Thursday, September 30, 2021

Curtis Mayfield and Big Pharma... 

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This will be my last post until next week (unless I decide to write a post from my phone)...

Have you ever considered the biggest dope dealer conglomerate in the world is Big Pharma?  In the USA, they knowingly dealt out dope in the form of opioids - which ruined lives + took souls of people we love.  Free methadone clinics are in every inner city - the purpose "to get people off the needle while dealing the same opioid" (paraphrasing - pretty close, right?).

FREE COVID SHOTS -  True story.  My friend Abby and I were at the Greely Stampede and saw signs "Free Large Lemonade if you get the COVID shot."  Consider this - some people were put into drawings to win a million dollars for getting the COVID shot.    

Why are some drugs free or get you entered into a drawing -- but a child going into anaphylactic seizure requiring an EpiPen pays upwards of $609 per two shots.  That's weird, no?

Florida State University is doing a “shot to win” where you can win all these prizes for a vaccination   Google it!

How about the fact our public prosecutors throw people in jail for non-violent marijuana convictions while we watch Big Pharma executives get filthy rich and vacation around the world - free as a bird -  off the opioids and poisons they promote (and finance a team of "scientist" in our US government to also promote).

QUICK TRIVIA...What is an EpiPen?

An auto-injectable device that delivers the drug epinephrine. It is a life-saving medication used when someone is experiencing a severe allergic reaction, known as anaphylaxis


Tell ya what...we'll come back to that here in a bit.

I want to introduce you to this dude in case you haven't ever heard of him.  Democrat Senator from West Virginia, Joe Manchin.  

He has a daughter.  Her name is Heather Bresch.  Heather was the first woman ever to run a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company:

Ever heard of Mylan Pharmaceuticals?  So, she was the driving force behind EpiPens shooting upwards of $609 since two years ago!  Between 2012-2019, Heather capitalized $113,565,411 total compensation from raising the price of this very needed and necessary pharma drug for people with severe allergic or death situations.  

An auto-injectable device that delivers the drug epinephrine. It is a life-saving medication used when someone is experiencing a severe allergic reaction, known as anaphylaxis

Oh, and after that price gouging pharma hike in price, she was ranked as the #22 Most Powerful Woman for making dope ass bank off the backs of kids with allergies.  Her background is a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.  Well, she does have an MBA now in a very magical way.  

In 2007, Heather claimed, in an interview with the Post-Gazette that she had an MBA degree from West Virginia University.   The Gazette fact checked her and the University found no records to her claim.  Subsequently, though, the University awarded her with an MBA (having only completed 26 of the required 48 credits).  Her father? - the Senator of West Virginia.  See how that works?  Didn't that Full House lady serve prison time for "advancing her daughter's collegiate career?"

Here's a little visual aide I've taken the liberty of providing just to show you Heather's Magnificent 500% markup on a lifesaving drug.

2009 - The wholesale price of two EpiPens (I guess they're sold like the picture above - in two's?) was $100.
By July 2013, the price went up to $265.
In May 2015, it was around $461.
In just ONE year, the price rose to $609 for two lifesaving EpiPens.

The value of something can be calculated: is it necessary?  Is it pretty?  Does it provide a purpose.

If the COVID vaccine is so necessary - Why is it free?  And, why are necessary drugs so expensive?

If you have time today, research this singer-song writer taken WAY too soon...

(Beginning and ending my coffee time with a little Curtis of the Mayfield)...

I guess my question remains: Why is the COVID vaccine free and two Epipens cost $609.  Leave me your best educated guess in the comments below.  I think I have the answer, but I could be wrong.


BIG PHARMA - Baaaaad

Thanks for coming with me on a little magic carpet ride (Steppenwolf sings a "Pusher" song),


Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Sorry I Ruined Your Pink Pussy Hat Party...

Gosh, I love learning new things!  I love going down a little rabbit hole and then going, "NOOOOOOO freaking way!!!"  So, by now, we all know about "The Great Switch" and that if you trace the Democrat party back long enough, you'll find they were Klan members burning crosses in front of homes (Read John Grisham's "A Time to Kill" for an idea of Klan.)  And, Klan members were the OG on masks.  Am I right?  They came and terrorized innocent people wearing laundry to conceal their faces (sound familiar?)...and, then passed the offering plate on Sundays as the deacons and pillars of the church.

So, yeah, same thing with Feminists (also known as #MeToo, "The Women's March," and fill in the blank on any women's movements since Feminism was a thing).  And, to be honest, I was on board with the "there's no crying in baseball" feminism.  

We've all heard first wave, second wave, and third wave feminism.  But, they're all the same and all can be traced right back to the Suffrogettes.  The Suffrogettes were...(drumroll please)...white supremicists.  I mean, that right there is enough for you, if you've actually marched wearing a "Pink Pussy Hat," to wanna go scrub yourself off real hard in the shower with water hot enough to kill the demons.  White supremacists (or Nazi's...whatever we feel comfortable calling them) started the feminist movement?  

