Sunday, August 28, 2022

The Asch Paradigm

Most people who read my posts know my story.  I relocated to Boulder County, Colorado from the East Coast March 2020 right as the world would forever be changed.   The beginning of the infamous “two weeks to break the curve” turned into “shelter in place” and ask no questions whatsoever - you best  trust the science, or else - with relentless propaganda repeated in cycles!  My next post will discuss the power of social conditioning, or brainwashing, through repetition.  So stay tuned!

They say there’s really no good time to start a business, to do a major relocation, or start something scary and totally new.  But, wow, like I got dealt one of the worst undeniable possible scenarios in what otherwise would have been the most exciting moments of my life.  Often times I wonder about the many other people who packed up their cars to move to a new city across the country to be completely blindsided by the unforeseen events and met with despondent masked mobs, “eyes without a face.”

And queue the theme music.  Billy Idol obviously slays the original; however I’m in love with this cover by Angel Olsen:

The shit show that was 2020 was not only completely unnecessary (as they are learning more people are dying of suicide and delayed medical care than fatalities due to COVID and Fauci lied about natural immunity), but imagine at the time the challenge of being in brand new surroundings and seeing zero smiles, just masked faces living in a state of heightened fear.  Everyone I interacted with for the following years would behave the exact same and think in the EXACT same way!  

Also, the most bizarre situations happened.  I remember walking down the sidewalk in downtown Longmont and a man diving behind a tree and peering out like I was the Boogie Man.  I assume it was because I was enjoying oxygen too much and, for that reason, he believed me to be a walking cesspool of COVID.  This was one of many irrational fear situations I encountered.  I also remember going on a hiking date with this guy who started yelling and badgering me relentlessly for getting up for another beer, two yards from our table without a mask at a brewery in Nederland.  Later, after he profusely apologized, I learned he didn’t even believe in masks. He had just been programmed to react that way to people who didn’t follow the mob rules.  This guy also has a fake vaccine passport and talks all day about how he believes in vaccines.  Why?  To conform to the crowd and be socially accepted, even when he disagrees with the crowd.

Yes, it’s been a long strange trip, especially after the CDC basically just came out and admitted everything they’ve stated as fact for the past two years was a lie.  But, really anyone exercising common sense knew that already.  So, my question is why didn’t more people speak up and why wasn’t there any resistance to the absurdity!?  And why did families divide and people hate on each other for not following the mob?  And why in the HELL is COVID considered political!?!  I’ll give you all the time you need on that one.   How is a virus remotely political!?  You’ve been programmed that almost every single topic is political - and guess what?  That silences you!  Instead of sharing ideas openly and freely, you are now fed the narrative and told that it’s the societal norm and to fall in line, or else.    There is a quote I want to share that I believe wholeheartedly:

So, why did seemingly so many people (almost soulessly and in a zombie squad fashion) immediately fall into lock step with the crowd and the media and the CDC and become militant to anyone not doing the same.  I ask this, because now we know as a fact that everyone was completely fooled by “the facts,” “the $$cience” about the virus, the numbers, and the efficacy of an experimental vaccine/boosters.   All of it was a lie.  The answer I present you with (for anyone still seeking closure): (drumroll please), have you ever heard of theAsch Paradigm!?  They didn’t teach this in public school, unless you took Abnormal Psychology at your public university.

Way back in 1955, Dr. Asch, a human behavioral scientist, set out to study the undeniable power of conformity.  And what he discovered was pretty damn powerful regarding the “how and why” people will conform with the societal “norm,” EVEN when they know it’s wrong!  Kinda makes you think of the Holocaust and how so many people could stand by idly while the Nazis marched innocent people into concentration camps and gas chambers!  This helps explain it!  

