Sunday, October 31, 2021

I Know I'm a Product of Public Schools, Buuuuuut....

 I realize I'm a product of public Tennessee (some of the WORST public schools in AMERICA), but never did I imagine a time where I would be explaining to those who attending private schools how economics works.  It's really common sense.  You gouge tax property owners, then what happens?  Rent suddenly goes SKY HIGH!  You tax the shit out of business owners?  What happens next?  INFLATION - smaller products that are now more expensive.  Inflation occurs when we print money that has no backing and is completely valueless.  I live near Denver.  Denver and Philadelphia are the sole mint for coinage in the US currency system (but by far Denver mints the most coins).  It costs more to mint a coin than the coin is now worth.  ANY LIGHTBULBS going off yet?  They want you to believe they're not using coins because of germs, but it's just too damn expensive to roll out more coinage!

SIDE NOTE: For those who eat at Taco Bell from time to time and too ashamed to admit it - their burritos are teenie tiny now!  Everything has SHRUNK except for the increasing total on the receipt.  Two burritos and cinnamon twists costs me over $9 yesterday (no drink).  Has anyone seen the prices at Jimmy John's lately?  My bread was stale and barely any meat and I paid $15.00!  My brother bought a dozen donuts at Dunkin the other day and he got home to open the box.  He moved all the donuts side by side to the right side of the box, and it filled half the box (and chocolate was lightly drizzled on).  

Let's be real.  This is NOT what their tacos, burritos and cruchwraps look like anymore!  

SHIT IS SHRINKING, in case you haven't noticed!!!  Quality is going down.  The more the government gouges at business owners the more they replace the American worker with robots.  A robot doesn't get sick, doesn't take vacation, doesn't require health insurance, isn't a liability, doesn't grab ass and cause exorbitant legal bills, doesn't get on Twitter to bad mouth the company, doesn't bitch and whine, doesn't get hurt on the job, and is programmed to do exactly what they're programmed to do.  The ONE thing we still have is the service industry (meaning it can't be outsourced overseas) and somehow we're managing to still f*ck that up.  I recently worked for a company who brought us into a conference room to brag that our facilities had .7 in manpower compared to the competitor at 2.5 manpower...because we had MACHINES...ROBOTS doing the work!!!  (to spells this out, we were not even averaging ONE human per facility while competitors averaged two and a half humans per facility.)

It's weird that you have to explain how unrealized capital gains tax is a bad thing (the appreciation + taxation of said appreciation of your home without selling it).  This tax not only is not only preposterous and being levied by people who have made fortunes off the tax payer's back, but it targets our elderly.  How?  When people retire, they are on fixed incomes - generally speaking.  They live in a house they plan to basically die in!  Keep this all in mind as I work to explain how they will lose their homes and be put into assisted living facilities which are SUPER SKETCH (because there is a national shortage of healthcare workers, nurses and orderlies who want to do this job for what they get you want to clean elderly diapers for $15 an hour?)

Take Jack and Jill.  They're in their 40s and they purchased a home at $400,000.  They finish raising their kids in this home and in their mid 50's they wanna downsize and buy a condo with zero maintenance and yard work to be able to travel and see their grandkids.  So, when they go to sell their home, the market value is at $510,000 (because location, location, location - they're in a great low crime neighborhood with parks and a great school system.)  So, when they sell their home, they have to pay a capital gains tax on the $110,000 they earned through their wise investment.  Yes, the government has their hands out for a piece of what Jack and Jill earned.

Now Jack and Jill are in their $500,000 condo, and their trust leaders in Washington have turned communist and spend money like it's going out of style.  These leaders, realizing that the pot is running super dry have a lightbulb go off!  Instead of WAITING for people to sell their homes and getting the tax off the capital gains, why say "WHY don't we go ahead and tax their capital gains WHILE they're living in it.  Why wait for them to sell?"  So, as Jack and Jill age and hit retirement in their condo, their investment appreciates (meaning, it's now worth a lot more).  So, on their fixed income, and with soring inflation and gas prices, Jack and Jill NOW have what's called an unrealized capital tax gains tax on their home EVERY YEAR on top of their already soaring property tax.  In some areas, homeowners pay a county + city tax.  Meanwhile utilities are sky rocketing and they can't afford groceries.  