So, anyways, one thing I've started noticing, and you'd have to be BLIND to not see it, is feminism has fueled a war of the sexes.  It's not so much pro woman as it is anti-man.  I love alpha men!  We are now supposed to all hate the white males (just for their color and gender).  Gosh, that sounds pretty racist in and sexist in and of itself.  Wasn't it Martin Luther King, Jr.  who said we should judge on the content of character.

FACT OR FICTION?  The truth of the matter is that our American culture has been demasculated.  Skinny jeans actually hug the ball sack so tightly, a man can kill all sperm.  Fact check me, because I feel that should be a scientific fact. 

Anyways, feminists believe there is wage inequality in this country.  When the scientific facts show that women are drawn to career paths that serve purpose and vision.  Last time I checked these jobs pay pretty low on the economic sprectrum thingy.  Nobody ever stopped to think, it may be science...

I always thought Margaret Sanger started the feminist movement and was pro-choice.  She was a huge part of Planned Parenthood in America.  But, early Planned Parenthoods were for birth control dissemination only.  They didn't perform abortions and Margaret Sanger was very ANTI-ABORTION her entire life.  This is history, fact.  The birth control pill essentially liberated women.  We no longer had to stay confined to the traditional nuclear family and we could ride the "dick carousel," as a friend of mine put it.  The birth control pill allowed a woman to be promiscuous and not have to plan out 18+ years.

The downside to the pill?  Anti-psychotics and anti-depressants increased.  Women wanted to be equals.  They wanted to "spread the proverbial seed of love" too.  But, scientifically, women are not wired like men.  I try to tell this to my female counterparts and they want to get mad.  But, women are wired for emotional connections with sex.  Women want protection, adoration, and peace.  Exchanging multiple sexual partners is not just unsafe and emotionally unhealthy, sex is a very spiritual act.  I say that, because when two energies bond, there is a scientific + energetic exchange.  And, you could go around picking up very bad energies you can't shake.

Life is like a box of chocolates, 



Friday, September 24, 2021

I Forgot About Goat Boy!

 A few days after 9.11.2001, George W. Bush (who coincidentally was sitting in a classroom reading a children's book "The Pet Goat" to kids in a classroom) decided, "Hey we're gonna set up a USA military shop in Afghanistan (because Osama Bid Laden apparently was recruiting there...and we are to assume he was killed and buried)."  He should have been hanged in front of all Americans at the World Trade Center as a public testimony as to what happens when you commit terror on American soil.  Although many people by now think it was an inside job orchestrated by the owner, Lucky Larry and our own POTUS at the time.

Why go to Afghanistan?  It was LUCRATIVE.  They don't speak English and our government could get FILTHY rich.  They're corrupt, it's the other side of the world, you can't audit it.  YOU CANNOT TRACE THE MONEY!  It's the most elaborate money laundering scheme.  In America, we put mobster in prison for money laundering and tax evasion.  Sans Al Sharpton who owes $8.4 million in back taxes but was invited to the White House over 200 times to be a "racial advisor."  There's a registry of who visits the White House, so it's traceable.  Unless you slip through the back door.  Is there a back door to the White House?  Are there underground tunnels?  That's what I really wanna know.  Can you even do tours anymore?

Anyways, actual Americans got absolutely nothing from "The War in Afghanistan" for two decades, other than our Defense Contractors and the government gaining a lot of wealth.  What happens to defense contractors when there's no war?  It's a multi BILLION dollar industry.  There's nothing in Afghanistan other Opium.  Poppy seeds make Taliban fighters really good warriors.  By the way, kamikaze fighters were jacked up on meth to make them feel invincible.  Most "invincible" warriors are drug induced to give the feels of "limitlessness"...

If Defense Contractors depend on tanks and war is not valuable or economically valuable, please diversify and build roads and bridges.  Otherwise, if there is no war, these companies go belly-up.  They could build new airports (we have shitty asphalt runways), border walls, our ports in California are so backed up planes are flying out to get the merchandise for Home Depot, our roads and bridges are SHIT!  I've driven from Memphis to Denver and there is NOTHING out there.  Why then are we building power grids in Afghanistan when we don't have that here?  It's our tax dollars!!!!

So, EXACTLY 20 years later, Joe Biden wanted a good photo opportunity to gain popularity amidst the fact that like, 5/5 Americans think he's really doing a terrible job, evidenced by all the time he spent in Congress doing absolutely nothing productive.  So what better photo opp than "END OF THE WAR in Afghanistan"...only he had no idea what he was doing and rushed the withdrawal.  Why did that matter?  Because we left a whole bunch of shit behind including Americans.  Also, 13 Marines were killed.  I guess you don't care unless this was your son.  Ensue "Fortunate Son" by Creedence Clearwater:

Picked up and just left Afghanistan in a shit show...

Okay switching gears...

Speaking of Defense Contractors, there was a company called Halliburton.  They actually flew a female contractor over to the Middle East.  According to her employment contract, she agreed to Mandatory Arbitration.  So, when she was brutally gang raped by male contractors, her company did nothing.  It was really sad..  