What Dr, Asch found, in what is now known as the Asch Paradigm, is that the majority of people will go with the crowd and conform even while consciously knowing what they are doing is completely wrong.  He led an experiment with flash cards using a control group and paid actors to see the power of persuasion to simply toss your conscionable beliefs in exchange for acceptance or conformity.  He was quoted in his ultimate post experiment conclusion as saying: “That intelligent, well-meaning, young people are willing to call ‘white, ‘black’ is a matter of concern.”

Dr. Asch is not the only person who scientifically proved the undeniable power of conformity.  Also see:

Bandwagon effect 

Collective Responsibility 

Communal Reinforcement 

Crutchfield Situation 

Muzafer Sherif

Milgram Experiment 

Overton Window

Spiral of Silence 

Stanford Prison Experiment

Jim Jones “kool-aid”

And soon to be added in due time IF the government didn’t write textbooks…The Branch Covidians Cult of 2020-2022

So know this: the crowd is made up of a bunch of cowards who are led more by the fear of standing alone and the social construct of conformity than they are of bravery or conviction.  It is so brave to be able to stand alone in your convictions, and I salute you immensely if you’ve been able to stand against the mob of the past few years!  As Dr. Asch studied, it is actually extremely brave and unusual for a person to stand alone in her convictions and break away from the paradigm. 


Sunday, August 21, 2022

LAUNCH! Colorado Kimmie's Dope Soaps

 Hey Guys!  

I worked legit all weekend on launching a website!  I had no idea how long it required one person to sit completely still until completion.  However, after about 100 people in a row asked me if I had a website for my soaps, I figured maybe I should.  So, I did.  I consider it my virtual Farmer's Market.  Business cards are en route.  So, I present to you my website,

This weekend, I made a few soap sets inspired by the changing season and impending Autumn - and quite honestly completely forgot how much I love taking raw ingredients and crafting them into a satisfying end result of exquisite artisan soaps.  Every time I make a new batch, I take one for selfishly for bathtub.  I love each and every one of my creations.

There are a few things that make my soaps unique and a bit harder to sell online.  First, my signature soap bars are called "Colorado Kimmie's Beach Bars," and they smell so lovely.  So, that's pretty hard to convey online when you are unable to physically walk up to my booth and smell my product.  However, I spare no expense on essential oils.  And, I do consider that when pricing my sets.  Also, my signature bars are beach bars, although stay tuned, as I will create different seasonal small batches for your bathing and self-care pleasure throughout the year.

First, uniquely, my bars have a hand grip that is ornamental - meaning, I use organic materials from the sea to craft the glycerin mold with ingredients from the sea such as seashells, seaweed/grass and other naughty items from the sea.  As you use my soaps, the glycerin will slowly wear over time, making the beach bars look antiqued and straight out of the ocean.  On the flip side of the beach bars, I layer exfoliating sand, vitamin e, and essential oil(s) in a richly luxuriously lathering shea butter base.  It's so fun to shave with these.  I created them for the heels of my feet, but they are also gentle enough to use on your face. 

My soaps will leave you feeling fresh, smooth, sexy, invigorated, tingly, you just walked out of the ocean.

Thank you for supporting my small business and checking out my new launch!

Now take a bath you dirty hippie!

Colorado Kimmie

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Cryo My Bio…


Scientific fact: when things get cold they contract.  In rifles and guns they use cryo to vacuum out the air in the chamber to make the metal rigid and molecularly extremely strong.

Last week I tried cryo therapy for the first time ever!  I’m one of those brave people who will try most anything once.  Plus, I had been hearing about all the health benefits and thought I’d give it a whirl, especially since this place in Denver was offering intro prices of $10!

The health benefits include a variety of bonuses: lymphatic health, reduction in inflammation for athletes, runners, bikers, and an increase in production of collagen (among other things - these were just a few benefits that interested me).   And, I had a lymph node that had been sticking out since the COVID variants and was told that some people who come into contact will have a lymph node harden for 6 months to a year.  And after one session of cryotherapy my lymph node disappeared!

