Saturday, May 21, 2022

Our Fast and Furious Media Coverage...

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In the wake of the most recent mass shooting in Buffalo, it makes me reminisce about that time when Former President Donald Trump gifted drug cartels and some of the most dangerous individuals on our continent some 2,000 assault weapons (if you still think it was only 2,000, bless ya - since the 80's the US Government has been telling us we have some 8 million illegal aliens in America - since the 80's!!! - as if no reproduction at all has occurred).  These guns, according the administration, were allegedly meant to assist the Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms and Explosives to "disrupt drug trafficking routes and dismantle drug cartels in the USA."  In laymen's terms and similar to money laundering, the "operation" was meant as a "flush out" operation in order to track the movement of cartels using the serial numbers (which are identifying markers guns) on high powered assault rifles.  Therefore, fully automatic rifles were dispersed into the hands of criminals.

The gifted gun...paid and sponsored by the American people.

Wow, those drug cartel problems must've been really bad to devise an entire operation to distribute over 2,000 assault weapons - culminating in creating one of the biggest scandals of my lifetime (and I'll explain the scandal in more detail here in a minute).  It's weird how if drug trafficking is THAT BAD  we wouldn't be doing everything in our power in securing our borders instead of recently sending $54 BILLION to secure Ukrainian borders or gifting out high powered assault rifles to dangerous people.  

You don't remember this - the Fast and Furious scandal?  Thousands of guns being trafficked to dangerous criminals, even making their way into the hands of Islamic terror groups?  That's because it wasn't Donald J. Trump.  It was Barrack Hussein Obama.  Yep the SAME Barrack administration who defiantly and vehemently opposed gun rights - THEY gifted out high powered assault rifles AMERICANS paid for to dangerous criminals in order to "track them."  And, now the continuation of this same administration has now President Joseph Robinette Biden (then Former VP) telling Americans they just need shotguns to "fire in the air" and nobody needs assault weapons - OH, aside from the criminals.

And, the scandal that will forever be known as "Fast and Furious" didn't make it to your dinner table - and if it did, it was for a fast and furious millisecond.  Why?  Because the main stream media never covered it.  Why?  Fast and Furious is constitutionally an impeachable offense and an embarrassment to the Nation that our leader would arm criminals.  He not only jeopardized the safety of American citizens - lots of people died.  When you swear to uphold the Constitution of the US against foreign enemies - you don't arm criminals of other countries?  But Obama didn't get impeached once in his two terms in office and still brags that he was never impeached and never had scandal.  And, this is just one of the many scandals you didn't hear about - his IRS scandal (where he, the Leader of the Free World) used the IRS as a secret police to target his enemies) and Benghazi (after all he appointed Hilary Clinton to Secretary of State - and she turned out the light and went to bed while her "friend" was being burned and sodomized by terrorists) to name a few of the scandals of the Obama administration.  It begs the question, why did the media give Obama carte blanche on scandal after scandal?  And instead of cooperating with investigations by a federal judge on Fast and Furious, why was Barack Obama allowed to assert executive privilege?  An even better question - if Obama had been a white male who didn't fall in line with the deep state agendas - would he get the same carte blanche?  It's one of those rhetorical questions.

These Obama assault weapons took the lives of hundreds of Mexicans and one border patrol agent as one by one each gun found was traced back to Barrack Obama's Fast and Furious embarrassment.  You may have heard of El Chapo, one of the most notorious drug lords.  A raid of his compound discovered one of the Fast and Furious guns - a gigantic military grade .50 caliber rifle capable of stopping a bus or shooting down an aircraft.  An additional 34 of these same rifles from the "program" were sold.  

However, in wake of the most recent crazed lunatic shooting up Buffalo, the same party responsible for Fast and Furious who chronically argues "gun control" wants to once again ban the same weapons they armed dangerous gun cartels with.  These same guns are the ones used by body guards and national security who protect the lives of Joseph Robinette Biden, Queen Nancy Pelosi, and every elitist who can afford an armed posse of guards and security.  Are their lives any more valuable than yours?  Why are they entitled to protection with guns and you aren't?  Why are all Americans compared to a completely unhinged shooters and crazed lunatics?   Biden even made a parallel to the January 6th Capitol protest in which not ONE person was armed.  Why would he use that analogy?  Think about how the rhetoric manipulates you into feeling without taking a moment to pause and think how is this even similar?

And, why now is the media reporting that the overwhelming number of murders in our country are committed by....(wait for it)...white supremacists?  Maybe if they say it enough times it will stick.  Who else is waiting for the evidence supporting that wildly preposterous claim?  Simply put, it just isn't true.  It's yet another "seed" of division planted to a populace that has lost all critical thinking skills.  We would be hearing about white supremacy murders, at a minimum, every single morning and night if that were the case.  The truth is, it's so rare that when it does actually happen, there are parades, gold caskets and horse drawn caisson and a Presidential Biden divisionary speech.

To circle back to the country who will now be receiving BILLIONS of American tax funds to secure its borders while we still have unvaccinated and untested dangerous criminals entering ours with even more deadly drugs (fentanyl has taken more lives in our country than COVID) - it begs the question - do you remember that time that Donald Trump was involved in Uranium One TIED directly to Russia?  No?  That's because it was the Clintons.  The SAME Hilary Clinton who accused Donald Trump of engaging Russian interference with absolutely no proof, participated HERSELF in one of the biggest Russian scandals of all time.  Yet, Hilary paid millions to try and frame a duly elected President and engaged in the charade for four years in an impeachment trial knowing it was false.  And, I'll let you do your own research on this one.

Happy Weekend!  I’ll leave you with these pictures from Paul Walker’s gravesite in Southern California. #Fastandfurious



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