Saturday, December 25, 2021

Merry Christmas from Colorado Kimmie!

 Merry Christmas!  

I hope everyone got a copy of "The Laptop from Hell" as their stocking-stuffer to find out what the main stream media has gone completely silent on since the day "Booger-Sugar [cocaine addict] Hunter" dropped it off and then forgot to pay for repairs and pick it back up.  The stuff you'll learn is absolutely disgusting.  Of course, anyone still clinging to their Leftist, Liberal, Democrat identity-politics will swear up and down the Russians did it all.  Because, let's face it, every and I do mean EVERYTHING is political to a leftist, liberal progressive democrat (EVEN your personal health decisions).

So, as a gift to my readers (both those who love me, who hate me and those who really haven't formed an opinion yet or wait for the nice man on television to wrap up their opinions with a bow because they've completely lost all independent, critical thinking), I wanted to share this brilliant piece of rhetorical wisdom.  Some people attribute this prolific thought to C.S. Lewis dating all the way back to 1942.  C.S. Lewis was a devout Christian (but, was originally an atheist).  Anyways, whoever it was who wrote this, in my opinion, was a prophetic genius, or EVEN oracle, dare I say.  It's so brilliant, it's a wonder the writer didn't cut off his own ear and send it to his girlfriend, like Van Gogh did with, perhaps a romantic note like this: "So, you said I didn't listen enough!  Here's my EAR!"  Anyways, without further adieu, my gift I'm sharing with you:

"Young man to the devil:  'How did you manage to send many people to hell?'  

The devil: 'Through fear."

The young man: 'Good for you!  And what were they afraid of?  Wars?  Hunger?'

The devil: 'No...Illness'

The young man: 'Did they get sick?  Did they die?  Was there no cure?'

The devil: 'They didn't get sick.  They just died.  And there was a cure...'

The young man: 'I don't understand...'

The devil:  'They believed that the only thing they had to keep at all costs was Life!  They stopped hugging, stopped greeting each other.  They left all human contacts...They left everything that was human!  They ran out of money.  They lost their jobs.  They chose to fear for their lives, even if they had nothing to eat.  They believed what they heard, read newspapers, and blindly believed they were reading the truth.  They gave up their freedom.  They never left their home again.  They didn't go anywhere.  They never visited their friends and family again.  The whole world has become a huge prison with convicted volunteers.  They voluntarily accepted everything!  All this to experience another miserable day...They did not live, they died every day!  It was too easy to take away their miserable souls..."

And just in case that gift didn't satiate you, I wanted to share something that is stranger than fiction.  There are Americans out there that literally applaud when someone dies who was not vaccinated.  Yet, every single person I know getting COVID this holiday season is triple jabbed (oh, what is it the Branch Covidians say?: "All topped off and all booster'd up."  Surprise!  I just gifted you with some glaring irony that we are STILL labeling this a vaccine when it does nothing to stop transmission or provide immunity.

Thanks for stopping in!

Merry Christmas to you and yours...and RESIST!

Colorado Kimmie

Saturday, December 18, 2021

Weird Science: Magic and Technology

Oh, you have a headache?  Reach for the medicine cabinet.  For sure, copious amounts of water and good nap won't make it go away.  Speaking of, has anyone gotten their 10th Pfizer Loyalty booster punches.  I heard you get a free sub sandwich for being loyal to their science!

Ensue music, from my heart and from my hand, why don't people understand:

I just looked it up and this book, "Why We Get Sick," can be purchased for less than $5 online, and it will change your life.  Truth be told, it's probably at your local library just sitting there collecting dust.  I happened to read this book towards the beginning of the "plandemic" in early 2020 - just in time for Lord Fauci and our Congress to usher in mail-in ballots, thus orchestrating the largest voter fraud in US history.  The election of 2020 was a straight SCIENTIFICALLY MATHEMATICALLY INFEASIBLE outcome ESPECIALLY for a man who hid in his basement and never once campaigned!  