Okay, so here’s how this went down.  I basically went into a room and stripped down.  The location I visited had a little private “locker room” where I put on a fancy robe, some socks, and some slippers.  I removed all jewelry and hair accessories - basically anything metal that could freeze to my body or my hair.   

Next I walked out to be greeted by a cryo cutie who put me in gloves, a mask over my nose and mouth to protect these delicate areas of my face and prevent frost bite, and a warm beanie.

She asked me what kinda music I’d like to listen to while in the cryo chamber (this helps your mind focus on an outward stimulus as opposed to how freaking cold it is and how claustrophobic it is in there).  Then she walked me through the instructions.  The cryo vault or chamber basically has two small rooms.  You walk into the first room which is sub temps of -50 degrees and you take a few cleansing breaths for roughly 5 seconds.   This acclimates your body to be able to open the door to the interior chamber which is a balmy sub freezing temp of -150 degrees.  

You’re standing there for 2.5 minutes and encouraged not to watch the timer behind you while your music plays and you try NOT to think of how freaking cold it is!  When you walk out, all this cryo steam follows you out and you feel like Darth Vader. 

Immediately, I could feel the effects to my body as she recorded by body temps of 54.8 degrees.  She encouraged me next time to try and go even colder than -150 since I’m so warm blooded.  I’m one of God’s chosen ones in that I’ve never experienced sleep disorders or issues sleeping (they say it’s because you’re soul is rested and you’ve lived right by doing right unto others), but yes, another health benefit of cryo is to remedy insomnia and induce very deep rested sleep.  That night I don’t even remember turning over once.  

Feeling like a true mountain woman!  Here are some snaps of what it looks like.  Also down the hall, there were people lined up in medical chairs with IV’s in their arms.  There is a menu of “cocktails” you can choose to pump into your body for differing health benefits.  These IV’s run anywhere from $150-300 a session.   Cryotherapy is anywhere from $50-75.

Dressing rooms w robes, socks and slippers 

I have my second session this week and the insides of my nostrils are feeling a little chapped.  I think when she explained to take a few breaths in the first chamber she didn’t quite mean the deep cleansing yoga breaths I took.  But, I’m looking forward to it.  I’ve been feeling different on the treadmill and overall feel younger.  

If you get the opportunity, you should totally check it out for the experience!  Especially if you get the $10 discounts!

Have a wonderful week,

Sunday, August 14, 2022

There is Nothing Sexier Than a Humble Person...

 I learned this a long time ago.  A lion does not have to tell others he/she is a lion.  Other people will just automatically know and recognize a lion when they see one.  On the flip side, a person demonstrating narcissistic and arrogant behavior is revealing deeply rooted insecurities and hurt.  I will repeat this.  People who seem narcissistic and cocky are the most INSECURE people to walk the face of the Earth!  Arrogance is one of many masks a person will wear to hide their insecurities.

What can be their insecurities?

That they're not good enough (even if they are).

Not intelligent enough (even if they are smart as a whip).

Body dysmorphia (even if they are perfect).

Weaker to their competition (even if they are the strongest).

They may constantly feel slighted by the opposite sex (even when they aren't).

Bottom line, these insecurities are rooted inside a person's head and have absolutely nothing to do with you.  When someone acts like an arrogant asshole, the best thing to do is ignore it.  It's a battle they fight in their own mind day in and day out, a rather sad and unfortunate warzone to take up rent-free space inside their noggin.  And, sometimes, as hard is it is to not take it personally, especially if it's a parent or sibling or spouse, you just got to know that it has absolutely nothing to do with you.

People who are truly talented and skilled in life always stay humble and exhibit a quiet confidence.  Why?  Because they have nothing to project and/or mask.  The quiet humble people ARE the true lions.  Humility, while our culture would like to sell the opposite, is an ultimate sign of strength.  A strong person can stand completely alone during the strongest adversity.  He or she exhibits a sexy, quiet self-reliance, determination, and conviction.  

