Monday, June 29, 2020

"AHHHH SHIH TZU!"..."Bless you!"

For all my close personal friends and family, you all know how much I adore dogs.  Anyone who knew me back in my undergrad college years remember I had a little black dog named Samone.  

I was in the Fort Sanders area of Knoxville at a convenient store one evening when a little fuzzy black head popped out of the trench coat of a homeless man.  He told me I could have the puppy in exchange for a six pack of beer.  I obliged, and Sam should have probably been called "six pack." For those following years, she was my roommate, my best friend, my daughter, my everything.  Sam and I lived in a duplex and later in a tree-house off Alcoa, near the University of Tennessee campus in Knoxville.  I drove past the Body Farm referenced in Patricia Cornwell's novel every day.  

Sam was a lab mix.  She loved squirrels, hiking, visiting friend's homes (and sitting under the coffee table), cats (queue Sting's "Every Breath You Take"...she was OBSESSED with cats), and every full moon she was disappear to some chicken coop and come back home covered from head to toe is chicken crap.  I would have to tie her to a post and give her a prison hosing down and scrubbing down.  Sam HATED thunder storms, baths, fireworks, being left home, and any attention I would give to another dog.

I lost Sam in a freak happenstance, and it took me a long time to get a to a point where I could recount memories Sam and not cry hysterically.  Sam has become a distant and lovely memory of my past.  But, losing Sam broke my heart so bad, I never replaced her.  Brene Brown, a renowned researcher would diagnose me as not being vulnerable enough to have my heart broken again.  I agree.


This past Christmas, I traveled down to Tallahassee, FL to my brother's cabin.  He loves to host the family around the holidays and rightly so!  Steamed oysters, smoked sausage, an amazing front porch with rocking chairs and a fountain.  

When I arrived late one night after traveling from Greenville, SC, I walked into his front door and a little fur ball of heaven popped her little head up from under a blanket.  My brother had decided to become a father!  Bella was her name, and this little shih tzu has become an absolute joy for our family.

DISCLAIMER:  Please note, this is not an all-inclusive list, simply what I've learned in the short time of being Bella's Auntie.  You may wish to research the breed a bit more prior to make a furever home decision.

PROS to having a Shih Tzu in your life:

  1. They want to follow you every step, do everything you do, and sit in your lap constantly...
  2. They look like the gopher from Caddy Shack or Chewbacca.  I mean!
  3. They live to an incredible old dog age!
  4. They adapt easily to new homes!  When Bella first arrived at my brother's house, we were amazed at how quickly she adapted to her new surroundings.  Recently, this Summer, Bella came to live with my parents for a while (my brother was having surgery and recuperating).  Again, she quickly adapted to her new surroundings and didn't miss a beat with eating and house training.
  5. They don't bark!  If they do, it's very muted and playful and usually to let you know something they need.
  6. They love to wear clothes...We are strongly contemplating a clothing line for Bella.
  7. They are great emotional support friends.  Bella is so emotionally calming.  You can feel blood pressure drop as soon as you hold her.
  8. They have hair, no fur.  So there is no shedding
  9. They eat very little and poop very little tiny cigar turds.
  10. Extremely intelligent and inquisitive!
  11. They LOVE car rides and travel well.
  12. They love people and kids, especially
  13. EASY to pee pad train!  Bella DOES NOT like rainy days.  So, it's great that she pee pees and doo doos right on the pee pads.  They run roughly $.05 a piece, but worth every penny.
  14. They're chick magnets.  If you want female attention, their cute cuddly faces will definitely attract the women folk.
  15. They love hide n' seek, fetch, keep away, and "fish on the line."
  16. They love to take naps with humans...
  17. They get along with every animal they come in contact with.  They have no aggression whatsoever.  However, they may get slightly jealous with your attention.
  18. They require very little exercise.  Although we take Bella for walks and play fetch, this dog is perfect for an inactive human.

