Thursday, December 1, 2022

"Who Hurt You, Kimmie?"..."My Own Expectations"

 Hey Pals! 

I hope you had an excellent Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday of the entire year as a bonafide foodie).  Plus I got to cuddle with two little Ewoks (shih tzus) for a week straight!  It was heaven.  Now I understand why these are emotional support dogs.

Walking down by the Mississippi River at Mud Island and looking at all the properties I used to manage in another life.
Still, my favorite house on the river.  Minimalist and modern,
Like me!

Earlier today I was inspired to write something weighing on my heart, and although I still want to share those same sentiments, an odd and unexpected occurrence happened to me this afternoon that put a new perspective, or spin, on things.

I take a train into the city at least three times a week, and I never ever ever ever EVER have totally missed my stop.  But, I just had such a weird day today - especially picking up on some weird energies from people.  Anyway, I was on the train home from downtown Denver and just got so engrossed in thought that this young woman came up to me and touched me on the shoulder and said, "Ma'am, this is the last stop."  And, I looked up expecting to see the train cop or an Rail Transit of Denver employee, but it was a fellow passenger.  And, she just smiled with the most beautiful, warm smile.  And, I laughed and thought briefly, "Geez, Kimmie how long would you have sat here?"  But, I fumbled with my bag and explained to the girl that I totally missed my stop by not paying attention.

We walked off the train together and it was cold!  Usually I can handle the dry cold in Colorado until the wind starts blowing...brrrrrrr.  I immediately noticed this other woman.  I'm not really sure if she's homeless but she clearly suffers from a mental disorder or some sort of demons.  I remember her from one day when I was sitting on the train at Union Station.  I was reading a book and waiting for the train for my train to leave and she boarded, suddenly got right up in my face, and started shouting some really crazy things.  And, there she was again, today, shouting "you stupid f*ckin' n*gger, f*ck you!"  (along with a host of other rather unflattering names and slurs.)  I mean, I think she may be imagining people?

And, I turned back around and the girl was still standing there with me.  She had just stopped (usually everyone is in such a hurry to get home) and just kept this warm smile on her face watching the lady with me.  It was such a truly genuine beautiful smile.  She wasn't beautiful like in the way of photoshopped perfection you see online.  She was a better kind of beautiful.  She glowed.  And, she looked at me and then looked up at the sky and she said, "Well, it's getting kinda dark.  Would you like for me to stand here with you so you're not scared?"  And, I looked at her in her eyes and she was being completely sincere.  I explained that I would be fine even though I kinda wanted her to keep standing there, because I was so drawn to her light, kindness, and warmth.  And, I needed it.  Perhaps to reignite my own dimmed light.  And, in an ultimate act of kindness as I stood there shivering, she took off her gloves and asked me if I needed them.  I politely declined and she smiled again and said, "well, I'm heading to my warm car and won't need them."  I asked for her name and she said "Dannie!  What's yours?"  I told her my name and thanked her for her kindness.  And, then she turned around one last time and said, "I'm sorry I've already forgotten your name."  And, that's when I knew she was me...or who I'm supposed to be.  Let me explain.

And, I'm telling you this because it was just us alone on this train deck - not a single soul around (aside from the woman possibly suffering from schizophrenia who had eventually walked away to start crying in a bus stop and you could hear her faint whimpers).  And, I think after recent life experiences and being let down by own expectations of humanity, God was showing me a reflection of me and who I am and who I am supposed to be to the world.  Dannie, thanks for the reminder!  Dannie said she always takes this same train, but I've never seen her before.  I've been taking this train for roughly 10 months and am a professional people watcher!  She was a great illustrative example of the light I'm supposed to shine.

