Friday, July 22, 2022

Fraud Alerts…


Today is your lucky day with some free advice from Colorado Kimmie!  

Super Kimmie to the rescue!!

Do you get a handful of credit card offers in the mail ALL the time!?!

  If you wanna eliminate those annoying credit card mailers that offer you the moon to get you to go in debt with them and you’re sick of shredding them or worried they get mailed to the wrong address (at which point someone could potentially sign up for a card in your name - if he/she has savvy Google search skills or if you have a public profile that has your birthday, etc), seriously stop what you’re doing right now and go here:



 The awesome things is no matter which one you choose, they will communicate to the other two credit monitors on your behalf. 

So, you’ll want to find “temporary fraud alert” on their web page, and enter your information.  BOOM you’ll stop getting 5-6 credit card solicitations in your mailbox per week.  

Also, set a reminder today in your phone to renew annually, because a temporary fraud alert with one of these companies is only good for 365 days.  

1/15 are victims of identity theft.  
So it’s a great defense too- especially, if you don’t have a locked mailbox. Or, if you’re like me and just moved to a new town and keep getting your neighbor’s mail and packages.  

Identity theft is a class 4 felony. 

This one’s on the house for being a valued reader…
You’re welcome!

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