CONS, but you should still have a Shih Tzu in your life:

  1. They want to follow you every step, do everything you do, and sit in your lap constantly...needy
  2. This is not the dog you need for daily jogs or long hikes.  They overheat!
  3. They can be stubborn at times!
  4. Their hair grows like kudzu.  Prepare to take the shih tzus for regular grooming sessions.
  5. The smarter the dog, the harder to train
  6. Their temperature runs hotter than a human, so they overheat
  7. They LOVE everyone, so they could be easily swayed into getting dog napped.
  8. They may initially eat their poop.  The dog is not retarded.  They learned this from the momma dog who eats the pups poop.
  9. The Shih tzu is known for their fanciful tail.  If not trimmed properly, they can obtain dingleberries!
  10. When they deep sleep they snore.  Personally, I find this adorable.  But, snoring is typically on a con list.
  11. They tend to have ear infections, eye problems, and early tooth loss.  

  1. Car seats: Initially Bella got car sick and would puke in the car seat.  My brother quickly learned that he needed some way to where Bella could see out of the window.
  2. Lambs ears and duck feet: Bella absolutely cherishes these chewy treats!
  3. Hands free chest plex: Since Bella loves human contact and to be held all the time, this was a super awesome purchase.  We wish we had thought of it earlier!
Bella's chest plex was purchased for $15 at a children's consignment shop in Collierville, TN!

Bella's car seat was purchased off Amazon.  They loop to the back of the seat.  She has two (one as a backup that we use in the kitchen so she can sit up high when we eat)...

I PRESENT (Drum rollll please)...Some Bella Family Pics:

My mom and Bella on the Mississippi River...
Bella chillin' on a road trip...
Bella loves road trips!
Trips to the hardware store!  Eeeeeeeee!

Friday, June 26, 2020

The Lizard King

I bet you thought this was going to be about Jim Morrison.  Sorry to disappoint, yet again.  Thanks to another request from a reader of my blog for this write up.  I've enjoyed going down this rabbit hole!

Several years ago, I was a captive insurance agent for a well known insurance company in Greenville, SC.  I won't mention the name of the company or the Agency, but Peyton Manning and Brad Paisley promote their policies on television.  I remember sitting at the front desk of this small agency where I could greet all walk-ins.  And, one day this woman came in and sat down in the cheap stained office chairs requesting policies for her million dollar home, multiple cars, boat, and vacation home.  Since most insurance agents work off commission and residuals, I was delighted to help!

She was an attractive woman in probably in her mid 60's, early 70's.  She was intelligent, well dressed, well traveled and there was absolutely nothing that would prepare me for the conversation that would ensue that day.  We spoke for a while about her family and her son.  She told me I had a beautiful aura and that she could see it as soon as she walked in the agency.  She said I was probably a mermaid in another life (even though I'm a terrible swimmer and the thought of being foot bound is absolutely terrifying.)  I smiled and continued working on her property and casualty quote.  And, then something she said caused me to pause.  As she was talking about some of her ex-husbands and how sociopathic they were, she told me that they were Lizard People.  Apparently she attracted Lizard Men.  Reading the look on my face, she went on to describe the facial features and how to spot a Lizard Person (trying to make certain I would never get caught in the web of a Lizard Union).  

Inquisitively, I asked more about this reptilian sub-species (knowing my coworkers could overhear this interesting conversation), and she told me that Presidents, Hollywood Actors, high ranking officials, even Queen Elizabeth herself are all suspected Lizard People.  Commuting through a series of tunnels underground, they can even travel under the ocean from continent to continent.  

I went home that night and Google'd the heck out of Lizard People.  Turns out David Icke coined the term "Lizard People" describing those who are shape shifting reptilians who can take human form.  From the constellation Draco, the lizard folk want world domination.  Roughly 4% of Americans, when polled, believe in this race of reptilians.  A whopping 7% are undecided about whether they exist or not.  Anyways, this was all back in 2015-16 when I first learned all this from a random and very interesting woman from Florida. 