A truly skilled, strong individual does not ever have to put others down to feel better about themselves.  Rather, lions are the mentors, holding out a hand to help others stand up.  A strong, humble, confident person RARELY follows the crowd, in fact you'll often times see them riding solo.  A strong person demonstrates both humility and vulnerability, because they love who they are and are brave enough to share their real true nature with the world.  I'll repeat that for the kids on the back row.  Showing humility and vulnerability is the sexiest and bravest trait in the world.  I've always been attracted to lions for this reason.  They are the deep thinkers and the individuals who can reveal their souls, because they have no fear or insecurities about who they really are.  They're not an imposter - someone pretending or feigning confidence.

When someone is acting out with narcissistic tones like a brazen ass clown, it is important to keep in mind that anyone who is above you (fairing better in life) will NEVER try to hurt you.  Only the hurt people hurt people, and it's a universal truth.  You can bet the farm on it.  Jealous people will hurt the person who they, deep down, desire to immulate their character traits.  Yes, it's something you have that they don't have that drives them crazy, and they sometimes don't even know it consciously.  They just covet who you are, and you unconsciously mirror back to them their insecurities and what they lack.

 Again, with insecure people, the battle is in their head.  It's always, 100% of the time, people who are beneath you that will try to bring you down.  But, once you know that these people mask deep insecurities, you'll learn that it's not your war to fight and you can focus your energies on a seat at the table in the lion's den...bettering yourself and hanging out with like minded people.  

I realize what I'm saying seems foreign and goes against the fakeness of this world, but that doesn't make it any less true.

On a side note, does anyone else find this whole Anne Heche thing remotely bizarre?  It's like I was hearing she was fine and would recover, that she was on life support, and she was dead - all in one day.  I think she was dead on arrival, but the press releases were just highly unusual and inconsistent.  And, then I learned she was working a project/film about sex trafficking.  And, I won't lie, that did make me put on my aluminum foil hat.  I find it funny that people still use the term conspiracy theorists after 100% of "conspiracy theory" has since come true.  Perhaps it's time to open our minds a little or at least adjust to a mindset of "hey, at this point, anything's possible."  If you read enough history, you'll know that to be true.  In the end, it's all history repeating itself.  We may be done with history but it's not done with us.

Deep thoughts...drafted at z'pool...

Colorado Kimmie

Friday, August 12, 2022

Abraham Shakespeare

Annnnd the winning numbers arrrrre…

The Mega Millions lotto went down a few weekends ago, and I was eating guacamole and fajitas with friends and washing it down with cerveza as they called the winning numbers.  Nobody at our table won, unless you consider that guacamole a win (which I did, along with the Texas-style mesquite fajitas).  There were many winners that night all over the country, but I’m pretty sure the big winner was an airline flight attendant from Illinois.   The state of Illinois is fortunately one of the states that doesn’t require a posting of the winner and actually allows anonymity, which is a good thing!  People will come crawling out of the woodwork as soon as they publish your name, and winners have attested to this nightmare to the point many published winners have to go into hiding and become a recluse.  

She cuts her teeth on wedding rings in the movies 

I had always heard, in passing, about the curse of the lottery, but I never really actually believed it.  I thought maybe it was one of those urban legends serving to detract you from doing anything remotely fun.  As with most rabbit holes, I immediately jumped down, and  I started researching the lottery curse on my phone.  And, I quickly realized that, like the actual lottery itself, the odds ain’t really in your favor.  Wasn’t it Ambrose Bierce who said that the lottery is nothing more than a tax on stupid people?  But then the reciprocal argument would be:  you can only win if you play!   It’s almost like a government-run social experiment to show how free money can’t build wealth or buy happiness, even when it’s straight handed to you in enormous lump sums, minus all the taxes that go right back into to the government-run social experiment which is around 40% of your earnings.   

