Friday, September 17, 2021

Lucky Larry


Larry Silverstein - "Lucky Larry"

Larry Silverstein, nicknamed "Lucky Larry," is someone you should probably know about.  He owned the World Trade Towers prior to the 9/11 terror attacks of 2001 (not to be confused with the terror attack in Benghazi which also occurred on 9/11, but 11 years later in 2012...this is a WHOLE separate blog post).

Larry coincidentally had a doctor's appointment and his daughter was stuck in traffic as both towers were attacked by two separate planes.  I'll never forget that day.  I had arrived to class (a liberal arts class...I was a Junior in college), and I didn't have cable.  So, I watched the entire thing on one of those big square box televisions that they used to wheel around on a cart.  I saw people jumping out of windows and it was terrifying!  I wondered how they got all that camera footage so quickly!  Do you ever wonder that when you see something on the news?  We didn't even have high resolution cameras then, and the footage is super clear!

First responders got lung disease from breathing in all the asbestos (a fire retardant insulation from the 1880's) in the towers.  Generally speaking, asbestos is not harmful (innocuous) unless its disturbed (then it becomes dangerous).  Sort of like mold - if mold goes airborne then it's dangerous.

That same day, a plane hit the Pentagon.  Luckily, not a single person in Congress was harmed.

Lucky Larry went from owning an asbestos laden commercial real estate to being filthy rich.  How?  Two months prior to the 9/11 attacks, he bought insurance policies with endorsements insuring against "two separate terrorist attacks in one day."  Who does that?  Anyways, he capitalized $5 BILLION off terrorism.  Lucky Larry.

INTERESTING TIDBIT:  There was a poll conducted at the University of Florida.  The students there were asked questions about the 2001 9/11 terror attack.  The students unanimously agreed that no blame should be assigned to the attack.  But, if you never know the CAUSE, how do you prevent it from happening again?  Something to think about.

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