Now, fast forward to 2020.  I'm sitting in the Denver International Airport reading about all the conspiracy theories surrounding the Airport development since it was built in 1995 (again, thanks to a Colorado Kimmie reader's suggestion).  DIA is the newest airport in the nation; the second newest airport dates back to the 70's.  Turns out, many people speculate that the DIA was built by the Illuminati and is the headquarter for global genocide and a New World Order.  Who knew?!  Here's a few things I learned while walking around the airport and awaiting my flight.  Also, little did I know, I would revisit the wonderful world of "The Lizard King."  Because, let's face it, these Lizard People have to have a leader, right?

Since the new DIA was built in , there have been ongoing concerns the runways are in the shape of a large Nazi Swastika.  Nazis and swastikas have been tied to the Illuminati and New World Order.

Two large murals allegedly depict The New World Order, created by Leo Tanguma.  These have been moved down to the basement while the airport is undergoing construction.  I took the escalator down to see them.  And, wow, they were pretty terrifying.  However, the one mural depicting dead people scattered around a Nazi soldier was oddly missing.  The other mural depicts genocide.  Before the murals were relocated, the floor in front of them said, "Au Ag" which is an Australian poison (and apparently the suggested Illuminati toxin for its genocide mission.)

The two large murals were called: "Children of the World Dream of Peace" and "In Peace and Harmony With Nature".  Unfortunately, the more controversial murals were not hung anymore.  However, I grabbed a shot of the two existing murals here (and again, the Nazi mural is currently MIA):

Located at the south entrance of DIA, there is a 100-year time capsule that was dedicated in 1994.  Made of granite, it has the free mason emblem on it.  Also, embossed on the statue is: "New World Airport Commission."

Apparently, several people have alleged that the Queen of England, also a suspected reptiod, has been buying up property around the Denver International Airport.

Okay, remember my flashback from earlier??  There is speculation a whole 6 level network of underground tunnels that were constructed for reptoids, or Lizard People, to take over the world.  DIA has had a long standing position that the tunnels were intended for underground trains for passengers to get from terminal to terminal.  However, the tunnel system never successfully worked.  Therefore, when I asked to see the tunnels, I was given a hard no.

Others believe these tunnels and secret underground bunkers were constructed to house the global political elite and the billionaires in the event of an apocalypse.

For anyone who has ever visited the Biltmore Mansion in Asheville, NC, you've probably gotten an overdose of gargoyles.  However, on the opposite end of the country, your baggage may need protection!  In architecture, gargoyles have long been known as creatures who protect and ward off evil spirits.  Therefore, DIA boasts gargoyles around baggage claim.  But, these are oddly weird little statues, popping out of a suitcase.

Bluecipher is a larger than life, thirty two foot sculpture of a fiberglass mustang.  Visitors to DIA can see Bluecipher  near Pena BLVD.  I'll admit Bluecipher is pretty terrifying with bright red eyes.  Many people speculate his presence symbolizes the "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse."  However, the artist, Louis Jimenez stated the red eyes were a metaphor to the "Wild" spirit of the West.  Unfortunately, Jimenez met his demise two years before the statue was completed when a piece of the artwork fell on him, severing an artery in his leg!  OUCH!  

DIA ran THREE BILLION DOLLARS over budget.  This, alone, raised concern and speculation.  It is alleged there were several design changes, including the expansion of the underground tunnels, spanning all the away to the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

What's really cool is that the CEO, Kim Day, has done something a bit unorthodox in this day in age.  Instead of thwarting off the conspiracies, Kim has embraced them and even posted several signs around the airport as a tongue in cheek mockery to the allegations. 

I admire that she was able to have a sense of humor and some fun with with all the conspiracies.  Also, I was able to grab a few shots of her refreshing sarcasm before my flight, seen here:

I hope you enjoyed this conspiracy theory blog post.  What's your favorite conspiracy theory?  Let me know in the comments below.  Also, if you would like for me to write a specific topic, please drop your suggestion in the comments below!  Have a great weekend!  