Switching gears again...full throttle:

So, the media can tell Americans most anything and some people will just believe it.    Think of the average American.  Then, know that 50% of Americans are stupider than that average American.  So, the media told us that Ruth Bader Ginsberg was reviewing cases from her hospital bed with half a lung removed + doped up.  I mean I had a hard time reading law books in a library sitting upright and completely sober with full lung capacity.  

My point?  I'm not suggesting term limits for the Supreme Court, but C'MONNNNNNNN!  C'mon, I mean, c'mon.  Like, really?

Mason of West Virginia is well liked right now as a leader.  He represents an economically repressed area.  Which means he is the guy to be bought right now.  I said it.  And, he will be a career politician with no term limits becoming wealthy off lobbyists.  The reason people love Congress as a steadfast career path?  After serving just ONE term, you get a pension, healthcare for life, and diplomatic immunity.  Oh and you get a staff!  But, did you know this?  There is an attending physician assigned (like a staff doctor.)  AND...

They have a DC Pharmacy contracted to deliver medications whenever needed.  I guess if you trace back monarchies, there was a concern the royalty would be poisoned.  So, you had to have a trusted delivery "pusherman."  The pharmacist said, in 2019, that he was providing medication for Alzheimer's (or there would be no other reason to need the specific medication he was delivering.  Where are the the cognitive tests to detect dementia and early onset Alzheimer's? 

I've said too much...

Mermaid Kisses and Starfish Wishes,


Monday, September 20, 2021

Good Vibrations...

 Discrimination.  Why has this become a bad word?  We discriminate every single minute of our lives.  When we find a song on the radio.  On a menu, when we select an item, we are discriminating against the other items.  When you only got a fitty on ya, and you have to choose between Vans or Pumas.  You pick the Vans.  You have discriminated against the Pumas kicks.  When you walk in your closet, you discriminate against one outfit to wear another.  So, discrimination in this context can be a positive connotation.

Discrimination based on skin color is just flat out wrong.  Nobody can help the color of skin - their pigmentation - he or she was born in.  Okay, I have to take a quick detour.  Has anyone seen that movie: "The Skin I Live In?"  DUDE!  I'm still traumatized!  Critics actually got up and left during the premiers.  Well done to the writer!  SPOILER ALERT: Antonio Banderas performs a sex change on his daughter's rapist and then falls in love with her/him/they/the dude.

The Olympics.  Believe it or not, this used to be very fun to watch.  But, now everyone just bitches about everything, and that's the last thing I wish to subject my peaceful self to!  Sorry, not sorry.  I've actually visited the USA Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.  They put the center there due to the elevation in Colorado Springs.  An athlete can train at very high altitudes - the air is thin and better conditions for endurance and strength.  I would show pictures, but I wouldn't do the Apple iPhone update last year (which was supposed to be the COVID tracker), and my phone did a black-out.  Unfortunately, certain photos were not "backed."

 One of the biggest bitch fests I read and heard was: DICRIMINATION OF TRANS PEOPLE!

My thoughts on this:

Having been a female athlete, I profess that allowing men to compete in female sports essentially discriminates against the female.  A child born as a male (whether or not he identifies as female later in life) has a  scientific physical advantage to a child born female.  Again, this is basic science.  Males are stronger, faster, and have more endurance.

What you BELIEVE yourself to be is okay, to a certain extent -because it’s a quasi free country and you should take advantage of that before we become like China - homogenous.  That doesn't negate the truth that males have a physical advantage over females.  Our hormones are different.  The way we are wired is completely different.  Typically, women will look for paths with purpose.  And, men will search for paths to provide.  These are scientific facts that have been extensively  researched.

Say a little girl trains her entire life for weightlifting or swimming or running (pick any sport).  And, at the moment she is about to enter the arena, a better athlete enters with a clear physiological + scientific advantage.  Fair?  Is that fair to this gladiator who has trained for over a decade?  Is that discriminating against her for being born female?  Does this essentially disenfranchise the female athlete?

Why should I care?  Because women make money off sports   It’s  career   They can get scholarships!

NOTE: To put a man into MMA is murder   Seriously a man could kill a woman   Weightlifting records are being SMASHED right now (by men who identify as women)

Something to think about for sure, right?  (Either that, or you hate me for my diversity of thought, in which case I will deflect your hate with my Superwoman wrist cuffs...pew, pew, pew)

Love + Light + Good Vibrations.


Friday, September 17, 2021

Lucky Larry


Larry Silverstein - "Lucky Larry"

Larry Silverstein, nicknamed "Lucky Larry," is someone you should probably know about.  He owned the World Trade Towers prior to the 9/11 terror attacks of 2001 (not to be confused with the terror attack in Benghazi which also occurred on 9/11, but 11 years later in 2012...this is a WHOLE separate blog post).

Larry coincidentally had a doctor's appointment and his daughter was stuck in traffic as both towers were attacked by two separate planes.  I'll never forget that day.  I had arrived to class (a liberal arts class...I was a Junior in college), and I didn't have cable.  So, I watched the entire thing on one of those big square box televisions that they used to wheel around on a cart.  I saw people jumping out of windows and it was terrifying!  I wondered how they got all that camera footage so quickly!  Do you ever wonder that when you see something on the news?  We didn't even have high resolution cameras then, and the footage is super clear!