Side note: Nancy Pelosi recently said that baby boomer generation were a bunch of greedy takers.  What's wrong with this statement?  Social Security IS NOT a hand out.  The baby boomers PAID into this mandatory system.  This money is not Queen Pelosi's.  It's not a "treat" that it's being paid back to the American worker.  When someone treats you like they're doing you a f*cking favor to give you YOUR money, they're a major problem.  

As of 2021, every single tax payer owes $229,705 at this exact moment.  And most of us have been either fired for not taking the jab or shut down over a 99.9% survival virus WHILE they're bringing in unvaxxed and unmasked illegals daily AND trying to indoctrinate your children that January 6th was a Pearl Harbor or Civil War.  Apparently they didn't teach about the Civil War at Yale.  It was GRUESOME.  Legs got blown off.  750,000 died in 4 years - 513 a day died!!  January 6th, ONE person was shot - Ashli Babbitt - and she, a white women, was shot point blank by a black guard.  Had Ashli Babbitt been black and shot by a white guard, they would have burned the Capitol down and incited riots around the nation.  But, instead?  ZERO outrage.  SHIT'S BAD!

So back to Jack and Jill:

So, what happens to Jack and Jill if they fail to pay unrealized capital gains taxes to the Feds?  Anyone want to take a wild guess?  The same thing that happened to people in 2007-09 when they could not pay their bubble loan mortgages.  Someone comes and knocks on the door and asks you to vacate your home.  Now the Feds own the condo.

Taxes are not your friend.  The real enemy is the exorbitant spending in DC.  Recently American got to learn that Fauci, not only one of the biggest spenders but also the HIGHEST paid government official in the ENTIRE NATION used tax payer funds to pay for the torture of monkeys and puppies.  And yes, we the people funded the Corona virus in the communist Wuhan lab.  Fauci send USA money for their gain of function testing on this virus, yet no one seems to be outraged by this.  I'm shocked the world isn't looking to the USA for reparations right now.

And, your taxes are also going to gender studies in Pakistan.  Gotta proud for that one.

By the way, if you believe a $3.5 TRILLION spending bill will cost the tax payer ZERO, I'm truly amazed your brain tells you to remember to breathe while you sleep.  300 million sperm and yours was the fastest?  SHIT'S BAD!

TAAAADAAAA - there's an app for that!

Public School Educated,


Saturday, October 30, 2021

Where Am I and Where Do I Sign?

The Pill Poppers of DC:

 Let's start with the basics.  A lot of people don't know what "Congress" means.  Our Congress is a combination of the Senate and the House of Representatives which makes up the legislative branch.  Our Senate has 100 members (2 from each of our 50 states and the House of Representatives has 435 members allocated by population of the states - taken by our Census - and will be fluctuating greatly for both California and New York - both experiencing flights during 2020-21 — they’ll be listing members while Florida and Texas gain).  The Senate is supposedly much more prestigious + has more rigorous requirements to enter.  The two make our combined 535 lawmakers in America.  Oh, and Joe Biden with his executive orders, TOTALLY disregarding the checks and balances of Congress + the Supreme Court, makes a grand total of 536 lawmakers.

Remember "To Catch a Predator" with Chris Hansen?  Freaking LOVED that show + watched it with my family.  It aired on Dateline NBC.  They cancelled the primetime show with spectacular ratings, because they felt it was entrapment for politicians....errrr, I meant pedophiles.  But, also, they caught a politician (assistant district attorney - Louis Conradt) being a pedophile...and well, he consequently shot himself after the episode aired.  And, thus, the show got officially of the first targets of the liberal cancel culture.  Can't entrap those politicians, ya see.  But THEY can entrap you (example: January 6th protest at the Capitol - by the way, for those who don't have his or her head down a sand hole, it's beyond clear the whole thing was a setup).  

