Thursday, January 13, 2022

The Last Supper

Well, hello there and Happy American New Year.  I specify “American,” because I see that I have readers from around the globe, which is still pretty mind-boggling to me.  Thanks for reading and having an interest in my stories!

I want to start this web log, my first (and delayed) post of the year, with some excellent elevator music   Recently, I had a unexpected traveler from the future send me this song at just the right time.  And honestly I’ve listened to it 30 times on repeat and, upon recent revelations, subsequently adopted it as my theme song for this year:

So, I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this movie before on this platform.  If I haven’t, it would shock my socks off, because it’s one of my favorite films.  And not to spoiler alert anything (but, in my defense, this movie WAS released in 1995), and I first saw it around 1998-99, which is, and not to get too off subject here, the last time I’ve had roommates!  Yeah roommates (ACK!): the coke-head who somehow brought scabies into our house (from inviting home hippies who struggled with personal hygiene home from Barleys Tap Room every night when she got off work…oh! and and the bipolar anorexic on the other side of the house whose boyfriend would eat my groceries and she would randomly start vacuuming at 3 am after screaming at her boyfriend in a high pitched helium rage.  And no I didn’t catch body lice because I would come home and go straight to my room with my dog, Simone and study/read.  However Beth Anne did knock on my door and ask me to rub this pharma topical ointment on my nipples…just in case I caught the scabes.  Seriously I read the and the directions said to apply to the nips.  So, I did a couple swipes…

Anyways, back to this movie (focus, Kimmie!!)— it’s called “The Last Supper.” I personally love this movie as it can be filed under: dark comedy.  The movie begs the question - “Would you kill for your beliefs and or if you thought, that by doing so, it would change the world?”  In other words, would you exchange in one perceived evil if you thought it would eradicate another perceived evil?  It’s a damn good question!  The first real climax occurs after the character, played beautifully and believable by Bill Paxton, rocks the lives of a group of graduate students who host a weekly “supper.”  It also has a cool soundtrack and creative sound editing, not to mention the many surprising cameos in this indie cult classic.  I honestly think you’ll love it.  Everyone who I have recommended it to absolutely enjoyed it…especially the ending.

But, speaking of Bill Paxton — who else crazy misses this thespian (I just said this with a lisp and now have spit all over my phone screen)?  Here are a few shots of my pilgrimage to his final resting place in  California:

I would love to say I’m doing some side crunches in the first shot (as having a strong tight core directly correlates with overall back health…just reminding myself mostly - the best method I’ve found is through kickboxing).  However, truth is, this is how to get to the ground now at 42 (and hope for the best…it helps to have a little cushion in the tushion)…

Love (what’s left of it),

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