First responders got lung disease from breathing in all the asbestos (a fire retardant insulation from the 1880's) in the towers.  Generally speaking, asbestos is not harmful (innocuous) unless its disturbed (then it becomes dangerous).  Sort of like mold - if mold goes airborne then it's dangerous.

That same day, a plane hit the Pentagon.  Luckily, not a single person in Congress was harmed.

Lucky Larry went from owning an asbestos laden commercial real estate to being filthy rich.  How?  Two months prior to the 9/11 attacks, he bought insurance policies with endorsements insuring against "two separate terrorist attacks in one day."  Who does that?  Anyways, he capitalized $5 BILLION off terrorism.  Lucky Larry.

INTERESTING TIDBIT:  There was a poll conducted at the University of Florida.  The students there were asked questions about the 2001 9/11 terror attack.  The students unanimously agreed that no blame should be assigned to the attack.  But, if you never know the CAUSE, how do you prevent it from happening again?  Something to think about.

Never Forget,


Thursday, September 9, 2021

George Soros

 I grew up Christian.  In no uncertain terms, and in the Baptist terms, we were taught to revere, protect, and listen to the Jews.  It's odd, because we were taught the only way into heaven is through Jesus Christ (who was Jewish), yet was persecuted by the Jews.  And, Jews today still do not recognize him as the Messiah.  So, there's A LOT of irony + disconnections here.

In fact, my brother told me that he had some guy (Jewish) in his Master's class who stood up and announced, "I wish Jesus Christ would return, because I hope to kill him this time."  That's religious intolerance, yet if the tables were turned the anti-Semite card would be pulled pretty quickly.  Coincidently to be only 1% of the population, Jewish people are profoundly represented and recognized in the United States of America - banking, the media, Hollywood, the government, our universities, public schools.  Jews are labeled "white" (which is weird, because there seemingly seems to be a war of white men) and this might surprise you... Hispanics are too.  Did you know our Census groups or  identifies Hispanics in the "white?"  So, any Hispanic achievements or crime is lumped in with white achievements or crime.  Why is that?

A QUICK HISTORY LESSON: I didn't know this until I started noticing certain patterns and then researched it a little bit, but Jews actually believe in a segregated burial grounds and cemeteries.  You'll see sections with the Star of David, or cemeteries that only allow for Jewish burials.  If a white Christian did that, it would be considered discriminatory and despicable.

Also, blacks in the South did not vote prior to the 60's.  They could but they didn't have faith in the system (rightly so).  And, they didn't really have a candidate representing them.  Strangely enough, from the days of Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation, most of them identified as Republican.  The Jews started the Civil Rights Movement.  And, some could argue they really cared about the cause.  But, there was an undeniable benefit to the movement - votes.  "I scratch your back and you'll scratch mine" type mentality.  Yet, when you look at Memphis, the Mecca of the Civil Rights Movement, you'll find overwhelming black poverty.  The war on poverty actually multiplied it.  It made young men weak, because essentially they were told the government would take care of their children.  And, thus a cycle began.  There is now fourth and fifth welfare and housing projects in this City.  And, now?  They're always going to vote Democrat.

So, around this time Kennedy was shot and Johnson (Lyndon B. Johnson) stepped in (a white redneck and Democrat from Texas - we all remember the image of him standing next to very rattled Jackie Kennedy, with the brains of her husband all over her suit on AirForce One, with him taking the oathe, hand on the Bible, with a smirk on his face) who actually said...DEMOCRAT President from TEXAS actually said:

"We'll have those (Racial Pejorative - the "n" word) voting Democrat for the next 200 years."  (there is an audio clip of him saying this, as much as Google has tried to bury it.)

Anyways, I got off topic, I want to talk about the richest Jew in the entire world.  His name is George Soros.  And, the way he became rich is:
1) He pretended not to be Jewish during the Holocaust and changed his name to "Soros."  THEN he went door to door with the German Nazis helping them confiscate valuable artwork, jewels, and money.  Jews were known to amass beautiful art and valuables.  The stuff he stole was then liquidated/sold at auction + amassed GOD only know in wealth. (my Beach Boys reference).

QUICK HISTORY LESSON:  Do you know who King Charlemagne is?  He told the Christians that it's basically a sin to lend money...and, that it creates "un-Christian like" behavior/hostile relationships.  So, people needed lending.  There was a void, a black hole, a vacuum.  So, what happened?  The Rothchilds and other banking dynasties evolved from that.

2) He BROKE the Bank of England.  He bet against their currency and made TONS of wealth.