LEGAL EAGLE CORNER:  For anyone who has an ounce of legal knowledge, "To Catch a Predator" is NOT considered entrapment (well, only if liberals get caught).  But, when you KNOWINGLY go online to fish for underage kids and then KNOWINGLY go to a location to have sex with them, you are not a victim of entrapment.  You are a PEDOPHILE!  

Anyways, don't fret, you can still watch all the the "To Catch A Predator" episodes on YouTube (the best is the Jewish Rabbi one...the pervy Semite).  Oh, and there was Marice Wolin who was a super big San Fran physician and renowned cancer doctor was caught by Chris Hansen being a pervy pedophile, and well, he hanged himself earlier this year (one less one of 'em to worry about).  I've taken the liberty to link the Marice Wolen episode right here (he was 48 and she said she was THIRTEEN!!!):

So, yes, doctors, pharmacists, politicians, EVEN JEWISH RABBIS can be 100% horribly shitty people!  Career titles don't define a person's character.

Anyways, speaking of physicians and pharmacists, did you know that each Congress member get their own designated physician (along with team of aides and assistants, travel + housing expenses PLuS concierge medicine w a pension for life) and Congress as a whole has its own designated pharmacy/pharmacist named Mike Kim?  This isn't a new thing.  When you think back to kingdoms and aristocracies, there was a designated person to take the medications/elixirs/food deliveries to see if it was poisoned before the Royals partook.  Likewise Congress vets its own exclusive pharmacy to avoid being poisoned!  Also, in 2018, a poll was taken to determine the average ages of our "leadership."  The average age for the House of Representatives is 57.  The average age for Senators is 61.  This is the oldest Congress is US history.  More than half of the sitting Senators are over the age of 65.  

DC Pharmacist Mike Kim

Mr. Kim, a few years back, was quoted during an interview: 

"At first it's cool, and then you realize, I'm filling some drugs that are for some pretty serious health problems as well.  All these are the people running the country," he said while listing treatments for conditions like diabetes and Alzheimer's, "It makes you kind of sit back and say, 'Wow, they're making the highest laws of the land and they might not even remember what happened yesterday."

CK BOOK CLUB RECOMMENDATION:  “Term Limit Revolution”…check it out at your local library   

LIGHTBULB:  Kinda makes ya wonder which Senators or Representatives are popping memory pills and why they are not made to undergo cognitive testing.  And why the Executive branch was designated term limits per the governing docs BUT Congress wasn't.  Our Founding fathers could not have possibly foreseen people living over 40 “career politicians.”  Science has surpassed human abilities.  We have a sitting President who has undergone brain surgeries, has no idea where he is half the time, and has multiple health problems.

Just in case you've not thought of the glaring irony here: Donald Trump was made to take cognitive tests after being accused of not having the capacity to lead the nation.  Yet, Biden is having his microphone cut off, live feeds are being cancelled, and he's more than caused alarm with some truly bizarre statements and incoherent mumblings.  And, does he get forced into taking any cognitive tests?  Nope!  Because identity politics brainwashing is THAT good!

Now Joseph Robinette Biden is wanting to monitor bank accounts over $600.  How about YOU can look at mine when I can look at yours!  The very idea of this criminal bastard accusing hard working Americans of being tax evading criminals!

Cognitively Advanced (and, smarter than I look), 


Friday, October 29, 2021

Awake but not Woke

Happy Friday!