First, statistically speaking, over 70% of winners are destitute and miserable within 7 years of cashing in.  Seven in ten people fair WORSE after winning the lottery than their simple and peaceful lives before the big win!  Have you ever seen the movie “A Simple Plan” with Billy Bob Thornton and Bill Paxton?  It’s one of my favorite movies themed around “the things that you own end up owning you.”

From really strong marriages completely crumbling to people’s lives being destroyed to the very core, there are not very many long-term happy endings produced from lottery winnings.  Probably the worst one I read about was Abraham Shakespeare, from Tampa, Florida.  With a birth name like that, you know his life would turn out stranger than fiction. He was an illiterate black man, an hourly manual laborer, who randomly won the $30 million lottery in 2009, and his life legit came unglued.  He was riding with some other workers that day and went in to buy a drink and use the restroom and fatefully bought a lottery ticket.

Abraham Shakespeare

Suddenly, out of nowhere this blonde woman, Dorice Moore, with an unbeknownst history of being a transient and a shyster, befriended him with promises to grow his earnings.  And, by 2010 ol’ Abraham vanished into thin air.  It’s like he fell off the earth.  He went missing, and nobody, not even his family knew where he was.  They found “poor” Abraham in a block of concrete buried in the back yard after using ground penetrating sonar.  Dorice is serving a life sentence for the murder of Abraham with no chance of parole.

Abraham published on his big day and Dorice the psychopath…

Sometimes you think the lottery will solve everything, but the truth is, the odds are not great at all.  Many winners have attested that they wished they had immediately ripped up their lottery ticket!

May the odds forever be in your favor,


Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Schooner or Later: Dock Dynasty

Ello Mates!

I was sitting on the back of a boat full of guys after tying off with my friend.  We had paddle boarded from her boat over to a boat party where these guys offered us pizza.  We were being handed beer and jello shots for just being cute in a bikini, and the club music was pumping.  A boat of 20 somethings had just cruised into the cove and were booty dancing on one of those inflatable dance floors.  The sun was beaming and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.  The breeze was incredible...which brings me to some theme music.  What's a Colorado Kimmie blog without some tunes?  Sorry no club music here...

Okay, where was I?  Oh having already experienced a black out drunk moment my first time on a lake in Colorado, I knew that you really have to know your limits, have plenty of food, and plenty of water.  The sun exacerbates and highly amplifies the sedative effects of a delicious alcoholic beverage.   Most people have social anxiety and are afraid of meeting new people, which is why a lot of people go to bars to drink and socialize.  That makes alcohol THE most abused drug in America due to the self-medicating use to cure social anxiety.

Damn, I digressed again...

When I blacked out, I was extremely lucky as I had some good friends who knew how to take care of people who misjudge the power of the sun and lake.  The sun is no joke here!  We're a mile high!  So, also the air is much thinner so the radiation is much more intense.  We get brighter and way more sun than people in Florida. So, I was mildly buzzed while being completely aware of my surroundings, feeling amazing, and rocking on the boat watching the MTV Jersey Shores lake party scene unfold - and, I was thoroughly amused with my people watching.  I had also been lending a hand to females as they hopped from boat to boat.

Suddenly I heard an intense thud which then ricocheted or bounced and until there was a noticeable  splash.  At first I thought a cooler had fallen over.  The music was so loud, I don't think anyone heard the noise.  Suddenly, I did a quick head count and realized we were short one boat bitch.  I stood up to see it was a girl who had misjudged the landing and bounced her head and body hitting between boats before submerging down into the lake.  I had seen her swimming earlier, completely intoxicated with no life jacket.  And, that's so dangerous!  Because on the lake anything can happen in the matter of seconds and you're drowned.  Did you know you can drown on a thimble full of water.  Everyone assumes you have to be completely submerged in water to drown, and ya don't.  Same with free climbing and a sudden wind gust and gravity moving at 9.8 meters per second.  Mother Nature can be cruel sometimes when you're just trying to have fun ! 