And, now to the sentiments I wanted to share.  Everyone has a vice, and everyone has a toxic trait, if not many.  To say you don't have either is simply lying to yourself.  We are all toxic in some way.  But, the key point here is to recognize it and work on it.  We are all unfinished.  Vices.  As I said, everyone has one.  Also, everyone has a chapter they don't read out loud.  Today I spoke with one of my closest friends.  Believe it or not, we met on, a dating website, and have remained friends to this day.  Our best memories of living in South Carolina are each other and the fun times we had.  Today he told me that he is one year sober.  And, I wish I was closer to be able to celebrate with a nice dinner and walk on the beach and maybe a shot of bourbon wit a lime twist.  Just kidding.  We started talking about vices and then weaknesses, and I realized one of my greatest setbacks or vulnerabilities is that I walk into situations assuming everyone was raised like me.  My Achilles' tendon/heal is my own expectations.  It's actually called an anchoring bias.  I'll let you look it up, but it effects how one judges stimuli.  And, it really goes without saying that the past few years have made it really hard dealing with this susceptibility.  

Seriously, though my expectations are very low.  I'm basically like, "please just be a decent person," and I can't seem to find that.  Is it just me who has recently succumbed to, "wow, what a cesspool of shit this world has become?"  I mean frankly in a relationship, I'm one of the most low maintenance females I know.  For the most part, I do not like to be smothered and enjoy my space and alone time.  Make me laugh - and that is a huge bonus.  Inspire me, even better.  But, I ask that you don't lie to me and that you keep promises, plans, and commitments.  And, it's laughable how hard it is to find that these days.  People are too busy trying to psychoanalyze everyone instead of just being a genuinely good person and practicing love.  I mean it's really sad, if it wasn't so funny.  Emotional intelligence has become a rarity.  Dating for me has been reduced to:  Spending 4-6 weeks in someone's company to glean why they're single in the first place.

But, here's the thing.  Things could be worse than to be let down by my own expectations.  Granted, I'm blessed that I'm in a position not to ever have to settle: I'm independent and self-sufficient.  The worst thing is I could very well be them - pardoned by the world!  And, it's okay to be like "Just because the world acts like monsters...nah, that ain't for me."  And what a miserable place to be in - to be them.  Because the way people treat you has nothing to do with you.  It's a reflection of how they feel about themselves.  If you don't love yourself, there's absolutely no way to love another.  If you don't respect yourself, you can't respect others.  Period.

So, please don't let the dullness in others take away your shine.  You deserve to be filled the same way you pour.  Keep loving and keep shining.  What's meant for you will find it's way.  Just relax, and enjoy the trip.  Fortunately for me, I live in a large city that was just ranked #3 as best dating in the USA.  Meaning, if a guy treats like shit, believe it.  Shrug it of, get back on the saddle (after you've shined your boots of course).  The ladies are in the driver’s seat with so many single men in Denver!  Oh this reminds me of a quick joke:  “I had someone of a religious breakup…yeah, he thought he was God and I didn’t.”

Lastly, don’t forget to smile.  I know it causes wrinkles but it’s beautiful.  Focus on the Dannies in the world and that radiance and energy will start a whole damn fire!  It's contagious.



Tuesday, November 8, 2022




My biggest wish for this election is a new Governor for Colorado.  Fingers crossed for HEIDI!!!

Isn’t it weird that the same party that went on and on and on about Russian interference and collusion in the 2016 election also said there’s no way the 2020 election was rigged!?!  For a senile pedophile with no track record to run on who spent the entire year in his basement -50 years I’m Washington and has nothing to show for it and we’re suppose to believe he got 80 million votes, more than Obama.  Trump legally won the most votes in history.  It doesn’t take a genius to see his rallies sell out while Biden is boo’d out of every stadium with chants of “Fuck Joe Biden.”  

Business Law class will teach you that Delaware (the very first state - the 1st to ratify the Constitution) ranks as the #1 in corporate incorporations in America!  Why are so many corporations across America incorporating in Delaware!?!  Well, for starters - it’s cheap, it’s extremely simple, and there are some pretty nice tax benefits.   

Delaware Dufus (or Biden to some) represents Corporate America.  Delaware LOVES this man.  He represents credit card companies and champions their causes in Washington DC - companies who get rich off preying on Americans with outlandish interest rates!  Yet the overwhelming majority of Biden supporters claim to hate capitalism and the greed of corporate America!  Connecting the irony dots yet?   Delaware Dufus epitomizes corporate America!