I would be completely amiss as a truth blogger if I didn't make mention of the overwhelmingly ironic wokeness of the NBA:

 "Take a knee," they said (while raking in GOBS of money for innate athletic skills, money they would never have made without being an American -- in other countries they won't pay out millions to dunk a basketball -- only in AMERICA!).  Welcome to the WOKE NBA, where players use their millions and televised platform to "speak out" against racial inequality in the very country that pulled them out of democrat ran and led new-age plantations and gave them the lavish lifestyles of the rich and famous.  Because let's face it, over SEVENTY PERCENT of the National Basketball Association is BLACK while only making less than 12% of the entire population - and to break it down even more -- black men in this specific age range are probably only 1% of America at large - yet they're THAT represented as athletes and have the audacity to put BLM on the basketball court and take a knee during the "National Anthem."

QUICK TRIVIA:  While our National Anthem lyrics spell out our China, if you took a knee to their National Anthem or any national motto or creed, you'd be put in a hard labor camp or just disappear in the middle of the night.  They don't f*ck around.

First, and not to get too terribly down a rabbit hole here, I would like to start by listing a few of the American brands currently 100% knowingly utilizing and accepting slave labor for their products  while they, in turn, sell them to woke ass Americans for A LOT of money (Meaning? they greatly INCREASE - more than double their profit margins, don't have to be "bothered" with fair labor laws, and take away jobs away from Americans).  My point?  If you posted a little "blackout" meme on Instagram for George Floyd (career criminal) or Breonna Taylor (dating a career criminal) or supported the fake BLM agenda or bought into the manufactured race wars in this country YET continue to purchase products from these companies (NEWSFLASH) ya ain't as woke as the that nice man on television made ya think:


BMW (I helped build these cars in South Carolina)





North Face

Abercrombie & Fitch




Also, you should know (if you don't already) that currently there is a bill in DC, a piece of pending proposed legislation (for those who missed the "Schoolhouse Rock" videos), called the Uyghur Force Labor Prevention Act.  Essentially, this bill would completely ban the importing of any goods made or manufactured through sweatshop/slave labor (or Uyghur labor).  The Uyghurs (Chinese) not only believe in ETHNIC CLEANSING  or genocide (which is what the Nazi's and early Democrats believed in before the "Great switch" when they lynched and hanged black people), they practice the FORCED relocation of ethnic minorities (over a million people) into concentration reprogramming camps (where they are FORCED to renounce their faith and ideologies, learn Mandarin while prohibited to speak their native tongue, and remain under constant surveillance - sounds like some Commie fun, right?).  Oh, we're not done yet.  After the reprogramming they are FORCED into the factory labor facilities.

Both Nike and Apple have several lobbyists working hard to "water down" this bill quickly, because they LOVE and profit greatly from sweatshop labor.  But more importantly?  The SAME NBA WOKE millionaires who "take a knee" for alleged subsequent racial inequality from slavery in America...(drumroll please)...REMAIN COMPLETELY SILENT to slavery occurring in OTHER countries.  Not only do they wear NIKE ON + OFF the court, they cash substantially large endorsement checks from Nike on the reg!  Some may call it ironic.  I call it absolutely DISGUSTING!

ALSO, NBA players are profiting off deals with two Chinese athletic shoe companies who use Muslim cotton slave labor (let me repeat that for those asleep in the back row: "COTTON SLAVE LABOR!!!).  These companies are called La-ling and Anta.  So, Americans essentially have star athletes capitalizing off plantation slave labor ALL WHILE preaching wokeness.  As one of many examples of NBA woke athletes pocketing MILLIONS off slave labor, the Golden State Warriors have two team members who have profited over $80 million from endorsement deals with Anta.

In summation:

NBA Wokeness (n): to dribble your ass off for Chairman Xi and his modern day Nazi concentration camps.

I don't have cable, but my boyfriend texted me the new Twix woke-ass Halloween ad and the hispanic Doritos LGBTQ ad this morning!  If you haven't seen them, go take a gander on YouTube.  

