Sunday, April 24, 2022

I Don’t Understand Your Specific Kind of Crazy…

But I admire your total commitment to it!  On April 22nd, while Americans celebrated Earth Day and a beautiful Friday (aside from everyone in Denver who walked outside to find hazy skies looking like Armageddon from wildfires blowing in from New Mexico, parts of Colorado, and Arizona), a Boulder Buddhist lit himself on hire at the front steps of Supreme Court in Washington DC as an act of protest to climate change.  While disturbing, that’s complete and total commitment.  Yet there are some questions to be asked in his commitment.   Like for starters, did he ride his bicycle or walk to Washington DC from Boulder, CO?  And did he start the fire through solar or wind power?  Were there flame accelerants used that may have been petroleum-based?  There are just so many contradictions I’m not sure where to start.  But hey, a silver lining - half-priced cremation.  Meanwhile, kids in the DC area are now suffering PTSD because they thought there was a hotdog stand outside.

Wynn Bruce - not to be confused with Bruce Wayne...

Additionally, while the act of setting yourself on fire once constituted suicide, his Boulder Buddhist buddies insist it was an act of compassion.  Are you guys taking notes?  However, self-immolation has been widely practiced by Buddhist monks, burning themselves in protest throughout history - which seems to contradict the peaceful practice of Buddhism.  Yep, I Googled it and burning yourself is definitely NOT accepted by the practice:

Killing oneself is seen as a harmful action that will not end one's suffering but, rather, lead to another form of suffering. Although Buddhists do not condone suicide, they do not condemn the person who dies by suicide.

Where most people would stop at BLM bumper stickers, social media posts of their vaccinations, or modeling Che Guevara face masks, this Martyr of virtue signaling put his match where is his mouth is.

Meanwhile, liberals everywhere are calling for background checks on automatic lighters... 

In memoriam to this passionate and virtuous pile of ash, I’ll leave you with this somber tune and a great debate - Is it better to burn out or fade away?


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