So, what did he do with his wealth?  He holds people hostage and he funds a group called ANTIFA.  ANTIFA basically persecutes anyone who disagrees with them.  To be "anti-facsist" they sure do seem to "appreciate" the "value" of Fascism to achieve a totalitarian goal.  And, here's what shocked me, ANITFA was mostly made up of public school teachers from Portland, Oregon.  Maybe Texas created the abortion law as a travel ban for people from Oregon.  Who knows!?  So, off topic here, Oregon legalized heroine but outlawed plastic straws.  So, now we have hypodermic needles with bio-hazard concerns but no plastic straws.  Google methadone clinics.  They are placed all over the inner cities.  They administer elicit drugs, yet the same government allowing these clinics bans marijuana (a plant).  Why is that?  Anyways, I am sure all the cokeheads in Oregon are still wildly pissed off about that plastic straw thing.

George tried to do a few things:
1) He loves a one-world government.  His dad taught him - one currency, open borders and one the extent he tried to create his ow +n language.  He was a Hungarian Jew and tried to create his own monolithic society.

2) He funds and gives money to those who agree with #1.

Remember this face, because this guy welds A LOT of power + he's one of the single biggest campaign contributors to the Democratic party.  Oh and Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Hillary Clinton, is married to George Soros' nephew.

Also, you may wonder why Muslims vote Democrat.  If you know anything about the Gaza Strip, Muslims/Islam and Jews don't really like each other.  Also, Democrats preach abortion, legalizing drugs homosexuality, women's liberation...pretty much EVERYTHING a Muslim (practicing Islam) is essentially against (via the Q'ran).  It might surprise you to learn, they vote Democrat because Democrats don't exercise morals or scruples, meaning they can be easily manipulated through the almighty dollar...oh, and they are 100% anti-American + hate free speech.  

Watch the Dinesh DiSouza documentary on Prime.  Dinesh was actually persecuted by our government for exercising his First Amendment rights and sharing some interesting things about Obama's background. Obama had him arrested, put in jail, + psychological counseling.  Yep, Obama threw him in with REAL criminals trying to scare him.  Then, they (the government) threw the book at him and took away his right to vote.  This is a guy who graduated from Ivy League schools and who came to America as an immigrant (things you would THINK the Democratic party would love).  He's brilliant.  Sadly, his politics and ideology wasn't "in line" with the Democratic Party.  #IdentityPolitics

Oh, also BILL MAHER, a very vocal Jew has SEVERAL Youtube videos pointing out the irony of Jews, liberals, or democrats promoting and backing Muslim ideology in America.

I've taken the liberty of posting a few of them here:

Thanks so much for stopping in!  I hope you learned something new!


Colorado Kimmie

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Gone Girl


Me in front of the Gone Girl house in Cape Girardeau,

Hey guys!

Just going through some photos in my phone and found the little gem above. On a road trip last year, I found the "Gone Girl" house.  Yes, it’s actually a real house. However, the town of North Carthage, Missouri, which is the setting in the book/movie doesn’t actually exist.

This house is where some of the most critical + pivotal scenes take place in the movie.  Constructed in 1993, this house is 4,400 square feet and has five bedrooms and six baths.  It was last on the market for $600,000.00.  NOTE: This would buy a substantially smaller house in Colorado.

I don’t know about you but I stinking love Gillian Flynn.  'Gone Girl' was how I first became introduced to this writer.  And, I’ve loved her ever since.  She tickles my fancy when reading for fun.  And, by fancy, I mean the psychological thriller genre.  She is definitely a writer I would love to grab dinner with!


So I mentioned already that "Gone Girl" was adapted into a movie - with Ben Affleck and  Rosalind Pike (love her!), and it’s so good.  Usually, I’m a little miffed by screen adaptations of super juicy books, but this one did not disappoint.  And Doogie Howser gets slashed pretty hard (like, way harder than I imagined in the book).  

Anyways, in the story line + in the wake of the Lacy Peterson tragedy (where Scott Peterson killed his pregnant wife to be with his mistress), the reader/viewer really believes that the husband (Nick) killed his wife (Amy) to be with a much younger fling.  However, the twist is so good on this one   

Some of her other books that have mind bending climactic twists are:

"Sharp Objects" (also adapted into film starring another one of my favorites, Amy Adams) - I'm still traumatized by this one.  Two words: Teeth + dollhouse...

Dark Places (also adapted into film starring Angelina Jolie…I haven’t seen the movie yet but it’s on my list)

Thanks for taking a read!

Autumn is right around the corner.  Who else is super excited for sweater weather???  Autumn is also the time of year I break out my slow cookers and small batch apple butter for all my lovies.  It makes my place smell sooooo good!!!

Have a lovely week!  Peace + love + local apple orchards and pickin’ + grinnin’!!



The One Question You GOT to Be Asking Yourself....

This is Nancy Patricia Pelosi - She ranks as the 6th wealthiest US Congressperson with a net worth of $114 MILLION.  Damn, who is thinking to themselves that they probably should have majored in Poli-Sci?!?  She has led the House of Representative Democrats since 2003.  FYI, I had just graduated college.  She's served as US Representative from California since 1987.  I was EIGHT (8) years old when Nancy Pelosi started her reign in government, as she has made her way to Queen Bee, serving as Speaker of the House (since 2019).  This is a picture of Representative Pelosi smirking while ripping up a copy of the State of the Union Address, which many Americans have still not forgotten (mainly because it was beyond disrespectful to her constituents).  People say that she can get the wealthiest of the wealthy to pull out their checkbooks at her "fundraising" events and is known to raise MASSIVE amounts of wealth at these galas and "events".  She represents one of the wealthiest parts of the country.  She'll never lose, because she can be bought.  She knows one thing's for sure - MONEY TALKS and certainly keeps her in office while her entire state is going to absolute ruin and shambles.  Google recent pictures of Venice Beach or San Francisco...or better yet, get in your car and ride out to see it like I did.  Get ready to smell garbage and see tent cities everywhere.  Great job in leading by example, Nancy!