Also, one more thing, I haven't laughed so hard at the new Dave Chapelle Netflix special in a long while.  Oddly enough, the LGBTQ community is wanting it cancelled/removed from Netflix.  What about "Dear White People" which targets the MAJORITY of Americans in racial slurs, blatant stereotypes, and insults???

Awake but not woke, 


Saturday, October 23, 2021

The Skinwalker Ranch - Wormholes, Bovine Corpses + a Paranormal Hotspot

    Tis the season for some weird paranormal blog pieces, and Colorado Kimmie WILL deliver, no doubt about that:

    Oddly enough, this is a place not really mentioned much by native Coloradoans...(drumroll, please)...The Skinwalker Ranch (located in Elbert County, Utah- just SE of Denver), deemed the "Possibly the Spookiest Place on Earth!"  If you're into the paranormal and ET/UFO sitings, you've definitely heard of this ranch.  Originally Navajo land, it was believed to be inhabited by witch doctor haints/spirits.   Also, the History Channel was very much interested in this land due to alleged UFO and paranormal/ghost sightings and all the cattle mutilations (mentioned more in detail later in this blog piece).  

Skinwalker Ranch

QUICK TRIVIA:  Who is the Skinwalker?  As Navajo legend has it, an evil medicine man could take the form of any mythological beast or creature and haunts the land as revenge on the white man.

    The original owners testified to unexplained paranormal activity, UFO sightings, Big Foot sightings, interdimensional orifices in the sky, bizarre cattle mutilations, crop circles, floating animals and orbs with haunting red eyes visiting the property.  So, naturally, in 1996 billionaire Robert Bigelow (UFO geek) purchased this piece of real estate located right across Colorado's NE border with Utah!  He believed the area housed a rip in space + time - wormhole(s).  

Hotel financier, real estate mogul, and billionaire, Robert Bigelow

    Ever wonder where all our tax money goes while our roads look like shit?  Well $22 MILLION tax payer money was gifted from our own Military (the Department of Internal Affairs) to Mr. Robert Bigelow to investigate wormholes on his private property - all classified, of course.  To be more direct, the DIA was interested in: 1) Transversible wormholes, 2) Stargates and negative energy, 3) Invisibility Cloaking, 4) Advanced Nuclear Propulsion for Deep Space Missions, and 5) Space Access.

    To complete the allotted tax funded research, Bigelow employed full-time researchers to live on this real estate and snap pictures should any sci-fi moments occur.  For five years of research, there were always two scientists there to observe.  Spoiler alert - $22 MILLION later, nothing.  In the end, their work yielded jack shit.  Thus, in 2016, Bigelow sold the property to another billionaire.

    The Skinwalker Ranch has inspired a documentary film and a television series, mainly focusing on the cattle mutilations in the 70's.  Apparently cattle was found carved up all over the area - and with surgical precision.  Tongues, sexual organs, anuses, ears, eyes and udders were all removed and the bodies drained of all blood with ZERO tracks leading to the carcuses.  

    For 6 months in 1975 (between May and October) over 200 cases of cattle mutilations were reported in Colorado alone.  One super compelling case that backed some jacked up possible alien shenanigans was going on was in Alamosa, Colorado in 1967.  A horse named "Lady" was found post-mortem partially skinned with her brains, heart, thyroid, and lungs cleanly cut out.  Within 24 hours of the mutilation, a local judge and two cop onlookers witnessed red/organge orbs in the sky (in a triangular formation).

    Then Colorado Senator Floyd Haskell asked the FBI to get involved when the cattle mutilations became the #1 story in Colorado.  Eventually, in 1980, the FBI closed the case stating that there was a common native predator killing the cattle.  Of course, any one with half a brain could tell the mutilations were done by a sharp surgical tool and not the teeth of coyotes.  But, the government believes we are not very smart.  And, let's be completely honest - 2020 proved them to be accurate about that.  I said it.