Anyways, I looked down and saw her sinking and a moment of panic sunk in (excuse the pun) as I contemplated whether I would dive in after her.  I have an irrational fear of getting stuck under an object and suffocating.  I looked to see those big bumper balls between the boats which prevented them from rocking together.  Without bumpers you should never dive in between boats, because the wake of a passing boat or the wind can cause the boats to crush someone.  And then suddenly she emerged gasping for air!  I reached down to grab her hand and she was freaking out and you could tell in her eyes she hit her head pretty hard - the hit knocked the sense out of her to where if she had seen a cop she could have said, "What seems to be the officer, problem?" She kept going, "Immokayimmokkayimmokay!"  On a side note, do you know why dead people float?  People that can't swim will end up swimming when they're dead.  Why?  Because your lungs are your natural buoyance flotation device, kinda a built in "swimmie."  Also, as with every emergency, if you stay calm and relaxed, you actually have better chances of survival.  They teach this crap in SCUBA.

I wasn't strong enough to pull her out of the water.  Meanwhile she kept kicking and swimming into the ropes where we had tied off our bitching paddle boards, making it even more difficult to get her out.  I was yelling for the guys to help me pull her back up.  When we finally got her out of the lake, she was bleeding out of her bikini, and when she pulled down her bottoms she had two huge open gashes on her hip.  They were gaping open, and she was slurring her speech and trying to tell us that she used to be a paramedic and could stich herself up later.  However, I knew she was going to pass out in the very near future from intoxication and the volume of blood lost.  So, I asked the boat captain, "Hey skip, where yer first aid kit at?"  And, we proceeded to clean her wounds, placed butterfly bandages on her gashed wounds, and then gauzed and taped her.  I'm not sure what ever happened to her.  The party sorta ended after that.  Kinda a buzz kill...however, they said "nothing good after 4 p.m. happens on the lake."

Oh, except for this one random guy on the neighboring boat, after we had completed first aid, yelled out to her: "Hey, the important thing is, are you still gonna be able to get wet for your boyfriend tonight?"  This is probably THE most douche comment that could ever be made at that moment in time.  Obviously, I didn't find it funny and called him down.  At which point he informed me: "You should feel lucky I have patience with you."  The last person who spoke to me like that is in the cemetery, and I don't mean from old age.  But, seriously, why did he have to be so "stern?"  Okay, KNOT funny.  He probably graduated last in class but NAUT least.  He was not FERRY impressive.  I told that BUOY to kiss my MASS.  This guy probably sends a lot of unsolicited DECK pics.

Okay, I'm all punned out.

So, the afternoon ended as we hopped on the paddle board and paddled back to the boat.  The drunk injured girl took off on the boat with the guys.  I can only hope she didn't have a concussion and she's okay.  

I wanna leave y'all with one last boating tip.  I knew a girl once who was out boating and fell off the back of the boat and her her hair got wrapped up in the propeller and it scalped her and killed her.  Boats are powerful machines.  So, when people are playing off the back, have the key completely out of the ignition so nobody even has the chance to bump into it and accidentally start the boat.  Also, some boats will allow you lift the engine out of the water when you're anchoring for added safety.

While we're talking about maritime subjects, what's the cheapest boat to buy?  Leave your answer in the comments below and winner will receive a huge congratulations for reading this far.

Enjoy some pictures from my Summer trips to the lake.  I took some of these right before SHIP hit the fan this past weekend...

I try not to have my phone out much at the lake since I carry zero insurance on an iPhone.  But this was the beginnings of the party as the boats were just tying off…
The views here are so “Lord of the Rings”…

Vodka lemonades, my aperitif of choice… 

Sudden summer lightning storm…but, I like z’rain…

Pumping up z’board…

Love is a SHORE thang, (click me for eyes that could steal a sailor from the sea)


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