If an apple a day keep the doctors away, like, then why are people running for vaccines and there are always apples in stock at the grocery store.

If you're still flat denying that fraud happened in real time right in front of our eyes (which happens worldwide, since the Greeks invented democracy - so we can't deny it happens - and, ironically, is being denied by the very SAME people who screamed VOTER FRAUD for FOUR YEARS straight until they were blue in the face and are now saying, "Rest assured, there was no fuzzy math here - nothing to see here, folks."  Literally, if you're still a voter fraud denier, you're still a slave to identity politics.  Did you know Google was hindering email circulation and searches during election year - to Republicans only?  That's putting your thumb on the scale pretty profoundly.  Tech oligarchs and Big Tech hampered abilities to collect donor funds.  Please, by all means, fact check me on this.  How would you feel if Google leaned right and hampered the Left?

One more thing related to the Presidential election...

Pelosi won't release Capitol videos from January 6th!  Why?  Why wouldn't she publicly want to vindicate her "cause" that Trump supporter are "Domestic Terrorist" because they don't vote for her party.  Why wouldn't she want to show "the horrors" reported by MSNBC and CNN - the same "horrors" that landed people in prison with zero due-process - held without being arraigned, without bail, in isolation somewhere in Maryland - they're political prisoners being treated less than TRUE terrorists (remember when Obama traded a bunch of Taliban fighters at GITMO for an alleged traitor/deserter?)  Why won't she release the videos?  Answer:  Because it actually shows guards opening the doors for the peaceful protestor to enter - the SAME footage captured by cell phones.  That's called entrapment.  That's called a set-up.  It's now being uncovered that FBI members were planted in the crowds that day.  Let me repeat this for those in the back row -- People held up phones and video'd CAPITOL guards opening the door and ushering protestors in.  Yet Nancy Pelosi says the Capitol was violently stormed and "worse than the Civil War or Pearl Harbor."  Nancy Pelosi, the same loose dentured tupperware wench who cheered on the burning of car dealerships in Kenosha - because they happened to vote the right way.  You didn't know all this?  Maybe stop getting your news from Jimmy Kimmel - an indoctrination expert.  

Anyways, back to WHY WE GET SICK (and why they don't want you to REMEMBER science).  I saw this recently - OMICRON rearranged spells "MORONIC."  It's true!  We have Dr. Fauci, the HIGHEST PAID (more than even Joe Biden) government official in the USA - a publicity hound - who IS a scientist (claiming he IS science) who simultaneously DENIES + CHERRY PICKS science to suit his narrative, those who pay him, and his shared political agenda.  

Fauci doesn't want you to remember human biology and anatomy - how damn resilient our immune systems are and how absolutely powerful the human body is.   And what happened after he got everyone to deny this scientific fact?  The CDC - a government run and funded agency - ADMITTED (albeit, after the masses lined up for a jab and stock prices SOARED), that natural immunity is FAR more effective than any concoction injected at some super hyper frigid cold temperature (stored at negative 90 degrees, then thawed and diluted with a saline solution, THEN stored between 35-77 degrees and injected within 6 hours or they lose money on it - just in case you're wondering why they want ya lined up ready to go!)  

Most recently Fauci even admitted the vaccine COULD be doing more harm than good.   Yet, JUST last night after a Christmas dinner, I was segregated from attending a magic show (after sitting down and eating with no mask for a couple of hours with people who were then admitted in after showing a vaccine passport).  Even more than natural immunity, if you've ACTUALLY acquired COVID and built white blood cells and resistance, (again, the CDC admits) this is far more effective than anything J&J, Pfizer, or Moderna can cook in any lab!  QUESTION: Why, then, are they STILL punishing these healthy people?  