    Thanks for stopping in!  Drop me a comment on your favorite seasonal scary movie or book!  I'll for sure give it a whirl.  I've turned into quite the homebody lately - making soaps, playing guitar, talking to a special someone on the phone, and reading books (I JUST today obtained my Boulder County library card - Eeeeeeeeee!).




Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The Cabin in the Woods

Hello!  Long time, no read.  I went on a little adventure this past weekend to Grand Junction, Colorado to help my friend photograph a wedding!

Thought I’d share some pics and details of a fun trip I recently took…

Earlier this summer, my friend invited me out to her family cabin in the mountains in Kremmling, Colorado.  She needed a lumberjack for a project (which I hope to reveal soon).  And, I jumped at the opportunity to get out of the city!  For those who have followed me for a while — I thought it would be a great idea to live downtown for a bit and enjoy walking and biking everywhere.  Don’t get me wrong - it has its perks.  However, the train and the traffic has definitely lost its appeal.  It’s like “been there done that”…all I want is peace now.  And I learned - sometimes you can’t have it all.  

Back to the trip…

I’m so glad I went!  It not only turned out to be the peaceful weekend I desired, but we cooked some delicious meals, had fun exploration/hiking, and we just enjoyed relaxation in the cabin and pond-side (aside from my bed in the basement after watching a psychological thriller on Netflix and sleeping with one eye open).  The best part of the trip was that I became inspired some to create some yummy new Colorado Kimmie Mermaid Sand Bars with some unique medicinal qualities!

Have I mentioned the peaches here?  They really warrant their own blog piece altogether.  This was the wine/grocery store…

This was still summer and you can see the snow capped mountains.  It’s always, and I mean ALWAYS snowing somewhere in Colorado…

A road trip is not a road trip without amazing pit stops.  This place is worth writing home about (and my family lives in the BBQ capital of the world)!  Their pulled pork is amazing…

And the sauces are THE BEST…

The cabin’s owner lugged this lovely gym back from Mexico after it but him on the leg…

The peaceful porch outside my bedroom…

The front drive…

Me getting ready to chop down some dead Aspens…

Cabin at a side angle…built in the 70s…

I adore A-frame cabins…

Out scoping ingredients for my naughty soaps…

Right behind me is the original non-heated, non-A/C'd lavatory for the cabin!  Can you imagine trudging out in the snow to take a shit?  Brrrrrr

These are rose hips!

Isn’t she lovely…

The medicinal qualities…

On my way to feed the GIGANTIC fishies…

Isn’t this super cute?  There are a few bullet holes in this gondola (which houses the fish food)…

A wee little paddle boat for the pond.  

Target practice…

I need this truck for Farmers Markets!!!

Moose tracks!!!  Or wait, is this elk?  Deer?  Am I close?  

Juniper berries!

This is a photo of a photo of the cabin at night…

This sprouts were amazing…

The full moon coming up over the mountain…

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the medicinal qualities of juniper berries!

Making quiches…

The finished product…

Mountain lounge wear…

THE cutest darn bakery coffee shop in town!


Vegetable medley…

Berry crumble…

The fishies…

We made friends…I was like ooooh you’d pair nicely with some slaw and hushpuppies!

Punny!  Flower bed.  *Bites lower lip…*


Me forcing my friend to stop so I could take pics of llamas…

Eeeeeeee…cuteness overload

Hey guys!!!

Whatchu lookin at woman!?!

As soon as I got home…

My rose hip juniper berry Mermaid Sand Bars…

Hot tea and self love…

Ready for the Farmers Market!  I made them in both Cinnabon and Vanilla…

 I hope you enjoyed reading about this amazing experience.  This weekend I’m finally meeting up with my friend to complete our dead Aspen project.  Wow what a work out!!!  Chopping wood -- Great for the abs.  

Have a lovely week, friends!


"Who Hurt You, Kimmie?"..."My Own Expectations"

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