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Bitter Grapes and Banana Bread

I bet you thought this was about food.  The biggest Google searched recipe during the quarantine was “banana bread.”  But, this ain't a recipe.  I mean, banana bread?!  How boring!  Are we that demotivated and uninspired in this country?

Anyways, I digress....  

A few years ago, I decided to go back to school in my late 30's.  I had found myself, if we are to use Hollywood slang, type cast in a series of sales roles.  Also, little did I know it at the time, but the tuition I paid in South Carolina for a three-semester post Bachelors Associate degree would have paid for in state law school tuition in the State of Florida.  Yes, that Magical Mouse apparently does a lot for the state of Florida in terms of education.  Oh well, hindsight is 20/20.

My first semester was the hardest, because I had taken on so much that I rarely found time to unwind and relax.  I took 15 credit hours (considered a full academic load), worked 40 hours, and dated a far-left winged liberal pacifist who demanded much of, well no, he demanded my full attention.  In the beginning, it was he who pushed me to get out of the sales arena and do something I was more passionate about.  And, at the time, I had an affinity for law.  He found an ABA accredited program at a local college and drove me to the orientation.  Later, the thing he pushed me to do made him bitter and resentful.  When I started spending less and less time with him, he told me: “It’s you who made all these high reaching goals for yourself.”  Wow, shame on me as a woman for making high reaching goals for myself and not being up a man’s buttocks all the time!!  The moral here: Sometimes the space shuttle has to shed its rocket booster and keep on going.  And, well, he's history, after that first semester.

During my first semester I had to take "Nursing Anatomy."  Honestly, I believe this course to be the "weed out" class.  It would have made perfect sense for legal students to take a "medical terminology" class.  But, no as an American Bar Association accredited degree, we had to take full-fledged nursing anatomy, because a board of professionals and an accrediting agency thought it was somehow necessary.  If there are any legal professional working in, say, "Personal Injury," just a loose knowledge of medical terms and the ability to Google would suffice.  Alas, I learned the Latin/Greek names for all muscles, organs, parts of organs and bones in the body, along with microbiology and all other unnecessary information for a legal degree. 

Going back to school as an adult was already a culture shock.  Have you ever heard of "shirking."  It's where the class can quickly ascertain who the smartest person in class is and then become a parasite.  Anytime a project was assigned and we went to the library, the entire class would congregate around me to see what I was doing…before they even read the instructions!  Quite honestly, I would be sitting in the library and watch someone get up to get a legal book and another student come over with a smart phone and take a picture of his/her work product.  In legal bibliography class, two students were expelled from the program.  One girl was let back in once the powers that be determined she innocently sent another girl her homework to help her understand.  Innocently not knowing, the other girl just printed off her work and put her name on it.  So, I became a loner and kept to myself and to my goal of finishing first in my class.

Our nursing anatomy class was in one of the oldest buildings on campus.  You've probably been in one of these classrooms before where the acoustics are already terrible.  If a book drops it echoes around the brick walls and asbestos ceiling tiles.  As luck would have it, I sat on the front row right in front of this female student who was probably fresh out of high school.  Every class, she would come in 10-15 late and cause a loud commotion, throwing her books down and pulling everything out of her bag with crumpling papers.  She would bring food and drink to class, even though the signs prohibited food and drink.  And, she would sit and talk to the older lady at a normal speaking voice. 