This is Chuck Schumer.  He is a Senior US Senator from the great State of New York.  He has held this seat since 1999.  I was in college in '99.  He has a net worth of over $1.2 million (since 2018 at least).  He looks like a decent guy, no?  A graduate of Harvard, he served in the US House of Representatives from 1984 to 1999.  Geez LOUISE!  I was FIVE years old when ol' Chuck here became a career politician.

This is some comedian related to Chuck Schumer who found it "cool" to smear a high ranking Justice in a ruse of standing up for women.  One woman came forward with allegations COINCIDENTALLY right as there was an appointment to the highest court of the Nation.  One woman.  Yet, MULTIPLE women came forward alleging sexual misconduct from the THEN governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo...annnnnd, Amy was nowhere to be found.   Perhaps her schedule was too busy, who knows.  Amy, if you're reading this, we are all dying to know what took precedence over your "Hunger Games" poses defending all us woman...please feel free to comment below!

Here is Joe Biden.  He served THIRTY SIX (36) years in the US Senate before getting into the Oval Office.  Notice, I never said "elected" because that's still up for debate/speculation and (although not covered by our fearless Main Stream Media) is still under investigation.   

 Here are three videos of Joe Biden.  In the first, he's telling anyone who will stand and listen that he loved it when little kids played with his leg hair.  In the second + third, he's seemingly groping + sniffing a lot of women's hair + body bits.  I'm posting it, because I find it wildly entertaining that no one, NO ONE takes any issue to this level of creepiness:

Here's a video on how to defend yourself should Joe Biden sniff at ya:

My point?  

If you complain (like the rest of us) that the establishment "sucks," or it's "racist," or it's "unfair," or it's "against you," or whatever grievance you may have, I guess there is really one question you HAVE GOT to be asking yourself?  

Why do you keep voting for it?

Me?  Personally, I was on board to drain ALL the slithering reptilians from the DC Swamp.  Yet, all I can do is scratch my head wondering how the same people protesting for change keep voting AGAINST the said change they allege they want by almost INSISTING on same establishment and the same "system" we have now have had in place for DECADES.

And, THIS is why everyone wants TERM LIMITS.  This will never happen, because it will take a Convention of States and there's no way we'll ever get that many governors to agree.  The Titanic will emerge from the depths of the Atlantic, fully assembled, with all the passengers alive + breathing before we have a Convention of States.

"Absolute power corrupts absolutely." 

Ready for some SUPER irony?  Here's a clip of Vice President Kamala Harris accusing Joe Biden of racism + sexual misconduct.  I bet White House cookouts are a bit awwwwwkward.  I mean, Jill Biden told Kamala to go F*ck herself after that debate (also linked):

Joe didn't announce Kamala as VP until it was ridiculously late because he doesn't like her.  But, he was made to accept it because he announced his VP would be black + female.  Kamala dropped out of the Presidential Democratic primary, BEFORE Iowa (EARLY) because she didn't even have 1% of the DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY vote, she couldn't raise any funding or following, and she laughed like the Joker when asked any serious question (which scares the shit out of everyone because it's not considered "appropriate" or "normal" behavior of's "bizarre").  And now she's about to be President of the US, because the President will be forced to resign soon.  We are all pretending like the President of USA isn't battling dementia.  Where's his IQ and mental acuity test that Trump was made to take?  Bottom line - Kamala got where she is due to her sex + skin color.   I'm not taking this as a "win" for women.

It's so weird to me also, as a resident of Colorado, that I don't ever see Biden stickers or Biden signs.  I live in probably one of THE most liberal parts of the country (vested by San Fran and DC) and I just find it really strange that I don't see the support for Biden!  Isn't it odd that he supposedly got more votes that Obama (or anybody in history for that matter - at, like 3 o'clock in the morning), and you don't visually see the support...anywhere??  Why is that?

I'll end with Kamala Harris smearing a high-ranking Supreme Court Justice.  The reason I'm posting this is - I'm wildly entertained - because, do you know the ethical standards it takes to rise to the highest Court in the Nation...annnnnd do you know Kamala's background?  I wouldn't file it under "Ethical":

Forever Yours, 

Colorado Kimmie

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Boundaries + the Ugly Aftermath...

 This post is dedicated to my friend, Paulina.  Thank you for the inspiration!  Paula + I were discussing how we might just be a wee bit sick and tired of bullies…and how it may be way past the time to reclaim our power over them.