This also may come as a shock to some, but has anyone wondered why Delaware Dufus spends more time in Delaware than he does in DC?  Well the answer is very clear.  All meetings conducted at the White House require a visitors log and every visitor is required to state his or her business.  There is full transparency as to the comings and goings of all guests.  But his Delaware home is considered a private residence and he doesn’t have to produce any log or any records at all!  So why wouldn’t he conduct the majority of his business dealings in Delaware with zero transparency to the American public?!

A bit off topic, but the more ya know!  You’re not anti establishment when you’re Ridin with Biden so please stahhhhp already!!!

Riding the red wave,


Sunday, November 6, 2022

Salmon Patties for the Win!

My little brother just asked me for this recipe for Salmon Cakes (or as we called them growing up, Salmon Patties).  This is a Southern delicacy sorta like cowboy caviar…which, by the way, pairs nicely with these tasty salmon morsels.  Anyways, instead of texting this to him, I thought it would be best to share out on my blog so everyone can try it, and it’s out there in perpetuity as my legacy.  Oh, did I say it’s pretty inexpensive to make and AS good as crab cakes!?!  Pretty important in Joe Biden “inflation out the ass” land!

I knew I only had one shot to plate this and I failed.  I feel like usually my presentation is much better.  But the drizzles of remoulade all bled together by the time I found my phone. 

Okay, so first, get your ass to the market.  And pick up the following:

1 14oz can of pink tuna 

1 onion (you mince up 1/2 for this recipe)

2 eggs

3/4 cups of bread crumbs but I use these tasty Kellogg’s club crackers and I really think it’s so much better   

1 tsp lemon juice 

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp ground pepper

Drain your salmon (but keep the juice for later) and finger check for any bones as you drop in a bowl.   Add on the onions and mix!  Now add in your eggs and crackers and add back in the juice from the can and lemon juice.  Add salt and pepper.  Now shape your cakes while your olive oil heats on the stove.   Next drop them in for 5 minutes on each side and please watch for spitting oil that might pop out!  In other words, don’t stand too close!

Ohhhh I’m not even done!  You’ll wanna dip these in a remoulade sauce.  This one is my fave:

1/2 cup of Mayo 

2 teaspoons of hot horseradish 

1 tablespoon of pickle juice  

2 teaspoons of lemon juice 

2.5 teaspoons of paprika 

1/4 teaspoon of garlic powder 

1/2 teaspoon of Old Bay Seasoning   Mmmmm

Mix with a whisk!  Whalllaaaaa!

I hope you enjoy this southern treat!  My grandmama in South Carolina used to make these but we would dip them in ketchup or tartar sauce.  And I just think this remoulade jazzes it up so much better! 

Cowboy caviar is basically a bean salad with some BAM flavor It’s usually made with black eyed peas.  But in my pic, I made it with a three bean salad, some Serrano peppers, cilantro, opinions, and tomatoes.  I threw in a splash or two of Greek dressing!

Happy cooking!


Friday, November 4, 2022

Hey Cutie, How About a Charcuterie?

A Charrrr…what?!   Charcuteries are just a fancy name for a meat and cheese board with other naughty additions that make for a fabulous party or gathering.  These boards normally accompany a wine tasting but have become super popular at any social gathering/event and they’re most popular this time of year!  They definitely make game day Saturday a bit fancy!

Honestly I forget the name of this place but it’s a winery in Denver that served up that unforgettable charcuterie board.  Ummm but yeah I forgot the name.  Sorry!

So, I’m wanting to make charcuteries all Autumn and Winter while hanging with family and friends.  It allows me to be creative.  Plus I love snacking on these guys.  To start, I definitely love a good summer sausage and salamis!  Oh and a good prosciutto is divine!  Gouda, goat cheese, and smoked cheddar are a MUST!  I feel like Costco is a great starting point to grab the meat and cheese “base” to the board.  During Autumn, adding dried figs and nuts is a must!  I also love those juicy little cherry peppers and some olives!  I feel like you can’t go wrong with a stone ground cracker but I also love those melba toasts.  I’ll probably add a few dips here and there and some Dijon mustard.  

