Monday, October 31, 2022

An Axe Whooping

Happy Halloween!

I did a thing recently.  Believe it or not, even with my Scotch-Irish heritage, I had never been axe throwing.  So I ventured to an establishment in downtown Denver called “Axe Whooping!”

It was a super dismal snowy overcast day, so it was perfect for this indoor sport.  The entire staff is so lovely and make your experience memorable.  You start by walking in and immediately signing a waiver - I mean, obviously.  You’re playing around with real axes.  Sadly, if you are a liquor drinker, the bar does not accommodate - HOWEVER, liquor and weapons never really made for a great combo.  

The bar does have some delicious high gravity beers.  Your truly started feeling axe giddy after two!  My favorite was the melon IPA.

Next you get a brief lesson in form, safety and accuracy and then walk into a caged area and let’s rip!  Oh!  They also have knife throwing and those little razor sharp stars to offer a little variety!

The only food I saw was jerky which you can buy at the bar or the super salty popcorn they lay out at the tables (to keep you going to the bar for more beer).  Which means, eat before you get there!

Completely unrelated - my favorite Halloween mug!

Oh they also have one of the wreck or “rage rooms” in the back of the establishment!



Monday, October 17, 2022

Did You Get Your Tickets to this Gun Show?

Hey there!

I hope you had a terrific weekend.  Perhaps the highlight of my entire weekend was the Tennessee game!  First, what a nail biter, but, GO VOLS!  

I wanted to share a recent road trip I took here in Colorado: (drumroll please) Gunnison, Colorado!  It had been on my Colorado bucket list for some time.  And, last month I finally made the voyage.  It was right before the changing of the leaves.  


There are quite a few things to do and see in Gunnison.   So, I definitely recommend you Googling the stuff to do and selecting what tickles your fancy.  For example, there's a pretty cool Miner's Museum there.  The town is super high in elevation so the air is thin and so crisp and clean!  And, I just wanted to be in nature.  I visited a few parks, grabbed some coffee in town and did some people watching (Colorado roasts some damn good coffee), and then I went straight to Gunnison National Forest.  If you have 4WD it's an off-roading dream.  I spent a lot of time in the forest area sitting by a stream and soaking in some rays and just enjoying life and the gorgeous surroundings.  I even saw the biggest beaver dam I've ever seen in my entire life.  Must be a tired little beaver!

On my way back home (and I didn't even plan this), I saw one of the most stunning sunsets since moving to Colorado.  The only sunset that beats this one was the one that left me awe-struck in Rocky Mountain National Park - which, by the way, I totally plan to revisit soon to find this place (and sorry, you'll have to wait!  It's super spooky!  And, yes, I'm weird...)  Anyways, in one of of the sunset "money shots" there is a road leading into the horizon that was calling my name.  Alas, I wanted to get home before dark.  Maybe next time.  Also, on the way home, I saw this illuminated statue on the side of the mountain.  I think it's supposed to be Saint Mary, but it was so creepy I had to turn and around to take a snap.

Without further delay, here are my pics of Gunnison, Colorado!

Lots of fly fishing opportunities...I need to meet a man who fly fishes and who is patient...because I know this is an art of the fly.

Goat booty
A little fixer upper I spotted...

Off roading...

Dispersed camping side...

This backdrop was so incredible, I took the liberty of modeling my new Fall fashion...and this is my "Sassy Spice" look...

Vanilla spice...

DAM, girl!

Another fixer upper...I love these ghost town-esque dives...

Okay so if you like totem poles, Gunnison got'm...

local park...

"Oh look, Fred, is that the new Subaru?"...some local wildlife posing for me...

Thanks for stopping in!  Until next time!


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