?
Humbling, no?  The majesty of these mountains?

Did I mention the trail is dog friendly!  Don't forget to bring plenty of water for both you and Fido.  The name Colorado Springs is super deceiving, because "springs" gives the of a luscious oasis.  However, the area is a desert and brings arid, dry cotton mouth pretty quickly.  I dig this weather.  Born and raised in the South, for most the summer it was too hot and sticky to stay outdoors (think profuse sweating and and a medical diagnosis of "monkey butt"), unless you were up in the North Carolina Mountains or tubing down a river.  So pack: Chapstick and sunscreen are total necessities.  Remember, if you're thirsty, then you're already dehydrated!

If you make your way to western Colorado, I recommend this stop!  Because tunnels through mountains is just rad and you'll ask yourself: "How in the heck did they do this?!?"  You may even wanna strip off your hiking shorts and take a quick dip in the Arkansas River post hike!  You'll see lots of tubing and kayaking going on!  That mountain water is nice and refreshing...and probably the fountain of youth!  Any time I dip my feet in ice cold mountain water after a hike, it's completely therapeutic and necessary.  Colorado Kimmie likes to pamper her feet, okay?

Also, I upgraded my phone because Verizon had a great deal.  I hope you enjoyed these shots from my new iPhone 12!  I'm so impressed with the quality as it rivals my Canon!

I hope you enjoyed this journey of the Tunnel Drive Trailhead and Canon City!  I hope to see you back next time!

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!  Land of the FREE because of the BRAVE!

If you are a Freedom Fighter, you're my kind of people!



Thursday, May 27, 2021

Baby Doe of Colorado...

G'day mates!

Happy Eve of Memorial Day Weekend!

Today I wanted to write about some fascinating Colorado history...

 Perhaps you've heard of the Tabor legend/fortune of Colorado.  Perhaps you haven't.  At any account, I'd like to present to you: Elizabeth McCourt Tabor...otherwise known by her nickname, Baby Doe.  She is best known for her rags-to-riches and then back to rags lifestyle that even inspired an opera.

Baby Doe
Elizabeth Tabor
Horace Tabor

Called Lizzie as an adolescent, she was the fourth of eleven children.  She was excused from chores as a child, because her mother instilled in her that looks were the greatest worth a women could bring to the table.  She wanted Lizzie to be a starlet (as her father owned a local theatre).  She moved to Colorado in 1870 with her then husband Harvey Doe.  She helped him often in the mines, and her mining clothes were considered scandalous.  They were unsuccessful in mining gold, so Harvey asked Elizabeth to stay home and stop wearing men's clothing.  Harvey apparently loved to dabble in hookers, habitually bellying up to a bar, and gambling (losing money) which led to their divorce.  

Elizabeth moved to Leadville and met a man in a restaurant.  After telling him her story, he gave her $5,000 on the spot.  In a rather scandalous affair, she became the second wife of this famous pioneer, Horace Tabor.  He was a a mining millionaire of silver magnate, twice her age, and did I mention he was mega-loaded!  Plus, Horace divorced his first wife of 25 years to marry Elizabeth (however, Elizabeth and Horace were considered bigamist since there is speculation that his divorce was never legal).  They lived the most lavish of lifestyles until the repeal of the Sherman Silver Purchase Act (people were melting down coins because the silver was worth more than the currency).  This caused the Panic of 1893 (when many went bankrupt in Colorado and other silver producing regions.)

Horace Tabor built the Tabor Grand Hotel in Leadville, CO (modern day photo)
The Tabor Opera House in Leadville, CO.

Elizabeth went from "Best Dressed of the West" to living in utter poverty in a shake at the site of Matchless Mine.  In a massive snow storm in 1935, Elizabeth was found frozen in her cabin at 81 years of age.

Pop Quiz: Why did her story inspire the opera, "The Ballad of Baby Doe?"

Answer: Because she was the source of much gossip and scandal during her time.  She slayed all Victorian gender values, and garnered the "reputation as one of most beautiful, flamboyant, and alluring women of the mining west.

Baby Doe between 1885 and 1895...

Her gravesite is at a gorgeous cemetery outside of Denver (Wheat Ridge, CO) called Mt. Olivet.  They had to dynamite her grave since the ground was so frozen that winter.

Me at Mt. Olivet Cemetery...

Thanks for stopping in for a little Colorado history!  Leave a comment below to let me know of other fascinating Colorado history you would like for me to research!


Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Tiger King Empire Relocates West to Colorado!

Hey tiger!  Glad you popped in for this one...

This is my 79th post since starting the Colorado Kimie blog...

And, I was born in '79!

Okay, back to the regularly scheduled program: "Tiger King Relocates West to Colorado!"

 In 2020, did you happen to catch the wildly popular "Tiger King" on Netflix?  I have a confession: I haven't seen it.  However, I know the exact premise of what happened with a quick read of an article.  If you haven't seen it, SPOILER ALERT: Joe Exotic was sentenced to 22 years for his role in a murder for hire plot (Carole Baskin, his rival).

Joe Exotic...
Happy Happy JOY JOY!  Eeeeee
Bella and I at the entrance...
The boardwalk and a rather ominous looking storm blowing in...
Bella checking out the rates...
This is a non-profit sanctuary and all profits go to maintain an excellent 
environment for these magnificent animals...
What you would see if you took the actual tour...
Bella sniffing out kitties...big kitties...

As a zoophilist (animal lover), I truly do find it fascinating to learn what happened to Joe Exotic's tigers after he was incarcerated.  Those tigers now live right outside of Denver, Colorado in the rural farming community of Keenesburg!  Almost 45 tigers were rescued from Joe Exotic's Greater Wynnewood Tiger Park in Oklahoma (as a result of a default judgement court settlement transfer and permanent injunction by PETA who deemed Joe's collection as "a sleazy roadside zoo") and relocated the tigers to the Wild Animal Sanctuary.  

What does the Wild Animal Sanctuary have to offer visitors?

  • A 720 acre refuge for over 450 lions, tigers, and bears...OH MY!
  • Many of the tigers have health issues and malnutrition (10 tiger cubs with 4 mothers and 36 adult lions, tigers, and liligers - a hybrid of a tiger and a lion), but they're still beautiful, magnificent creatures and quite fun to watch from a wooden walk way!
  • Clemson Tiger flags!  This is funny because I moved here from South Carolina...only to find Clemson Tigers flags galore!  Go Tigers!

Pop Quiz...pull out your thinking cap...How much does it cost to keep one adult tiger per year?  



Another pop quiz: Does anyone think I will ever break down and watch the Tiger King series? 

Leave your answer in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by...



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