And of course, you’ll wanna pair this delicious creation with a full bodied red wine.  I’m a huge fan of South American vino.  Anything from Chile or Argentina!  

Leave me a comment on a fancy add-on that made your charcuterie a touch-down!  And on that note, my alma mater is now #2 in the Nation!  And, I’ll leave you with a few tunes…

This one for my Vols:

And this one, because it’s such a great time of year to break out some Rosemary.  Try Rosemary crackers or Triscuits with your next Charcuterie!



Monday, October 31, 2022

An Axe Whooping

Happy Halloween!

I did a thing recently.  Believe it or not, even with my Scotch-Irish heritage, I had never been axe throwing.  So I ventured to an establishment in downtown Denver called “Axe Whooping!”

It was a super dismal snowy overcast day, so it was perfect for this indoor sport.  The entire staff is so lovely and make your experience memorable.  You start by walking in and immediately signing a waiver - I mean, obviously.  You’re playing around with real axes.  Sadly, if you are a liquor drinker, the bar does not accommodate - HOWEVER, liquor and weapons never really made for a great combo.  

The bar does have some delicious high gravity beers.  Your truly started feeling axe giddy after two!  My favorite was the melon IPA.

Next you get a brief lesson in form, safety and accuracy and then walk into a caged area and let’s rip!  Oh!  They also have knife throwing and those little razor sharp stars to offer a little variety!

The only food I saw was jerky which you can buy at the bar or the super salty popcorn they lay out at the tables (to keep you going to the bar for more beer).  Which means, eat before you get there!

Completely unrelated - my favorite Halloween mug!

Oh they also have one of the wreck or “rage rooms” in the back of the establishment!



Monday, October 17, 2022

Did You Get Your Tickets to this Gun Show?

Hey there!

I hope you had a terrific weekend.  Perhaps the highlight of my entire weekend was the Tennessee game!  First, what a nail biter, but, GO VOLS!  

I wanted to share a recent road trip I took here in Colorado: (drumroll please) Gunnison, Colorado!  It had been on my Colorado bucket list for some time.  And, last month I finally made the voyage.  It was right before the changing of the leaves.  


There are quite a few things to do and see in Gunnison.   So, I definitely recommend you Googling the stuff to do and selecting what tickles your fancy.  For example, there's a pretty cool Miner's Museum there.  The town is super high in elevation so the air is thin and so crisp and clean!  And, I just wanted to be in nature.  I visited a few parks, grabbed some coffee in town and did some people watching (Colorado roasts some damn good coffee), and then I went straight to Gunnison National Forest.  If you have 4WD it's an off-roading dream.  I spent a lot of time in the forest area sitting by a stream and soaking in some rays and just enjoying life and the gorgeous surroundings.  I even saw the biggest beaver dam I've ever seen in my entire life.  Must be a tired little beaver!

On my way back home (and I didn't even plan this), I saw one of the most stunning sunsets since moving to Colorado.  The only sunset that beats this one was the one that left me awe-struck in Rocky Mountain National Park - which, by the way, I totally plan to revisit soon to find this place (and sorry, you'll have to wait!  It's super spooky!  And, yes, I'm weird...)  Anyways, in one of of the sunset "money shots" there is a road leading into the horizon that was calling my name.  Alas, I wanted to get home before dark.  Maybe next time.  Also, on the way home, I saw this illuminated statue on the side of the mountain.  I think it's supposed to be Saint Mary, but it was so creepy I had to turn and around to take a snap.

Without further delay, here are my pics of Gunnison, Colorado!

Lots of fly fishing opportunities...I need to meet a man who fly fishes and who is patient...because I know this is an art of the fly.

Goat booty
A little fixer upper I spotted...

Off roading...

Dispersed camping side...

This backdrop was so incredible, I took the liberty of modeling my new Fall fashion...and this is my "Sassy Spice" look...

Vanilla spice...

DAM, girl!

Another fixer upper...I love these ghost town-esque dives...

Okay so if you like totem poles, Gunnison got'm...

local park...