You ever call someone out on their bullshit + set a boundary and suddenly they make you out to be the bad person with "bad vibes"?  This is actually quite common behavior as more than 2/3 of the population demonstrate narcissistic tendencies + traits (which they usually learn from a parent or guardian who bullied them).  Oh, by the way, this all usually comes after the gaslighting and the projections and everything else they randomly, and for no good reason, targeted you for.  

Anyways, now you're the bad guy...and, why?  Because you set a boundary?  You said, (in a nutshell), "I do not approve of this behavior, and I do not want this to happen again."  And, please know that bullying can be very passive aggressive in nature.  So, sometimes, it's hard to even know it's happening.  And, social media...(drumroll please), gives a nice little platform for these bullies, so you can relive high school over and over again.

Last year I posted a sentiment on Facebook that basically said (paraphrasing)..."Hurt people hurt people.  Please stop going out and dating when you're hurting, because it just hurts others who are out there genuinely opening their hearts to love."  And, this girl from my high school starts publicly berating me on my social media page, calling me "judgmental" and that I obviously don't know what I'm talking about (suggesting, or at least I interpreted it as, my life experience doesn't grant me an opinion on the matter.)  

I defended my stance, because the psychology is very true: "Hurt people do hurt people."  And, later she apologized telling me that she had projected stuff onto me that I was not responsible for.  For example, she had been in three very abusive marriages and, apparently something about me or something she invented between the lines of my post had triggered her into just "going off" on me for no good reason.  And, that's when I first learned, "Look honey…your opinion and what you’re battling inside is not my reality" no matter how much you sling that shit at me.

Fast forward to a year later and I posted a comment regarding eating disorders, after I had scrolled through Instagram and it felt like an "After School Special" on anorexia and bulimia.  It's interesting to me that this new term "skinny shaming" is way to get people look away from the fact that little girls are literally doing irreparable harm to their bodies with malnourishment.  Yet, if the same young girl was engaged in "cutting," you wouldn't say, oh, you're "Cut shaming her!"  No, you would try to intervene and help before it was too late.  

So, this SAME girl came at me again calling me "judgmental" and "jealous of attractive people" and a "narcissist."  I would post the entirety of this public mudslinging had she not deleted it all...every bit of it.  Not because I told her to.  Then after bullying me publicly up to and including publicly sharing things I had told her in confidence (while trying to help her last year), she privately started apologizing to me.  I asked her not to ever do that again and that it had become a pattern and not just some random mistake.  Of course I was met with a litany of excuses:

1) "Narcissist" was an autocorrect on her phone.

2) she meant other people were narcissists and not me

3) then, I shit you not, she blamed it on her ADHD

4) then she engaged in gaslighting trying to make me ignore the reality of the fact she had engaged in this behavior before - publicly + on my social media page.  And trying to convince me that, now that the comments were deleted, she never said them.  I swear, nothing pisses me off more than trying to convince me I’m crazy because you can’t own up to or take responsibility for your bad behavior.

5) then she made me out to be the bad person with “bad vibes”…

Dicktim: (noun) a person who acts like a dick and then tries to play the victim.

.  Isn't it funny how I gave up two lunch breaks to talk about + attempt to help solve her problems and this is how I was repaid?  By being publicly bullied on my own social media page??

I also love it when, after the boundary is set, people like her are like, "she doesn't practice what she preaches."  So let's dissect this comment a little bit.  How do you interpret this one?  What this means is "I saw you clearly as an easy target who doesn't stick up for herself and will 'turn the other cheek' because Christians and or spiritual people don't stick up for themselves."   

SURPRISE!  The secret is now out!  I stick up for myself.  You see, the psychology of it all is that people will bully or "bring the fight" to those who they think they can win.  Sorta like ANTIFA stayed out of certain Southern towns where they knew they'd get their asses kicked...yet they terrorized uber liberal cities who had leadership who allowed it.  Anyways, I love it when I "shock the socks off" people by practicing a thing called self-love - which VERY MUCH includes defending yourself and standing up to bullying behavior.

A narcissist doesn’t know self-love   They become empty vessels walking around trying to suck the energy out of every around them as a way to feel fulfilled.  The anti-narc knows to set boundaries and or avoid these energy sucking vampires.

2021 is the year we take back this Country from the bullying narcissistic assholes (in Hollywood, at work, in Washington, at your kid’s school, in your neighborhood) who have slithered their way to the top (or simply want to target you because they think they can).  They use bullying as a way to silence you, to socially alienate you, and to make you feel like your opinion, your life, your experiences don't matter.  Well, we've had ENOUGH!  Practice the self-love they robbed you of.

End Bullying 2021!!!


Monday, September 6, 2021

The Silhouette...

I'm having one of those moments (weeks) where my mind is on those o-ring monkey bars and I'm not sure where to swing to first (when expressing myself)  So, I initially wanted to talk about the fake world we live in.  I love this quote from Emilie Autumn's book, "The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls":

"You," he said, "are a terribly real thing in a terribly false world, and that, I believe, is why you are in so much pain." (goosebumps)

From magazine photo shops on the covers (when I was little looking at the news stands) to influencers on Instagram employing so many filters, they look like they were born devoid of any sebaceous glands, it's all fake, my friend.  Look, I don't care how little body fat you have, when you sit or bend over, you're gonna have rolls.  Don't even photo shop those out + play like you don't.  