Side note: In California, kids were lined up and given the jab for pizza and told "don't tell your parents."  Parents are ABSOLUTELY furious.  These are MINORS!  Ethics violation FOR DAYS!  So they're lining up kids and jabbing them with needles with no informed consent, but y'all still believe kids aren't being jabbed with penises in pedophilia.  Okay, another blog there...I'll circle back on this one.

I would like to stop right here, and you may be convicted if you're one of the many I'm referring to right now, but there are actually people who took a total of FOUR jabs in one year and ARE STILL getting deathly sick and ill beyond reprieve.  I know someone in Colorado who has cancelled plans with me TWICE after getting the double jab, the booster and flu shot - all while I'm vax free and have remained completely healthy.  TRUE!  Further, EVERY.  SINGLE. PERSON. I KNOW. SUPER SICK RIGHT NOW TOOK A VACCINE (all COVID double jabbed at a minimum)!

I was blessed to be able to be spend time with family this past Thanksgiving season.  My mom recently told me that I remind her of her brother, in that, I am not afraid to try anything.  I am a woman of many talents and can easily learn and pick up new skills.  However, one thing that cannot be taught is having an eye for energy flow, for work flow, feng shui, and being able to give energy and new organization to a space.  As a gift of service, I gave my mom's kitchen a thorough deep clean - which is something that should be done at least twice a year.  

Due to all the dust and natural pathogens that were flying around in the air, my mom got a very aggressive allergy attack.  Her nose started running like crazy and she started getting "cloudy head," itchy eyes - typical sinus-attack.  I saw her run to the pantry and reach for an over-the-counter medication.  "MOM!" I said, "Your body is trying to excrete pathogens...let it - don't suppress what your body is doing right now!"  And, I explained to her that we spend so much money in OTC to mask or cover symptoms such as a fever INSTEAD of allowing our bodies to EXCRETE waste and heal itself.

My mom put the medicine back.  The allergy attack actually got a little worse and she had to leave the room.  And, then, just like that, it suddenly got better.  And, all the symptoms stopped.  And, she felt so much better.  Our bodies, daily, work to dispel waste through peeing/pooping, swelling, sweating, tearing, mucus producing, bleeding, vomiting, shedding cells, female menstruating, and believe it or not, BREATHING!  Breathing is a way for our body to excrete waste called carbon dioxide.  We were never ever meant to strap something over our air passages to prevent this natural waste excretion.  What we are breathing OUT is waste!  Pure and simple.  We are not suppose to breathe it back in!  If you don't how important exhaling is, then why don't you do a little experiment - hold your breath!  Don't breath and see what happens.  Take some time today to research the importance of breath and breathing and how it's tied to mental clarity.  Also, look up - how your brain health is tied to oxygen intake - and how restriction of oxygen over time can lead to slow brain death.

You gotta make people question their convictions - when one man was behind the vaccine, people were against it.  Then when another man takes the throne, these same people are now not only FOR it, but cheering on forced mandates.  And then, in an astute attitude of supremacy basically saying, "I'm better than you because I have an experimental injection circulating through my body changing my DNA!"  It's true, these same people are exemplifying a form of supremacy that you think you're some super human - when it could be weakening your own immunity.  There are no clinical trials and we don't even know what's in it, lest no long term effects.  We have seen some pretty scary short term effects that are FAR scarier than flu-like symptoms.

I'm not a doctor and I still know you don't quarantine perfectly healthy people.  Why?  Simple - because I have common sense.  But, how did Dr. Fauci actually convince the masses to make healthy people less healthy (with no contact, no sunshine, no exercise, wearing masks)?  He simply convinced the herd (because Doctors never lie), for the first time in history, healthy people were "asymptomatic super-spreaders" and that we must fear each other, LEGIT everyone - even your own family.