One day I remember looking at the Professor lecturing and all I could hear between my two earlobes was the crunching of ice cubes.  And, absolutely no one out of about 15 students would say a word to this girl, because she was a minority.   Apparently, with this generation, their parents have told them how special they are so they think everyone in class is just sitting waiting for their entry and to overhear their special distracting conversations.  We just kept looking around at each other wondering who was finally going to be the sacrificial bunter to say something or getting other runner in scoring positions.  (Sorry, a little softball lingo)

I had a goal to make an A in the anatomy class, so I became highly annoyed that I could not hear the lecture.  It was like the Adjunct professor, also a minority, would be talking but nothing would be coming out of her mouth.  And, the time in which I was sitting in the lecture became completely pointless.  It was the “minority girl” show!  Also annoying, you may ask?  The exams were based off lecture notes (not just the text).  After the first couple of weeks, I had all I could handle with this girl’s complete rude and disrespectful behavior to the entire class. 

After class on day, I walked up to the professor who was a Buddhist pacifist (and we had talked about pharma before and how more people should meditate) and I asked her if she was distracted by the rude student.  She shrugged her shoulders and gave this look like: “yes, but what can I do?”  I asked the professor is she could kindly speak with the student and explain to her how disruptive she was to the rest of the class.  The professor told me she felt uncomfortable speaking with the girl as she felt it was confrontational to do so.  Being somewhat understanding, I asked if I could have the name and contact of her manager or supervisor.  Perhaps someone on up the ladder could have a brief conversation with her about being quiet during the lecture.  I emailed this person and didn't not receive any response.  So, then I researched the name and contact of the Dean of the Biology program.  I did not hear back from this person either.

Shortly after, I went to the counseling center at the university and told them about my experience in a classroom there.  I was paying full price tuition, wanted a 4.0 and was unable to hear the lecture in my nursing anatomy class.  The counselor was almost livid this was happening and couldn't believe the professor was taking no responsibility in resolving the issue for me.  The Counselor told me that I should turn around in class and ask the student, point blank, to please be quiet.  When I did, the situation got a whole lot worse.  It became the student’s mission to drum stick her pencil and make any distractions possible.  Rude people typically don’t like to be called out on rude behavior.  So, duly noted.

Then a few days later, I was contacted by the Dean of my college who was also my Academic Advisor.  When I walked into her office for our scheduled appointment, she asked me to close the door.  Then she proceeded to unleash wrath and attempt to extract several pounds of flesh from me for attempting to resolve a clear issue with the “higher ups” of another section/college.  She said that I had created quite a stir at the University by “demanding” a response from someone in the college of Biology.  I retorted: "Oh is that right?  I'm the student here.  I'm the customer.  I'm paying to attend this college and for a degree and thus I believe I'm entitled fully to what I pay for which includes being able to learn and to hear the lecture." (...silly assertive me).  And, what happened next, I shall never forget.  So much so, you have no idea how much I enjoy recounting this story.

As I sat there looking at my Academic Advisor, who I had been a civil lawyer and who, up until that moment had garnered my respect, I couldn’t believe what she said next.  According to her, since I had created “such a mess,” the only remedy was for her to bake some banana bread.  I would love to have seen the expression on my face as I sat on the edge of my seat awaiting her next idea.  She went on with her strategy:  During the next class, she would be sitting in the back of the room watching as I would, then, turn around offer this girl some banana bread as a peace offering.  And, I was to say how sorry I was.  I sat there completely quiet and speechless (which is very odd for me).  I felt like I had no choice but to play along with this banana bread charade.  

So, the next class came.  The girl came in ridiculously late as usual.  We stopped the class, since the professor was in on the charade.  I then turned around in front of all my peers, and as their mouths dropped to the floor in utter confusion, I offered this bully and menace to our classroom a piece of banana bread and basically apologized to her for getting upset that she was disruptive to the class.  I mean, I should have said, "I'm so sorry I disrupted your Freedom of Speech."  Alas, I said something to the effect of, "I'm sorry for the way I may have affected you.  Would you please like a piece of banana bread."  The girl looked at me confused and almost disgusted and refused the bread. 