Our food, even.  Someone once told me that the only "real" food in a supermarket was on the borders or the outside walls of the market...speaking to the produce, meat and dairy?  But, even that...EVEN that...we don't know what's pumped into our watermelons, our chicken and our milk!  If you want to go down a few rabbit holes can start with this one: MONSANTO (100% government supported...why is that if they're seemingly so concerned about our health with masks and vaccines?)  

Other things, once you follow the money trail, that aren't as they seem:

Black Lives Matter



Planned Parenthood

"What's in a name?" Shakespeare once said.  What was he saying here?  Perhaps to never be fooled by a name alone?  I don't know, you tell me your interpretation in the comments below, if you feel so inclined and have had your coffee.  Perhaps he was just saying that we fail to love because we throw around names and labels too often? 

Okay, where the heck was I?  Yeah, so music, even...FAKE. auto-tuned + manufactured.  Nothing is real.  I guess I first learned that when they blew the cover on Milli Vanilli.  They took two hot little numbers and put them on stage lip syncing, whilst three white dudes sang behind the scenes.  Yep, while we were thinking these two guys were assuring us we could project all of life's problems on precipitation while wearing spandex + shoulder-padded blazers, it was all a big sham. Who else was crushed?  So, yeah, music now is ALL about image.  You got the look?  Then we'll put you in a studio, sex you up, and create "your" sound.  I'm clearly not speaking to the indie radio stations with the local bands (such as the Colorado Sound, which I have playing non-stop.  Hello, Colorado Sound, if you ever read my blog.  I dig your whole concept where let listeners vote and stuff.  Thumbs up.)

So, when you've been "red pilled" so to speak, it's like truth just keeps rushing in at ya.  And, you can't ever turn back.  When I was a kid, I grew up on my dad's vinyl.  I didn't have a full appreciation of the 80's until college.  And, now I'm that person you can drag out to see 80's bands.  When I really started watching 80's music videos, they reminded me of "Zoolander"...where they played that song "Relax" to get the models to kill the Prime Minister of Malaysia.  I think that was the plot??  It's been a hot minute since I've seen that movie.  However, this is my favorite scene:

All joking aside, every single 80's video appears to be some mind control device that silenced the Gen X'ers.

Darn, I got sidetracked...again.  But, I'm about to take a sharp right turn.  Everyone buckled up??  Having listened to oldies growing up, it gave me an appreciation for good music, good lyrics, and great melodies/harmonies.  However, when I was a kid, and I was belting out some of these songs, I'm not sure I knew exactly what I was singing.  Some of these older tunes are downright creepy AF!  I"ve taken the liberty of inserting some of my own parenthetical commentary.

Take, for example, Herman's Hermits.  I'll post the song, "Sillouettes" from 1966 right here:

Sounds innocent enough, right?  But, here's the actual lyrics...about a stalker:

"Took a walk and passed your house late last night

All the shades were pulled and drawn way down tight

From within, the dim light case two sillouettes on the shade

Put his arms around your waist, held you tight

Kisses I could almost taste in the night

Wondered why I'm not the guy whose silhouette's on the shade

Lost control and rang your door bell, I was sore [insert, "Ewww]

Let me in or else I beat down your door [hmmm, domestic violence, nothing to see here]

When two strangers said to my shock, you're on the wrong block [yeah, way to laugh off clear stalker tendencies]

Or, what about Gary Puckett + the Union Gap's "Young Girl" from 1968, clearly speaking to pedophilia + the solicitation of a minor:

"Young girl, get out of my mind

My love for you is way out of line

Better run girl [wait, whuuuut??]

You're much too young, girl

You led me to believe you're old enough to give me love [when in doubt, always check ID's]

And now it hurts to know the truth

Beneath your perfume + make-up

You're just a baby is disguise [dude, stop...right now]

And though you know it's wrong to be with me

That "come on" look is in your eyes [where TF is Chris Hansen when you need him??]

Get out of here before I have time to change my mind

'Cause I'm afraid we'll go too far."

Or, what about freakin' Neil Sedaka who was 22 at the time he broke out, "Happy Birthday, Sweet 16":

"Tonight's the night I've waited before

Because you're not a baby anymore...

When you were only 6

I was your big brother [what the what, what??]

But since you've grown up 

Your face is sewn up [Silence of the Lambing it up]

From now on you're gonna be mine."

What the heck was wrong with these people??  There are several modern day songs, though, that come to mind that I would belt out + dance to before even knowing what they were about.  They all have rather dark themes

"Pumped Up Kicks"

"Hey Man Nice Shot"

"Jane Says"


Anyways, I'll end with this quote, because it's so true:

Reporting as a sack of meat + bones with a soul in a wrong time + space (but making the best of it), 


"Who Hurt You, Kimmie?"..."My Own Expectations"

 Hey Pals!  I hope you had an excellent Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday of the entire year as a bonafide foodie).  Plus I got to cuddle wi...