I'm not a doctor and I realize how unhealthy AND dangerous it is to not only restrict oxygen with cloth and or surgical masks (I actually live in a mile high area where you can pass out from not being acclimated) but you're actually breathing back in your CO2 waste!  Our bodies were never meant to breathe back in waste.  Our bodies were never meant to be active while wearing barriers over our two breathing inlets and outlets.  Also, I'm not a doctor and I realize that our eyeballs are much more sponge-like and absorbent to pathogens and viruses and our nose and mouth combined.

I'm not a doctor, but I know that if you have a communicable disease and sneeze, it'll spread MUCH farther than 6 feet.  This is also a lost science called "logic" and "common sense."  Your Hello Kitty face mask will not prevent you from contracting a "dangerous" Level 4 biohazard whipped up in a Chinese lab EVEN at a six feet distance to your peer.  Masks do nothing.  Social distancing do nothing.

I'm not a doctor but I could SEE that 100% of COVID rules made absolutely ZERO scientific sense.  For example, according to Lord Fauci, if we're all ASYMPTOMATIC super spreaders, then why were work places and businesses conducting  temperature checks?  Nonsensical rules gave people a false sense of safety and made them FEEL like people really cared about their health and well-being.  And, these rules over and over again showed just how ignorant the masses are.  Not only how non-critical and non-analytical thinking the average Joe is, but how said Joe can turn into a taunting bully, gas-lighting others to believe absolute bullshit and deny reality - even promoting ratting out and telling on your peer, neighbor and family - "get them fined and confined."  It's absolutely ridiculous.  Ripe for Marxism.

A doctor can go to school for decades and still be too dumb to admit they don't know everything.  Also what do you call someone who graduates medical school with a "D"...a DOCTOR!  Who was put on trial after WWII and the Holocaust?  Look up the Nuremberg Trial!  Answer: Doctors who were not just complicit but ACTIVE in human experimentation and torture.

Back to the book.  OMG, this is legit how I think ALL THE TIME.  My favorite part was when the author referenced horses and the epiglottis and how horses can can drink and breathe simultaneously.  But, how humans can legit choke on thimble size of water.  You recognize that's our flaw and then learn how to overcome it.  That's why I often wonder how some stupid people sleep without choking on their spit.  Like how do you even remember how to sleep?  It's so wrong to judge people like I just did.  I only judge people for the sake of amusement.  Really, I don't care that much.  I'm entertained more than anything.

The world used to operate where stupid people died (survival of the fittest), but now we are in a society where not only are they breeding the most, they are making policy now.  If you haven't seen "Idiocracy" yet, put it on your next movie night list.  It's really really really stupid...but nothing different than how critical thinkers have felt the past two years.  One word: ELECTROLYTES!

Did you know that many of us DO NOT trust an industry that makes BILLIONS by keeping the masses sick, nor the fact that every single product RECALLED by the FDA was once APPROVED by the FDA.  And, oh yeah, stupid shit like how the system doesn't care about your health.  I mean, c'mon do I even have to explain this one?  LOOK AROUND!!!  WE ARE IN THE PITS OF UNHEALTHY HELL, HELEN!!!  (wink)

Last question: If the vaccine (which it's not really a vaccine because it's clearly providing zero immunity) is more of "therapeutic" or symptom reducer (which 1) there is zero way to scientifically know that at this point in time, and 2) crazy how quickly when they learned you could still both contract and spread the virus, they turned to "oh well, it makes it far less worse when you get it"), THEN WHY DO YOU CARE IF I TAKE IT OR NOT?  Let me be like my mom and let it run it's course and let me be let my body work it out like it DESIGNED and BUILT to do.  If your medicine works, then why would you care whether I suppress symptoms.  And further, by suppressing symptoms, aren't YOU really the unknowing super-spreader by going out into society, showing zero symptoms, and spreading it when you should be staying home quarantining?

Applauding critical thinkers of society,

Colorado Kimmie

Friday, December 3, 2021

Black Hole Sun, Won't You Come?