Can I just say this?  The person I am today: I would have told my Advisor to go pound salt on a loaf of banana bread.  By the way, for those who may care, I did finish with a perfect 4.0, having fought the hardest in "nursing anatomy" to be able to learn.  And, besides the $200 in cash I received post graduation, not one mention was made of my accolade and accomplishment by any of the staff or the faculty.  Additionally, as lead attorney in our mock trial, I landed the highest settlement in college history.  Not one word, except for the top dog Dean of the entire College who looked at me with a thumbs up and said emphatically: "IMPRESSIVE!"  In fact, at the graduation ceremony, students with a lower GPA, but who were considered minority, were celebrated for their achievements.  

Just one last thing I would like to make mention of with my experience with this “Advisor”.  Prior to this above referenced happenstance, I was emailing her about a traffic ticket I had gotten on campus.  My Advisor taught a night class, “Ethics.”  The class was from 5:30-8:30 p.m.  I came out after class one night that first Fall semester, in the dark and walked to my car and started it up.  As I was driving off, I noticed a citation on my windshield.  I opened it up and found a $50 “first offense” violation.  I drove back to my parking space and looked around for any signs, whatsoever. 

The next day I went to the citation office and inquired about my offense.  I was told I had illegally parking in faculty parking.  Looking confused, I asked how I was supposed to know the space was reserved for faculty.  I was then told that the parking paint was green, and the green paint indicated faculty parking.  Looking even more confused I asked how I was to know that as a new student.  I was then told the information on parking paint was found on page 154 of the student handbook. 

I took the time to look up South Carolina state statutes on parking fines.  What I found was that you cannot fine someone for illegal parking unless there are clearly posted signs.  Now the citation office already told me that there were no appeals.  Let me repeat that, they would not allow student to appeal tickets, which is just a very basic step of democracy.  However, when I presented them with the state statute and explained I would be going to the paper with my article about how the local college had a little parking ticket racket for new student, well, my ticket was destroyed immediately and taken out of the system.  That's what I call a "forced appeal." 

After emailing my Advisor about the whole traffic ticket ordeal, she immediately emailed me back asking for a meeting.  I mean, silly me, I thought, as a legal student she would have been proud of my research and for standing up for the law.  Alas, she looked at me in disgust, and told me that it would have just been easier to pay the damn ticket and go on with my life.  And, then she insinuated that I may need some medication.  Geez, silly me as a woman for sticking up for my legal rights.

For any reader of this blog post who has taken the SAT or ACT, the questions often ask: "What was the author's purpose/intent in writing this?  Well, I shall leave that up for interpretation.  But, please know any time someone offers me banana bread, I have a hearty laugh knowing how miserable this woman had to be.  And, it inspires a rock-a-billy tune called: "This Damn Banana Bread."  Also, I'll leave you with this.  It's an old management adage:  If you think the customer (or student in this case) is a distraction, then you have the wrong job.  

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Columbine: The Day Evil Came to School and Changed America Forever

I grew up in the "Murder Triangle."  I graduated from high school in '97 in a community right outside of Memphis, TN.  There were school shootings triangle'd around:

  1. Pearl, Mississippi - (The 1st mass school shooting by a student in the USA - 1997)
  2. Paducah, Kentucky - (Heath High School, 1997)
  3. Jonesborough, Arkansas - (Westside Middle School - 1998 

Then, on April 20, 1999 at 11:19 a.m., Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold committed an atrocious mass murder suicide right outside Littleton, Colorado, at the campus of Columbine High School.  Murdering twelve students and one teacher/coach, the two boys then counted to three, jumped in the air, and turned the guns of themselves.  By the year 1999, Columbine became the deadliest school shooting in history.  If we are to find any silver lining:  Several home made bombs planted around the school and in the parking lot failed to detonate, sparing the lives of what could have been hundreds more victims.

Many speculate, based of video journals and diaries, that the two boys had planned the act of terrorism for over a year.  According to Eric's notes, their goal had been to have the deadliest shooting/bombing exceeding the death count for the Oklahoma City Bombing.  

