Tuesday, November 8, 2022




My biggest wish for this election is a new Governor for Colorado.  Fingers crossed for HEIDI!!!

Isn’t it weird that the same party that went on and on and on about Russian interference and collusion in the 2016 election also said there’s no way the 2020 election was rigged!?!  For a senile pedophile with no track record to run on who spent the entire year in his basement -50 years I’m Washington and has nothing to show for it and we’re suppose to believe he got 80 million votes, more than Obama.  Trump legally won the most votes in history.  It doesn’t take a genius to see his rallies sell out while Biden is boo’d out of every stadium with chants of “Fuck Joe Biden.”  

Business Law class will teach you that Delaware (the very first state - the 1st to ratify the Constitution) ranks as the #1 in corporate incorporations in America!  Why are so many corporations across America incorporating in Delaware!?!  Well, for starters - it’s cheap, it’s extremely simple, and there are some pretty nice tax benefits.   

Delaware Dufus (or Biden to some) represents Corporate America.  Delaware LOVES this man.  He represents credit card companies and champions their causes in Washington DC - companies who get rich off preying on Americans with outlandish interest rates!  Yet the overwhelming majority of Biden supporters claim to hate capitalism and the greed of corporate America!  Connecting the irony dots yet?   Delaware Dufus epitomizes corporate America!

This also may come as a shock to some, but has anyone wondered why Delaware Dufus spends more time in Delaware than he does in DC?  Well the answer is very clear.  All meetings conducted at the White House require a visitors log and every visitor is required to state his or her business.  There is full transparency as to the comings and goings of all guests.  But his Delaware home is considered a private residence and he doesn’t have to produce any log or any records at all!  So why wouldn’t he conduct the majority of his business dealings in Delaware with zero transparency to the American public?!

A bit off topic, but the more ya know!  You’re not anti establishment when you’re Ridin with Biden so please stahhhhp already!!!

Riding the red wave,


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