Hollywood Forever Cemetery - Hollywood, CA

Random movie trivia - in Hot Shots Part Deux, there is a scene at this cemetery.  There are peacocks walking around squawking!  Bella was thoroughly entertained.

There's something (wink wink) about being back in Colorado that puts me in deep morning reflective meditation.  This morning I thought about this - have you ever been in a situation where you are literally "living out" a scene from something you have previously watched or read about?  In other words, where you are seemingly repeating a very specific medium your mind was fed -  and now it is randomly projected through light or "reality" right in front of you - and you're playing out a role in it?  It happens to me, I wouldn't say "often" -- but enough for me to even make mention of it at this exact moment in time.  

Now that I've shared this with you, were you immediately conditioned to have thoughts like: "Is she crazy...?"  "Does she have a 'paranoia'..." or a "Is she suffering from a 'syndrome?'..."  All I have done is think outside the box or the matrix in which we are all presented at birth -  by simply "daring" to recount how many times I could think of a "real life scenario" repeating one I had previously seen or "inputted" through film, television or any selected medium for that matter.  

I would think quite a few people believe in the "Law of Attraction" or the ideal that "we become what we believe/think" or "you get back what you give" or "you can manifest your own reality" - all expressing the same thing through slightly altered semantics.  WHAT IF your subconscious thoughts, 5 times stronger than your consciousness and also fed through daily input, can manifest a reality, too?   Think about this - Why were your first thoughts not, "wow, that's really cool!"  Or, "whoa that's deep!"  Or, "Tell me about your experiences and what movie scenes they repeated, that's wild!"  Or, "let me think about it, too!  That's amazing!"  Why is it wrong to be naturally curious or open minded enough to consider that anything is possible?  And, why does curiosity or "diversity of thought" make the herd feel intolerance (intolerance: (n) a shield to protect you from feeling uncomfortable)?

I'll answer my question above with another question: Why are we programmed to immediately shut down anything that makes us remotely uncomfortable as 'crazy' or 'conspiracy?'  Is our major "control" factor navigating us to how we react in any given situation - "just how uncomfortable will this make me feel?"  We know that change happens outside of comfort zones - the more we welcome and participate in change - the more we grow as a person (this really goes without any in-depth evaluation - when presented with new levels, we have no choice but to evolve).  Another question - is being "uncomfortable" holding us back from who we really are, what we really represent, and what we're really capable of?

So, I'll start with my black hole sun - the uncomfortable truth - my darkness - I am a fraud.  I'll admit this about myself.  While I would love nothing more than to use my writing to to shine light on evils of the world - I carry and regularly use an iPhone with the best photography mode for a minimalist who doesn't want to carry a camera (made by slave labor), I own Nike and Adidas clothing (again, made through slave labor), and recently I made a purchase online and didn't even check where it was manufactured - it was China.  The unpopular truth is - I simply don't want to disrupt my own comfort to even think about how these items arrived in my possession - else there would be NO WAY I could, with good conscious, buy one of these products.  It's "out of sight-out of mind" mentality.  If I don't think about it, it's not really there.  It's not MY reality.  

SUMMATION (or Colorado Kimmie's final thoughts): what COULD BE so inherently evil with "being comfortable" or "turning a blind eye"- if we don't take a stand against all evils (as opposed to 'cherry picked' evils,' then we will perpetually remain puppets of our own cause - only defending what make us individually uncomfortable OR only defending what fits within a certain presented narrative.  Who was it who said (paraphrasing) - you can never be fooled if you simply focus on WHAT is right, not WHO is right.  Is this true?   Voltaire said, "We are all guilty of the good we did not do."

