Thursday, September 9, 2021

George Soros

 I grew up Christian.  In no uncertain terms, and in the Baptist terms, we were taught to revere, protect, and listen to the Jews.  It's odd, because we were taught the only way into heaven is through Jesus Christ (who was Jewish), yet was persecuted by the Jews.  And, Jews today still do not recognize him as the Messiah.  So, there's A LOT of irony + disconnections here.

In fact, my brother told me that he had some guy (Jewish) in his Master's class who stood up and announced, "I wish Jesus Christ would return, because I hope to kill him this time."  That's religious intolerance, yet if the tables were turned the anti-Semite card would be pulled pretty quickly.  Coincidently to be only 1% of the population, Jewish people are profoundly represented and recognized in the United States of America - banking, the media, Hollywood, the government, our universities, public schools.  Jews are labeled "white" (which is weird, because there seemingly seems to be a war of white men) and this might surprise you... Hispanics are too.  Did you know our Census groups or  identifies Hispanics in the "white?"  So, any Hispanic achievements or crime is lumped in with white achievements or crime.  Why is that?

A QUICK HISTORY LESSON: I didn't know this until I started noticing certain patterns and then researched it a little bit, but Jews actually believe in a segregated burial grounds and cemeteries.  You'll see sections with the Star of David, or cemeteries that only allow for Jewish burials.  If a white Christian did that, it would be considered discriminatory and despicable.

Also, blacks in the South did not vote prior to the 60's.  They could but they didn't have faith in the system (rightly so).  And, they didn't really have a candidate representing them.  Strangely enough, from the days of Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation, most of them identified as Republican.  The Jews started the Civil Rights Movement.  And, some could argue they really cared about the cause.  But, there was an undeniable benefit to the movement - votes.  "I scratch your back and you'll scratch mine" type mentality.  Yet, when you look at Memphis, the Mecca of the Civil Rights Movement, you'll find overwhelming black poverty.  The war on poverty actually multiplied it.  It made young men weak, because essentially they were told the government would take care of their children.  And, thus a cycle began.  There is now fourth and fifth welfare and housing projects in this City.  And, now?  They're always going to vote Democrat.

So, around this time Kennedy was shot and Johnson (Lyndon B. Johnson) stepped in (a white redneck and Democrat from Texas - we all remember the image of him standing next to very rattled Jackie Kennedy, with the brains of her husband all over her suit on AirForce One, with him taking the oathe, hand on the Bible, with a smirk on his face) who actually said...DEMOCRAT President from TEXAS actually said:

"We'll have those (Racial Pejorative - the "n" word) voting Democrat for the next 200 years."  (there is an audio clip of him saying this, as much as Google has tried to bury it.)

Anyways, I got off topic, I want to talk about the richest Jew in the entire world.  His name is George Soros.  And, the way he became rich is:
1) He pretended not to be Jewish during the Holocaust and changed his name to "Soros."  THEN he went door to door with the German Nazis helping them confiscate valuable artwork, jewels, and money.  Jews were known to amass beautiful art and valuables.  The stuff he stole was then liquidated/sold at auction + amassed GOD only know in wealth. (my Beach Boys reference).

QUICK HISTORY LESSON:  Do you know who King Charlemagne is?  He told the Christians that it's basically a sin to lend money...and, that it creates "un-Christian like" behavior/hostile relationships.  So, people needed lending.  There was a void, a black hole, a vacuum.  So, what happened?  The Rothchilds and other banking dynasties evolved from that.

2) He BROKE the Bank of England.  He bet against their currency and made TONS of wealth.

So, what did he do with his wealth?  He holds people hostage and he funds a group called ANTIFA.  ANTIFA basically persecutes anyone who disagrees with them.  To be "anti-facsist" they sure do seem to "appreciate" the "value" of Fascism to achieve a totalitarian goal.  And, here's what shocked me, ANITFA was mostly made up of public school teachers from Portland, Oregon.  Maybe Texas created the abortion law as a travel ban for people from Oregon.  Who knows!?  So, off topic here, Oregon legalized heroine but outlawed plastic straws.  So, now we have hypodermic needles with bio-hazard concerns but no plastic straws.  Google methadone clinics.  They are placed all over the inner cities.  They administer elicit drugs, yet the same government allowing these clinics bans marijuana (a plant).  Why is that?  Anyways, I am sure all the cokeheads in Oregon are still wildly pissed off about that plastic straw thing.

George tried to do a few things:
1) He loves a one-world government.  His dad taught him - one currency, open borders and one the extent he tried to create his ow +n language.  He was a Hungarian Jew and tried to create his own monolithic society.

2) He funds and gives money to those who agree with #1.

Remember this face, because this guy welds A LOT of power + he's one of the single biggest campaign contributors to the Democratic party.  Oh and Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Hillary Clinton, is married to George Soros' nephew.

Also, you may wonder why Muslims vote Democrat.  If you know anything about the Gaza Strip, Muslims/Islam and Jews don't really like each other.  Also, Democrats preach abortion, legalizing drugs homosexuality, women's liberation...pretty much EVERYTHING a Muslim (practicing Islam) is essentially against (via the Q'ran).  It might surprise you to learn, they vote Democrat because Democrats don't exercise morals or scruples, meaning they can be easily manipulated through the almighty dollar...oh, and they are 100% anti-American + hate free speech.  

Watch the Dinesh DiSouza documentary on Prime.  Dinesh was actually persecuted by our government for exercising his First Amendment rights and sharing some interesting things about Obama's background. Obama had him arrested, put in jail, + psychological counseling.  Yep, Obama threw him in with REAL criminals trying to scare him.  Then, they (the government) threw the book at him and took away his right to vote.  This is a guy who graduated from Ivy League schools and who came to America as an immigrant (things you would THINK the Democratic party would love).  He's brilliant.  Sadly, his politics and ideology wasn't "in line" with the Democratic Party.  #IdentityPolitics

Oh, also BILL MAHER, a very vocal Jew has SEVERAL Youtube videos pointing out the irony of Jews, liberals, or democrats promoting and backing Muslim ideology in America.

I've taken the liberty of posting a few of them here:

Thanks so much for stopping in!  I hope you learned something new!


Colorado Kimmie

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