Friday, November 4, 2022

Hey Cutie, How About a Charcuterie?

A Charrrr…what?!   Charcuteries are just a fancy name for a meat and cheese board with other naughty additions that make for a fabulous party or gathering.  These boards normally accompany a wine tasting but have become super popular at any social gathering/event and they’re most popular this time of year!  They definitely make game day Saturday a bit fancy!

Honestly I forget the name of this place but it’s a winery in Denver that served up that unforgettable charcuterie board.  Ummm but yeah I forgot the name.  Sorry!

So, I’m wanting to make charcuteries all Autumn and Winter while hanging with family and friends.  It allows me to be creative.  Plus I love snacking on these guys.  To start, I definitely love a good summer sausage and salamis!  Oh and a good prosciutto is divine!  Gouda, goat cheese, and smoked cheddar are a MUST!  I feel like Costco is a great starting point to grab the meat and cheese “base” to the board.  During Autumn, adding dried figs and nuts is a must!  I also love those juicy little cherry peppers and some olives!  I feel like you can’t go wrong with a stone ground cracker but I also love those melba toasts.  I’ll probably add a few dips here and there and some Dijon mustard.  

And of course, you’ll wanna pair this delicious creation with a full bodied red wine.  I’m a huge fan of South American vino.  Anything from Chile or Argentina!  

Leave me a comment on a fancy add-on that made your charcuterie a touch-down!  And on that note, my alma mater is now #2 in the Nation!  And, I’ll leave you with a few tunes…

This one for my Vols:

And this one, because it’s such a great time of year to break out some Rosemary.  Try Rosemary crackers or Triscuits with your next Charcuterie!



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