IN MEMORIAM: I would like to dedicate this post to a group of people who selflessly gave themselves to truth:  These individuals were brave enough to speak up in a world of darkness - against a Goliath industry - and now they're all dead.  Here is a link to a promo for an intended documentary called "The Silent Children," that Chris Cornell, Anthony Bourdain, Avicii, and Chester Bennington were all working it.  The narrative? -- that these three brave individuals took their own lives.  The documentary was going to shed light on pedophilia and sex trafficking widely participated in by many, not all, elitists everywhere - Hollywood, the Beltway, media, millionaires/billionaires - WARNING: It's extremely uncomfortable to watch - but this is a very real "pandemic" affected so many more people than a virus ever dreamed of doing:

I'll leave you with the lyrics of this 90's smash hit song, "Black Hole Sun" (in the medium of a music video which displays amazing imagery.)  Cornell spoke out about something I bring light to often - snakes posing as human  Soundgarden referenced, in many interviews, how people were cold blooded back-stabbers in the music industry.  They make mention of how they wish someone would come destroy the snakes.  The band regularly stated their success came from luck and hard work - as they were very anti-establishment:

In my eyes
In disguises no one knows
Hides the face
Lies the snake
And the sun in my disgrace
Boiling heat
Summer stench
Neath the black, the sky looks dead
Call my name
Through the cream
And I'll hear you scream again
Black hole sun
Won't you come
And wash away the rain?
Black hole sun
Won't you come
Won't you come
Won't you come
Cold and damp
Steal the warm wind, tired friend
Times are gone
For honest men
Sometimes, far too long for snakes
In my shoes
Walking sleep
In my youth, I pray to keep
Heaven send
Hell away
No one sings like you anymore
Black hole sun
Won't you come
And wash away the rain?
Black hole sun
Won't you come
Won't you come
Black hole sun
Won't you come
And wash away the rain?
Black hole sun
Won't you come
Won't you come (Black hole sun, black hole sun)
Won't you come (Black hole sun, black hole sun)
Won't you come (Black hole sun, black hole sun)
Won't you come? (Black hole sun, black hole sun)
Hang my head
Drown my fear
Till you all just disappear
Black hole sun
Won't you come
And wash away the rain?
Black hole sun
Won't you come
Won't you come
Black hole sun
Won't you come
And wash away the rain?
Black hole sun
Won't you come
Won't you come (Black hole sun, black hole sun)
Won't you come (Black hole sun, black hole sun)
Won't you come (Black hole sun, black hole sun)
Won't you come (Black hole sun, black hole sun)
Won't you come (Black hole sun, black hole sun)
Won't you come (Black hole sun, black hole sun)
Won't you come
Won't you come

A spark of light in a dark world, 


Thursday, December 2, 2021

The Truman Syndrome

Hey Comrades!  

Busy week, no?  The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial, Jussie Smollet trial, the long overdue deconstruction of Roe v. Wade using real science, and (drumroll please)...a brand new variant just in time for Christmas.  With this 4-ring circus, I certainly appreciate the time you took to tune into, whether you are a friend or a foe. 

I was recently in Seaside, Florida and had the opportunity to retake a few photos from 2020 which I lost from both an iPhone blackout (after refusing the COVID tracker update) and mid 2021 permanent Facebook deactivation.  The piece of real estate behind me is the setting in one of my favorite movies (which consequently has one of my favorite movie quotes).  Jim Carey plays Truman Burbank, a man who slowly starts to discover in his adulthood that he has been living in a manufactured reality since being in the womb - and, which is televised globally 24/7.  If you're an empath like me, this "fictional" theme really hit harder.  Truman Burbank had been lied to his entire life.  Those closest to him, even his wife and best friend, were all paid actors.  Nothing was real. 

After the Truman Show became a box office hit, the American Psychiatric Association added a "syndrome" to their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual - their booklet referred to it as both "The Truman Show Delusion" and, for short, "The Truman Syndrome."  According to the APA, the Truman Syndrome is a type of "delusion" in which a person either:
1) Believes their lives are staged reality shows
2) OR, that they are being watched on camera

POP QUIZ:  In the comments below, take a guess at the two words (a piece of legislation) that challenges the APA's delusion theory.  HINT: It was drafted BEFORE 9/11!