"Oh look, Fred, is that the new Subaru?"...some local wildlife posing for me...

Thanks for stopping in!  Until next time!


Thursday, September 29, 2022

Cave of the Winds and some Bonafide BBQ

Hey pals!  Thought I’d post some Colorado lifestyle blog and keep it on a little lighter note today.  So let’s get right to it!

 Cave of the Winds is a tourist attraction in Colorado Springs, Colorado that had been patiently sitting in my bucket list for some time.  However, when I finally had the opportunity to go, it was pouring rain…ALL DAY (kinda an anomaly in the desert)!  But really, what better activity to engage in on a soggy day than cave exploration and…some really tasty BBQ!

First, almost everything in Colorado now requires call ahead reservations, and therefore, yes, I recommend you call ahead for reservations.   Although we’ve had several businesses leave due to stringent, almost mafioso treatment from our environmental folk, we continue to have an influx of people moving here, as evidenced by the auto traffic and exorbitant real estate and rental prices.  Recently, I wanted to do a tour of the Coors Brewery in Golden.  And, not too long ago you could just walk right in and get a full tour and tasting.  Now you have to book a tour at least a month out!  

So, with that said, when we arrived, there was no immediate tour available of Cave of the Winds.  Which was fine because we were all hungry and COTW has no concessions…until you complete the tour and then walk out to the gift shops and food vendors.  They don’t want people bringing food and drinks into the fragile ecosystem of the cave.  So, I happened to know that we were in close proximity to a very famous Texas BBQ joint called Rudy’s.  It kinda looks like a gas station (and it is) from the road, but I’m telling you it’s legit GREAT BBQ - and having lived in Memphis, I consider myself an expert.  So I’ll start with a few tantalizing pictures of Rudy’s food.  They’re known for their brisket but their pork tenderloin is divine.  And they have killer sausage links!  Really, you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu.  Except for the green chili bisque.  To me, the flavors were too hot for me to enjoy and my nose was like a faucet.  But you may like that experience, especially if you have Covid.  Go ahead and run that shit out.  It’s better than anything Johnson & Johnson makes.  

Rudy’s is an extremely laid back atmosphere with football on the televisions and checkered table cloths on picnic tables and big galvanized tubs of iced down beer.   They designed the restaurants with garage door walls which can open when it’s really nice outside.  You walk in and stand in a line to place your order and it’s weighed out and put into a crate on top of paper for you to carry to a table.  No plates - real simple business model.  Quick Trivia - why is it they give you white bread at BBQ joints?  Answer: it absorbs the acid of the BBQ and aids in indigestion.

And now to the main feature of this post - Cave of the Winds…

The cave is located in William’s Canyon in Colorado Springs, and was discovered in 1881 as one of the highest caves in North America!  The name, Cave of the Winds, is from the Ute and Apache tribe who believed the cave was home to a Great Spitit of the Wind.  Local Colorado Springs brothers John and George Picket discovered the cave while hiking through the canyon and within a year it become a very popular tourist attraction.  The cave now boasts as the oldest natural attraction in the state of Colorado.  

Why you should go?  Because caves are fascinating!  You’ll see an impressive variety of stalactites, stalagmites, speleothems, flowstones, draperies, and helictites, if you’re into that sort of thing.  

Additionally you should know that it’s officially the season for their “Lantern Tours!”  Be sure to book ahead for these as they were completely sold out the Saturday we went.   The Lantern Tour includes a pitch black cave tour with lanterns while the tour guide tells some pretty creepy stories!  So fun!!!

Here are some snaps of the visit…

This was my first time using my emergency road side kit - my paper blanket kept Izzy warm while we waited on our tour. 

This sweatshirt was so soft.  I’m have non-buyers remorse.  Also, one of my favorite quotes.  

Massive sinkholes right outside the cave exit.

Random trivia:  The cave is a settling for a 2006 episode of the animated “South Park”:


"Who Hurt You, Kimmie?"..."My Own Expectations"

 Hey Pals!  I hope you had an excellent Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday of the entire year as a bonafide foodie).  Plus I got to cuddle wi...