Odd fact most people do not know: Eric Harris had attempted to join the Marines 5 days before the shooting.  The Marines had rejected him for failing to disclose his anti-depressant, Luvox, used to treat Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Question: Why would Eric have stock-piled guns and planned the terrorism if he was planning to join the Marines?

Eric was enamored with the Vietnam era and war, in general.  Classmates recalled he would often write "Front-line" fictional short stories in creative writing class.  Eric had this deep appreciation for Nazi culture, donning swastikas and even giving the "Heil Hitler" Salute.  Yet his best friend Dylan Klebold was Jewish and even engaged with Eric on the fascination with German Nazi culture.  Between the two families and the two people responsible for supplying the guns to Harris and Klebold, a total of $2.53 million was paid out to the victim's family.  The Klebold family has an odd connection to the banking industry.  The family is worth looking into.

Interesting Fact:  Does anyone remember a time when you could YouTube the shooting from the school camera footage.  Yes, there was a time you could pull up the two laughing while throwing pipe bombs, evil reincarnate.  

My trip to Columbine High School: 

I decided, slightly last minute, to drive to Columbine High School.   The school is named after the state flower, the Columbine.  On the drive, I listened to Dylan's mom's Ted Talk on the school shooting.  If you have not taken a listen, it's worth hearing her out.  The link is here:

As I drove the streets and the neighborhoods around the school, the community seemed almost too quiet.  There was no one in the park across the street, in the yards, or walking up and down the streets.  The school seemed much smaller than what I had pictured in my head.

I drove into the parking lot and spanned over all the construction trucks and the crews coming in and out of the front entry of the school.  I though that maybe, since school was in Summer break and they were remodeling, perhaps I could come in and take some pictures of the hallways and classrooms.  As I got out of my car and was walking towards the flag out front, a security guard in an unmarked Jeep jumped out of his vehicle and confronted me: "Can I help you please??"

 Although Columbine is a public high school supported by tax payer money, the property is considered "private."  Unfortunate to all visitors, Columbine has had its fair share of the "Freaks" who are oddly obsessed with the school shooting.  Let's face it, my white sweater and Subaru ball cap were a far cry from a trench coat.  I told the security guard that I completely understood and drove across the street to take a few pictures of Columbine High School.

It always puzzled me the date of April 20th chosen for the school shooting.  The murder duo chose this date because it was Adolph Hitler's birthday.  And, that's so strange about that was that Dylan Klebold was Jewish.

This blog post is dedicated to victim, Cassie Rene Bernall.  I drove to Cassie's grave site at Golden Cemetery, only a short drive from the high school.  I wanted to learn a little about Cassie, as she would have nearly my age this year.  Cassie's parents nicknamed her Bunny Rabbit, which explains all the rabbits at her grave site.  Cassie loved rock climbing and her favorite movie was Braveheart.  As a chilly gust of wind came billowing through, I wondered what Cassie would have done with her life had she been afforded the opportunity to live.

On April 20, 1999, Cassie was sitting in the library at Columbine High School when an educator frantically ran in and warned all the students to take cover.  Cassie dove under the table she was sitting at.  According to survivors, Cassie placed her hands over her eyes.  During the final moments of Cassie's life, Eric Harris knocked twice on top of her table and chillingly said: "Peek-a-boo!"  Eric Harris asked Cassie point blank if she believed in God.  When Cassie answered, "Yes," he pointed a sawed off shot gun at her face, killing her immediately.  

Cassie's gravestone reads: "I will die for my God.  I will die for my faith.  It's the least I can do for Christ dying for me."  Cassie's final moments were collaborated by at least four survivors and later memorialized in a book written by Cassie's mom.  Cassie is martyred by the Christian community as the "girl who said yes."

"Who Hurt You, Kimmie?"..."My Own Expectations"

 Hey Pals!  I hope you had an excellent Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday of the entire year as a bonafide foodie).  Plus I got to cuddle wi...