So, now to my favorite quote in the movie, spoken by Cristof, the creator of the Truman Show:

"We accept the reality of the world in which we are presented.  It's as simple as that."

My second fave quote or dialogue exchange happens between Truman and his creator:

Truman Burbank: Was nothing real?
Cristof: You were real...and that's what makes you so good to watch.
(it suggests in such a fake world, people crave truth and authenticity)

In another movie starring Jim Carey called "Liar, Liar," Jim Carey promises:

"The truth shall set you free."

The illusion that you've been given a true reality through your trusted news network, politician or seemingly concerned Hollywood spokesperson is the true delusion.  Probably the hardest to break.  I catch clips of the "free news" (news available to the masses that isn't on Sirius XM or independent radio) and I witness how believable it can sound.  Paid actors can do just that!  Your entire perspective will change once you accept this as truth -  the news is as sensational as the tabloid magazines you laughed at in your youth.  Instead of Cristof, the Director, Owner/Creator of the Truman Show, here are the creators of your daily reality:

Their total combined worth and the dollar price to bring you a manufactured reality?  $430 BILLION!

If you're still reading and going, "WOW, this Colorado Kimmie is off her damn rocker," I ask you to consider this:  Ghislaine Maxwell is one of the MOST sensational cases of our lifetime - a remote elitist island where rich elites (Musicians, Actors, Politicians, Directors - The Who's Who of Eliteville) raped minors in a sex trafficking ring!)  And, you're hearing and seeing NOTHING about it.  Why is that?  Because we were just given FULL MSM coverage of Kyle Rittenhouse who killed two people in self-defense with a high-powered rifle.  Yet, there is hardly any coverage of the man who killed 6 people with his SUV in a true hate crime.  In this scenario, you have a man who committed a true hate crime, the death count in higher, and it happened at a place you would never think a mass murder would occur - Wikausha, Wisconsin's 58th Annual Christmas Parade.  Not only is the MSM calling this an "Accident with an SUV," completely refusing to mention the madman's name (go ahead and try to google the event and actually find the man's name mentioned - you either won't or it'll be hard), but the entire crime is garnering almost zero coverage??  Think about why they "Mute" certain stories, or why you are "protected" against certain national or world news events (like HUGE protests in Melbourne and France over the non-stop AND non-effective COVID restrictions and mandates) while other "stories" run on non-stop rotation, repeating the same talking points.  Now, go to your local library and check out books on mind control.  Every single one of them will mention: REPITION!

Some other pictures of Seaside and Santa Rosa Beach - and allow me to make mention that Florida had ZERO MASKS, ZERO MANDATES, ZERO RESTRICTIONS and the lowest COVID rates in the that liberals are still completely ignoring:

First and drinks

Peel n eat shrimp and bloody mary's

Rut row...a little food allergy aggravates geographic tongue

Such a fun atmosphere

Beautiful palms everywhere you look

Bella loved the visit...

Bella is the most good natured dog you will ever meet, yet she looks like she could whip someone's ass in this photo...

My mom pointing out the ass on the front of this VW...

Smack dab in downtown Seaside is one of Florida's first Charter Schools...

I'm being completely serious...awesome courtyards to play seaside, and outdoor cafeteria...veggie and herb gardens everywhere...I would love to be a teacher at this school.

Santa's little helpers...

Me and my brother as transgendered elves...

My awesome mom and dad - married for 47 years (my brother taking the photo)

Most of the sidewalks and resting areas had this in the beautiful!

Bye Seaside!  Until next time!  I want you to have my mermaid soaps in your cute boutique shops!

Happy December + Keepin' it real + I just got a hair make-over yesterday,

"Who Hurt You, Kimmie?"..."My Own Expectations"

 Hey Pals!  I hope you had an excellent Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday of the entire year as a bonafide foodie).  Plus I got to cuddle wi...