Thursday, June 9, 2022

The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same...

Happy June! 

Yesterday, Colorado’s leftist Governor, Jared Polis vetoed a House Bill that would have required all developers of new commercial construction (which includes multi family rental communities) to build electric vehicle (“EV”) charging stations. This is a HUGE WOW for a state which has not even tapped any brakes as a radical trailblazer and bellwether of progressive climate “activism.”  Polis apparently saw the rising red tide and unpopularity of the current Biden Administration - mainly realizing that this infrastructure would, like everything else, eventually affect the already hyper-inflated rental market in Colorado.  Most of us with common sense, more specifically those of us who have NOT attended Marxist economics classes at Ivy League institutions, realize that all government-imposed infrastructure mandates forced on corporations and developers will be passed on to the consumer through already exorbitantly inflated prices of goods and services.  Polis also stated that he found the bill extremely premature since most Americans still drive petrol-powered cars AND consumers cannot even find EVs to purchase with the ongoing supply chain crises.

Blinded by the light.

It’s so weird to look back at our history of climate change to realize that - the more things change, the more they stay the same.  For example, did you know that during the pre-automobile times, HORSES were considered pollutors?  Automatically you would think of cows and the methane gas produced by millions of cattle across the nation.  Our minds leap here since today’s climate activists allege cow farts are even more destructive to the climate than auto emmissions.   But no, that’s not why the OG “environmentalists” of the 1800’s were against “horse powered” wagons.  Horses, being the animals they are, would regularly poop in the streets, which was considered pollution in and of itself, especially if you’ve ever seen the huge piles of horse poop in either a barn, stable or horse trails.  Stinky, massive piles of dung would bake all day in the sun while flies feasted upon the mountains of crap - and then buzz on over to people’s food, faces, or open wounds.  In the field of preventative medicine, flies are huge vectors.  Another problem was once the poop dried out, and wagons’ wheels would eventually hit the dried crap piles,  the poop “dust” particles would go airborne.  If breathed in, the poop dust could cause lung illnesses such as pleurisy.  Therefore, the gas powered engine and automobile was considered a much cleaner alternative and an end to pollution at that time.  Yes petrol-powered cars were considered “green” once upon a time!

Now, fast forward to today and Biden’s administration - gas powered cars are considered the biggest emissions offenders.  In fact, advocates of the Green New Deal and Clean Energy Plans will argue that transportation from gas powered cars was the biggest carbon footprint concern of 2020.  Yet those of us with a memory stronger than that of a hamster can clearly recollect the entire economy being brought to a staggering halt after the promise of a 2-week quarantine to “flatten the curve.”   Businesses were shut down.  Restaurants were closed.  Salons were closed.  Doctors offices were closed.  Schools were closed.  Kids learned remotely.  Employees worked remotely (aside from “essential” workers).  So then, how in the world could transportation emissions be the biggest biggest problem in 2020?  Good question, right?  

If the government really wishes to lower transportation emissions, why wouldn’t their primary focus be on providing affordable housing in the pedestrian friendly cities with public transport that actually provide opportunity and jobs?  The majority of transportation, at least in the state of Colorado, would presumably come from people who can’t afford to live in Denver yet commute daily into the city to work. 

Radical law makers, working tirelessly on transitioning all energy to renewable sources - wind and solar (and lots of unsightly battery farms for storage) through non-stop “progressive policy changes” are employing computer generated models.  They do this as opposed to the reality that emissions were probably at its lowest since the 80s during 2020.  They want to have everyone driving premium prices electric vehicles, which if you haven’t read my piece on EV’s you should totally do it.  These legislators also  heroically push “beneficial electrification”… “NOW!!” Politicians want to comport that lithium, currently used to power our smart phones, cell phones and future fleets of EV’s IS the new clean alternative to petrol.  

So, what is Lithium and is it clean?  Short answer, hardly.  There is a channel on Sirius XM called Lithium which plays 90s grunge rock.  In the early 19th century, lithium was used as a mood stabilizer.  But we aren’t talking about a music station. Lithium is a very rare mineral.  In fact, it’s so rare you can only find these mines in Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Australia, and China.  Which begs the question, if China houses such a vast supply of lithium mines, particularly used in the manufacturing of iPhones, why are they not leading the way in the Paris Accord and Green Energy plans, especially as THE biggest emissions producer in the entire world?  

Has anyone questioned the amount of Carbon dioxide necessary to process and transport the lithium supplies?  Did you know that to mine for this rare mineral, it requires 500,000 GALLONS of water to extract one metric ton of lithium.   When lithium is extracted, it brings the mineral to the surface, which then contaminates the soil and the air.  But what do Americans care about poor third world people with poisoned soil and air?!  Correct me if I’m wrong, but fracking does not pollute the air as petrol is drilled, and our pipeline was considered the cleanest method of oil delivery to refineries.  

All that to say this - have we not learned anything?  Follow the money.  Find out who stands to gain large amounts of money from the Green Energy rush.  And also consider this - Warren Buffet was extremely instrumental in shutting down the pipeline.  He gave $20 M to the Biden campaign.  When Democrats receive large amounts of money, they make sure to pay back their donors.  Why would he want that?  He owns Burlington Northern Santa Fe Rail - one of the largest rail line in America!  This corporation has 35,000 employees, 32,500 miles of track in 28 states, and almost 8,000 locomotives!  In 2010 alone , their trains traveled 169 million miles!   Now Buffet stands to profit immensely from all imported products from China and imported oil/gas from overseas. 

Also Hunter Biden purchased a cobalt mine in the Congo where human rights abuses are very common place   Gold, Silver, Cobalt, lead, copper and lithium are heavily used in EVs!  Think metals and who owns massive supplies!

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